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Trevor Noah wants Congress to make interracial marriage mandatory in the United States. The comedian and host of "The Daily Show" made the statement on Wednesday's show.

On Tuesday the House voted to pass a bill that codified same-sex and interracial marriage.

Noah, who is mixed race, suggested Congress go one step further and make interracial marriage mandatory.

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"The House has officially passed a bill legalizing gay and interracial marriage," Noah said. "Which is a great victory for 1995. Because let's be honest. It's really strange to be diving back into this debate that we thought was resolved in 2015, right?"

He continued: "This is weird that they're like, 'We're doing this now.' What do you mean, now? What's next — we're going to start arguing about that dress again? Is that what we're doing? 'Cause it's over, guys," Noah said, referring to a photo of a dress that went viral on Twitter in 2015. "It's over. We decided a long time ago it's blue and black, alright? And anyone who thinks it's white and gold is a Nazi."

Noah then slammed the 157 House Republicans who voted against the equality bill.

"So you're on the record now against interracial marriage? Like, look, I know mixed couples have ruined your lives for the past few years," he said. "But it's time to let that go."

Should interracial marriage be mandatory? he asked.

"Uh, this one's a little bit harder, but, uh, I'm gonna say yeah, let's do it. All the babies would be super cute. Done. Three votes, we're in."

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Actor Jay Ellis turned off the comments under his wedding photos on Instagram, days after he tied the knot with Nina Senicar.

Jay's interracial marriage angered his fans who are still upset after Jay and Nina went Instagram official last year.

The "Top Gun: Maverick" star, 40, and Nina, 36, said "I do" during a romantic ceremony in Italy, Vogue reports.

Nina stunned in a custom Dolce & Gabbana off-white, silk gown. The couple's 2-year-old daughter, Nora, was the flower girl. The pandemic forced them to push back their nuptials twice.

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According to Black Enterprise, Jay popped the question in Bali in January 2019.

"We come from two completely different sides of the world, different cultures, and backgrounds, and it was magical to see how all of that got mixed together in such a beautiful and spontaneous way with the people we love the most," Nina said of her wedding day.

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Jay Ellis and Serbian actress Nina Senicar tied the knot on July 9 in Tuscany, Italy, Vogue reports.

The "Top Gun: Maverick" star, 40, and Senicar, 36, said "I do" in front of family and friends after postponing their wedding three times due to the pandemic.
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Among the invited guests were Ellis' "Top Gun: Maverick" co-stars Greg Tarzan Davis and Glen Powell, as well as his "Insecure" castmate Issa Rae.

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Senicar, 36, stunned in a custom Dolce & Gabbana off-white, silk gown. The couple's 2-year-old daughter, Nora, was the flower girl.

The "Insecure" star revealed he felt a moment of panic, but it soon passed when he saw his bride-to-be.

"There was a moment when I was standing there in front of everyone waiting for the giant wrought iron gates to open and to see Nina but the moment kept going and going," the nervous groom told Vogue.

"So I yelled out 'Baby, you coming?' There was another beat or two after where Nina didn’t answer, so I turned to the crowd and said 'I guess that’s a no, there's a space up here if anybody wants to get married today,'" he joked.

"And in perfect timing as everyone laughed Nina yelled out, 'I'm coming baby!' Everyone laughed at us and then the gate opened and I was in awe when I saw Nina in her dress for the first time."

Ellis was called out last year for dating a Caucasian woman (Nina), whom he kept secret from his mostly Black female fans.

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Dr. Umar Johnson went viral this week when video showed him chatting with a Caucasian woman.

The video went viral because Dr. Umar, a clinical psychologist, has promoted himself as a Black nationalist who is vehemently opposed to interracial marriages.

In 2017, he said, "When you marry a White woman, you're investing in White supremacy. There is no way you can stand with Black people when you sleep with White folk. There's no way you can care as much about our issues as you need to when you have to be concerned about what your wife and her White family thinks about our agenda."

In a viral video, Johnson challenged anyone to, "Show me a snow bunny who gonna say she had some of this chocolate milk with her vanilla cookies... Show me the snow bunny who said 'Dr. Umar gave me some of his chocolate milk with my vanilla cookies.'"

Someone took him up on the challenge and filmed Dr. Umar chatting with a non-melanated woman at New Jersey's Cherry Hill Mall.

The video went viral on June 2, garnering over 4 million views. Dr. Umar immediately took to social media to defend himself.

"Yes, I was at Cherry Hill Mall today," he tweeted. "My iPhone crashed last night and the closest Apple store with an available appointment today was in Jersey. As I was leaving the mall, I stopped at a kiosk to view the incense & crystals. That non-afrikan woman is simply the vendor."

But someone pointed out they are in the food court - and there are no incense kiosks in the food court.

