Laquanda Mosely

A Georgia woman is in police custody after she attempted to drown her infant daughter while streaming on Facebook Live.

Laquanda Mosely, 27, was charged with aggravated assault, according to the Griffin Police Department.

She was upset with the baby’s father, Kevin Dandridge, when she recorded herself dunking the baby’s face under water.

Mosely was streaming on Facebook Live when she posted a screenshot of a text exchange with Dandridge. In one text, she wrote: “Send me my money now or she about to die on Live.”

A woman’s voice is heard crying in the background of the video, while the baby’s head is submerged under water. “Is this what you f—ing want? Is this what you want right now?”

Laquanda Mosely

Dandridge saw the horrific video and alerted police, but he didn’t know Mosely’s address. He told the that he needed the video to go viral to keep his daughter alive. The video, which was viewed over 2 million times, was still online as of Thursday afternoon.

According to the, Dandridge thinks Mosely tried to kill their daughter because he wanted full custody.