Two new tracks courtesy of Miss Info, via Russ of J Records.

First up is an absolutely dismal attempt at a crossover hit titled "Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart". What the hail happened to her voice? Was I imagining that she could actually sing at one point in time?

Anyway, moving on. Last weekend I spotted rapper Gucci Mane inside Louis Vuitton at Lenox Square Mall in Buckhead. He's a tall, good looking brother now that he got his teeth fixed. I was surprised to see him alone in the store.

Anyway, Gucci did his thing at the 2009 BET Hip Hop Awards. Eliott from RapRadar got this exclusive Gucci Mane “Wasted” Remix featuring Lil Wayne and Jadakiss.

Aging rap star Jay Z should have just stayed retired. Even his former protégé Beanie Sigel is dissing him in this audio courtesy of 2 Dope Boyz.

Jay Z has come under fire recently for his anti-Christian lyrics on his track "Empire State of Mind." Rumors that he is a devil worshiper continue to plague the 40-year-old rapper.

On this track, Beanie accuses Jay Z of being a snitch, among other cred damaging allegations. It does make you wonder how a former drug dealer (Jigga) remains unscathed while everyone else around him is getting popped on drug charges.

It might be time for Jay Z to step aside to preserve his legacy and to give Hip Hop a fighting chance to survive.

I keep hearing this chick's name -- Melanie Fiona, but I've never heard her sing until today. I'm impressed with her pipes! What a refreshing departure from the Beyonces, Ameries, Ashantis, Christina Milians and all the other image-first singers in the industry who can't hold a note. This beautiful lady can blow!

In this video, Melanie (and her camera crew) venture to Canada for the second stop in her series of live performances. The Bridge, available on iTunes.


For those who still think Usher's baby mama Tameka Foster is this misunderstood, innocent woman who is being persecuted by the blogs, here is evidence that she is not so innocent and she brings most of the drama on herself.

As I told you yesterday, Trampeka went to the trouble of locating a blogger all the way in Canada who said something about her that she didn't like. So Trampeka called the journalist's phone and left a profane message.

Apparently, the Tramp didn't care who heard it so Kemi put the audio on YouTube for all to hear. Beware if you're a blogger who writes unsavory things about the Tramp because she will call your crib from a blocked number.

Thanks to Kemi of, for the video link!

The next time you're in New York, stop by Sony Record label and thank record exec David Bell for sending this new pic and an audio stream of Chris Brown's interview with Hot 97's Angie Martinez yesterday.

I still have no sympathy for Chris Brown. He can play that victim role if he wants, but once an abuser, always an abuser.

I couldn't get the audio stream to stop playing automatically when you reload the page. So I replaced it with the video below.

David writes:

In case you missed it today, below are a stream and an embeddable player with the entire interview Chris did on Angie Martinez today. Attached is a new photo of Chris.

From 2 dope Boyz:

Rumors were hitting the internets that a certain Canadian emcee would be featured on Rihanna’s new single. Doesn’t look that way does it? She actually turned to Ne-Yo to write and produce the first offering from her upcoming album Rated R, dropping November 23rd.

DOWNLOAD: Rihanna – Russian Roulette | Mediafire

Loyal reader Lee Lee over at Compound Entertainment (Ne-Yo's label) writes:

This is LeLee over at Compound Entertainment. Rihanna's new song "Russian Roulette" was written by Ne-Yo and produced by Chuck Harmony for Compound Entertainment.

This is not funny, but it does reflect the mood of bloggers everywhere who have grown wary of Rihanna pushing the style envelope too far and failing to deliver the goods musically. I HATE the new look that Rihana's stylist has taken her in.

Rihanna's new single "The Wait Is Ova" dropped online today on, but if her new album, set for release on November 23, flops then her career is OVA.

Dionne Bromfield, the British teenager whose only claim to fame is being Amy Winehouse's goddaughter, can't sing a lick. She's not as horrible as Ashanti or Beyonce, but her vocals are flat and would be better suited for background work. Clearly the only reason she got a record deal is because of Amy's influence. That's sad because she's cute and all.

Click the video below to hear the evidence.

The Internet is buzzing (at least on the urban blogs) about Rihanna's new track "The Wait Is Ova" which drops today at 11:23 a.m. You can kinda hear the song in this video if you crank up the volume. It sounds dry as hail. I'm not feelin' it and I really have my doubts that Rihanna can ever top "Umbrella" which won every music award under the sun.

I'm also not feeling this wack new style of hers. I understand her stylist is attempting to take Rihanna to another level, but she was fine where she was. Now she looks like something out of Flintstones meets the Terrordome. Also, if the rumors that I'm hearing about Rihanna are true, I'm done supporting her. Not that she cares.