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Lil Nas X has confirmed rumors that he impersonated a ghey man to further his fledgling rap career.

The 22-year-old "Old Town Road" rapper seemed to renounce his homosexuality in a tweet on October 1.

"This gay sh*t was fun at first. I miss pu$$y now," he wrote.

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The viral rapper, real name Montero Lamar Hill, has long been the subject of rumors that he is straight and pretending to be ghey to further his career.

Fans point to his old Twitter page on which he lusted for rapper Nicki Minaj.

LNX "came out" in a series of tweets in 2019.

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Before then, he played the straight role to a T -- even dating Miley Cyrus' younger sister, Noah.

He routinely keeps his fans off balance with confusing tweets.

His management claimed he is "gender fluid" - meaning he refuses to be tied down to one gender.

LNX claimed he was only joking when he "came out" as ghey.

In 2020, he claimed that his coming out on the final day of Pride Month was just an elaborate joke. "I was never gay. I said it to build up fuel for aprils fools day. Ha got u guys," he tweeted.

Other notables who renounced their homosexuality include viral stars Antoine Dodson and Andrew Caldwell.

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Antoine Dodson, best known for going viral in 2010 after he declared "Hide yo kids, hide yo wife" in a news interview -- is mourning the death of his mother.

Antoine tells TMZ that his mom, Jennifer, died Sunday at a hospital in Decatur, Alabama. Antoine said her death came as a shock because he thought she was doing better after recent health issues.

Antoine says his mom began having problems with her leg around the time he became Internet famous. Her leg was amputated a few months ago. An infection set in and she was transferred to the ICU, but Antoine says she was getting better, according to TMZ.

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Sadly, Jennifer took a turn for the worse and Antoine got the call on Sept. 12 that his mom had passed. He tells TMZ doctors believe she died of heart failure.

Antoine, 35, is asking for donations to cover his mother's funeral expenses. He says because of the pandemic, he's strapped for cash and really needs help.

Antoine created a GoFundMe account to raise cash. As of Friday morning, over $6,000 was raised of his $9,000 goal.

He wrote in the summary:

"I'm not in a financial position to put my mom to rest and so I'm asking for your help, even if you can't I appreciate all the love and support coming, God bless us all!! Thank you."

Antoine renounced his homosexuality in 2013 and disappeared from the limelight.

Auntie Fee

YouTube has an obsession with making Internet stars out of uncouth, uneducated people who are challenged by the English language. Remember Antoine Dodson and Sweet Brown? Most of these Internet stars have no real talent, but they do have a unique knack for making a spectacle out of the mundane.

One such person is Chef Auntie Fee, a sassy woman who uploads videos to YouTube featuring her low budget cooking recipes.

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