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Rapper T.I.'s daughter, Deyjah, sparked debates on social media when she complained about inheriting her dad's 4c hair texture.

Deyjah wears expensive lacefront wigs with artificial baby hairs to cover her natural texture because she is unhappy with the look and feel of her kinky 4c hair texture.

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She took to social media on Saturday to share her struggle with her hair.

"i hate to say/admit it, buttttt ): I'm so sad that i have my dad's hair texture ): sad because it's so much to deal with/ manage ugh. sad because i feel like it just doesn't fit me nor is this texture one that’s appreciated or uplifted as much as the other hair textures."

"anytime i see someone with type 4 hair, i ALWAYS compliment them because i know how it feels to genuinely NOT like your hair/texture. i never want anyone to feel like that. it looks soooo bomb on other people, but me? yeah no."

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4c hair is tightly coiled, densely packed curls that reverts quickly to its unrelaxed state when exposed to humidity.

Some Black women wear their natural 4c hair in braids or twists which they call "protective styles."

Deyjah wears expensive lacefront wigs that resemble bone straight Caucasian or Asian hair because she is unhappy with the texture and the look of her natural hair.

Photo may have been deleted


Deyjah covets women with bone straight hair like her stepmom, Tiny Harris.

The 20-year-old Gemini snapped back when one Twitter user mocked her for thinking she's light skinned so she should be blessed with wash-and-wear hair.

"I feel like it doesn't suit me"... ie: I'm lightskinndedd how dare the ni**a gods curse me like this."

"actually no lol. i didn't even mention my skin color nor would i (being that it has nothing to do with hair texture)... obviously what you just said was a projection of possibly how YOUUUU feel about yourself."

But other women who also have 4c aka "nappy" hair sympathized with Deyjah.


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Don't you hate it when highly favored LSLH women pretend that their good hair isn't one of the benefits of their biracial heritage?

Let's face it, nappy hair is called nappy for a reason. It takes a good deal of effort (and strong chemicals) to tame our tight African curls.

For women like Tamera Mowry and her twin sister, Tia, half the battle is won because they inherited their soft, easy to manage curls from their white ancestors.

On her blog, Tamera suggests that everyone (even those of us with tight, hard to manage curls) can achieve her soft bouncy curls by simply drying our hair with a cotton tee instead of a towel which causes split ends.

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