Eva Marcille is Pregnant

Former America's Top Model alumni Eva Pigford Marcille is pregnant with songwriter Kevin McCall's baby, BET.com reports exclusively. Marcille, who once enjoyed life as an in-demand lipstick lesbian, was unlucky at love with several Hollywood men -- including actor Lance Gross -- before she landed McCall. Let's hope this one lasts.

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Photos: Wireimage/Getty

I wasn't going to post this because I know every other blog is posting pics from the NAACP Awards yesterday. But I couldn't let this slide. I have no clue why former America's Top Model Eva Pigford allowed her stylist to do this to her head. This is what happens when a stylist is in a hurry and convinces her client that a bad weave job is in fact the new style.

It looks like a tangled web of weave matted in with her natural hair. I think the stylist meant well, but when she saw that the style wasn't taking shape after 6 hours of weaving she said, 'f*ck it, she'll never know the difference!

I thought we as a people were beginning to embrace our natural hair and abandoning the weaves and extensions? No doubt Eva asked her boyfriend, actor Lance Gross, if her weave looked good. And no doubt he told her 'hell, yeah it looked good.' Because he knows like every other man that when a woman asks her man a leading question - she's already given him the correct answer.