An irate motorist is being hailed as a hero for hurling profanities at a police officer who approached his car with his gun drawn. The cop pulled the driver over for failure to use his turn signal.

The video showing a black man chewing out a Hispanic cop for drawing his service pistol has gone viral on social media.

“You pointed your gun at me. Do you feel empowered? You see what the f-ck going on on TV? A turn signal not made is a big enough of a crime for you to feel like you need to take out your service pistol, right? Right?” said the unidentified man.

“Good cops get f-cked-up raps because of people like you. You picked a dangerous f-cking job, and I respect that. But my G, drawing a f-cking gun? That’s where I lose the respect,” the man said.

Many social media users criticized the man for using profanity and belittling the cop while live-streaming the traffic stop. They say his actions will only make it harder on the next black driver who isn’t live-streaming their traffic stops.

But others say the man is protesting a system of oppression and racism that is still prevalent in America.

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