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Boosie BadAzz (L) responded to allegations that his teenage cousin killed a popular Chicago jeweler in Houston.

Duke the Jeweler (R) was shot dead in a parking lot after attending rapper Boosie's concert at the Arena Theatre in southwest Houston on Sunday night.

He was robbed and killed after winning $100,000 from J. Prince Jr. in a high stakes dice game following the concert.

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J. Prince Jr. (black t-shirt) is the CEO of Mob Ties, and the son of Rap-A-Lot CEO James Prince Sr.

Off-duty officers who were working at the concert found Duke suffering from gunshot wounds in a parking lot at 7326 Southwest Freeway at 11:40 p.m. They began CPR but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Multiple spent casings were found near the body.

Boosie was called out by fans for not providing security for Duke during his stay in Houston. Then, on Thursday, rumors spread on social media that Boosie's teenage cousin robbed and killed the jeweler.

Boosie denied the accusations in an Instagram Live post on Thursday. He denied inviting Duke to Houston to place an order for custom diamond jewelry.

"Aye, the Internet, y'all got us f-cked all the way up," he said.

"We met that dude Duke the Jeweler the night before; we was gambling. The next day, dude followed us to the concert. When we left out the concert, we were under the garage. Dude went to his car by himself and walked down to the parking lot. That's when somebody tried to rob him and killed the dude."

Boosie continued:

"What the hell my 19-year-old cousin going to try to rob and kill somebody? We getting money, man. We getting f-cking money, that ain't our steelo. As a boss, I ain't letting it go down like that, man. This dude finna make me a piece [jewelry]... so y'all need to kill that."

Watch the video below.

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Chicago's Duke the Jeweler (R) was robbed and fatally shot after winning $100,000 in a dice game with J. Prince Jr..

Sources say Duke was ambushed and shot as he walked to his car after winning the money from J. Prince (in black t-shirt below).

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He was robbed of his jewels, cell phone, and his winnings during the shooting.

Duke entered the high stakes dice game after attending a Boosie Badazz concert in Houston, Texas on Monday night. According to sources, he was invited to Houston by Boosie who ordered a custom diamond studded chain from Duke.

Duke reportedly wore $1 million worth of his own jewelry to Boosie's concert. He flossed his pricey jewels in videos on Instagram before and during the Boosie concert.

In a video posted on his Instagram account, Duke counted thousands of dollars while Boosie and others looked on.

Boosie later explained what happened to Duke in his Instagram Stories on Tuesday.

"We was in the garage. He must have walked outside to the parking lot. We was in the garage. We heard the shots. Like they was far away in the parking lot. He must have went to his car or something, bro. Dude was going to make a piece for me, too. Damn. We had a concert last night. Sh-t must have happened when everybody was walking to the car."


Fans called Boosie out for not providing Duke with security during his stay in Houston.

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Duke is the second high-profile jeweler to be killed this year. Detroit-based Hutch the Jeweler was shot and killed during an apparent robbery attempt on June 3.