Auntie Fee

YouTube has an obsession with making Internet stars out of uncouth, uneducated people who are challenged by the English language. Remember Antoine Dodson and Sweet Brown? Most of these Internet stars have no real talent, but they do have a unique knack for making a spectacle out of the mundane.

One such person is Chef Auntie Fee, a sassy woman who uploads videos to YouTube featuring her low budget cooking recipes.

Auntie Fee’s culinary skills are questionable — as is her penchant for preparing food on unsanitary surfaces such as counter tops and dirty kitchen sinks. Auntie Fee’s kitchen would never pass a health inspection. But none of that matters. What’s attracting to the masses is Auntie Fee’s liberal use of profanity and Ebonics — which gives other cultures the opportunity to insult and belittle our community by elevating these people to star status.

Celebrities are already circling their wagons hoping to capitalize off of Auntie Fee’s low budget cooking show. Auntie Fee tells gossip tabloid TMZ that talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has already come calling. As did a producer-type from “Orange is the New Black.”

But Fee tells TMZ she only trusts 3 celebrities to take her to the top — Oprah, Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey. Hopefully Oprah, Tyler and Steve won’t exploit this woman and put her on display to be ridiculed the way Tyler did to Sweet Brown.

Auntie Fee is not entertaining, she’s embarrassing. Nothing good ever comes out of promoting these individuals. They only serve to lower other cultures’ opinions of our community.

CAUTION: Video contains excessive profanity