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As he led Indianapolis police on a high-speed car chase on May 6, Sean Reed pleaded "Please come get me!".

The shirtless 21-year-old live-streamed the chase on Facebook before he bailed out of his car and fled on foot near West 62nd Street and Michigan Avenue.

He titled the post, "High speed chase lol." Nearly 4,000 viewers tuned in as Reed yelled expletives at the police chasing him.

Toward the end of the livestream, Reed seemed nervous: "Somebody come get my stupid ass," he said. "Please come get me! Please come get me! Please come get me!... I'm on 62nd and Michigan."

"I just parked... I'm gone. Please come get me!" he said before bailing out of the car.

Reed took off on foot behind a locksmith store. He ran toward several churches and a closed school.

Police say he disobeyed commands to stop. Reed is hard panting. He took his phone out of his waistband and fumbled with it as he ran. A voice behind him can be heard yelling, "Stop now!"

"F*ck you!" Reed replied. Then, "Oh sh*t" as his phone dropped to the ground.

The phone was still streaming live as the sound of gunshots rang out, then silence. Then two more gunshots.

A gun that didn't belong to the cops was found near Reed's body.

Another audio picked up a conversation between two men at the scene. "Looks like it's going to be a closed casket, homie," said one of the voices.

It isn't clear if the person who made the comment was a cop. According to Fox59, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) confirmed shots were fired by "both officers and suspect."

About 150 protesters gathered at the spot where Reed died on Wednesday to protest the police. They chanted "Murder! Murder!" and called for Indianapolis police to identify the cop who killed Reed.

"We deserve better," one community activist told the Star newspaper. "I am disgusted, horrified, tired and angry."

Reed's sister, Jazmine, went to the scene after watching her brother's livestream. She questioned why the cop shot him.

"They could have tased him, beat him up. He could be behind bars, but now he'll be in a casket the next time I see him."

Jazmine said her brother was a ladies man.

During the police chase, one smitten female viewer offered to make Reed a home-cooked meal.

"His smile, he was a ladies man for sure," Jazmine said. I got a 2-year-old, and she loved her uncle so much."


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An Indianapolis woman was murdered hours after she threatened to expose down low men in a Facebook Live video on Tuesday.

Jane Waughfield was shot and killed while in traffic, police say. After the shooting, she lost control of her vehicle, causing a four car crash.

Indianapolis Metropolitan police arrived at the scene of a crash. Waughfield was found dead in one of the vehicles. She was shot multiple times.

Hours before she died, Waughfield took to Facebook Live, and said she walked in on a male friend having sex with another man. "I walked into some nasty sh*t, and I will never be the same!" she said.

She threatened to name the men if they didn't pay her $5,000. "I can't get 5 bands?" she said.

Waughfield told her followers the man attempted to kill her. "They tried to kill me. They chased me out of the house," she said. "If I die, let them people know they killed me."

Hours later, she was shot and killed.

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Photo: Broward County Sheriff's Office

A Florida man is behind bars for threatening President Donald Trump on Facebook Live. Chauncy Lump, 26, wore a towel on his head and a show curtain over his body in the Facebook Live video.

He smeared white cream on his face and threatened Trump’s life after Iranian general Qassem Soleimani was blown apart in a drone missile strike in Iraq on Jan. 3.

"He killed my leader, and I have to kill him. I am ready for Donald. I am ready," Lump said, according to the complaint.

"Do Not play with me, I have AK-47, I have it here, do not play with me, okay," he said before threatening to travel to West Palm Beach, Florida, where Trump was staying on Friday night.

When Secret Service agents showed up at his door the next day, Lump told them the threats were intended as "a joke." But federal agents weren't laughing as they took him into custody.

Lump was charged with knowingly and willfully making threats to kill and inflict bodily harm upon the president of the United States, a federal crime.

The Secret Service was tipped off by a Facebook employee who spotted the video shortly after it went live on a page called "BlackMan Vs America."

Lump legally owns a semi-automatic pistol. He told agents he had a bachelor's degree in homeland security from Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, but authorities ran a background check and learned he only completed one semester.

Lump told authorities the video was a mistake. "I shouldn't have did it in the first place," he said, according to the complaint.

Irene Roberts

Chicago police may turn to social media to help solve the tragic case of a 19-year-old teen whose body was found in the freezer of a hotel.

Kenneka Jenkins went missing after she left home Friday night to go bowling with friends. Kenneka's mother, Teresa Martin allowed her responsible daughter to drive her car.

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Naika Venant

The mother of a girl who committed suicide on Facebook Live while in foster care may have encouraged her daughter to take her own life.

The Florida Department of Children and Families says Gina Caze was among hundreds of people watching 14-year-old Naika Venant's Facebook livestream video the night she committed suicide in the Miami home of her foster care family.

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