To the casual observer it seemed that Dr. Umar was giving the young lady his phone number.

Dr. Johnson tweeted: "Can't even grab some incense and oils at the mall without Negroes going crazy. Any conscious Queens out there wanna volunteer to handle shopping for King Kong Kongalicious since I'm obviously too popular to shop in peace? The paparazzi won't let me breathe, ladies."

He then pleaded with the Twitter user to take the video down.

Tariq Nasheed couldn't resist taking a jab at Dr. Johnson.

"Is that the Prince of Pink Toes?

"I'm a descendaaaaaaaaaant... of Tiger Woods."

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Law professor and author Ralph Richard Banks wrote a controversial editorial for the NY Post titled "Why more black women should consider marrying white men."

Banks shared examples of successful Black and brown women who are in long-term marriages with white men. He seemed to suggest these women are successful, in part, because they are married to white men.

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Banks lists statistics that show Black men are less likely than Black women to graduate high school and 50 percent less likely to hold a college degree.

He also notes that Black women are the least likely of any minority group to marry outside of their race, quoting data from the Pew Research Center.

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Banks upholds Vice President Kamala Harris (who is actually Indian) as an example of a successful Black woman in an interracial marriage. Harris and Douglas Emhoff, who is white, were married in 2014.

Banks compared Harris to Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, who is married to Dr. Patrick Jackson.

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Banks says Harris and Jackson (pictured with husband Patrick Jackson and daughter Leila) will be the most powerful women in America if Brown is confirmed to the Supreme Court and Harris becomes president of the United States.

"Rather than partner with men of other races, many heterosexual black women either don't marry or marry black men with whom they are not especially well matched," Banks writes.

According to Pew Research Center, 12 percent of black women were in an interracial marriage in 2017 compared to just 3% in 1980. The statistic is even higher in 2022.


Actress Jodie Turner-Smith who is married to "The Affair" star Joshua Jackson, has faced backlash on social media for some of her tweets about marrying outside of her race.

According to Banks, "Black women should not be held hostage to the struggles of black men."

He writes that Black women should not have to "marry down," they should "marry out".

Banks, co-founder & faculty director of the Stanford Center for Racial Justice, argues that successful Black women are at the forefront of national media coverage while "there has been little discussion in the media or culture" about their white partners.

He hopes that prominent Black and brown women like Harris or Jackson will help to increase social acceptance of interracial unions.

"If so, then Black women will be able to enjoy the relationship freedom they deserve," he wrote.

Ralph Richard Banks is also the Jackson Eli Reynolds Professor of Law at Stanford Law School.

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Ryan Oubre wrote a lengthy Instagram post explaining why he divorced "Married at First Sight" star Clara Berghaus in July.

Oubre, who married flight attendant Clara on season 12, began his statement by saying he's "not here to debate anyone's feelings or emotions" and that "getting married to a stranger is indescribable."

While he stopped short of calling Berghaus a racist, Oubre suggested she was disrespectful of the Black culture.

"You can't truly be open to marry another race and not want to marry their culture (or at least at the minimum understand it)," he wrote, adding that the "Black experience and Black culture are not monolithic" and are "ever-evolving and ever-changing with time."

He added:

"What I can say is: walking into a family gathering and not speaking to anyone and scrolling through your phone will never fly and declining food (outside of a food allergy or avoidance) because you don't like the way it looks won't help either...

"by marrying into a different race/culture you inherently adopt parts of their identity" and "most importantly, your kids 100% will, and your kids will need you to help navigate it."

He wrote, "it's possible (all too often) to not be racist, while still being completely unaware" and that it is an "example of not understanding Black America."

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Rapper Jeezy and Jeannie Mai tied the knot during an intimate wedding ceremony in the garden of their Atlanta home on March 27.

The couple applied for a marriage license at the Fulton County clerk's office on Monday, March 29.

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They met in 2018 and got engaged last year. It is Jeannie's second marriage and Jeezy's first. obtained exclusive photos of the intimate wedding in the garden of the couple's mansion. The photos were snapped by photographer Denis Regie.

Jeannie said, "Nothing like getting married in our very own backyard."

The 43-year-old rapper wore a pink suit designed by his favorite tailor, TeoFilo Flor. Meanwhile, Jeannie, 40, wore an off-white silk taffeta bridal gown designed by Galia Lahav.

"I envisioned this gown before it was even made," Jeannie said. "I can't believe it turned out so perfect. It's the most beautiful gown I have ever seen."

She added: "I collaborated with my stylist Lisa Cera and the Galia Lahav atelier to custom design the layers and the perfect hue. The finished product was everything I envisioned."

The couple had two ceremonies to honor both cultures. "The tea ceremony was very sacred to us," Jeannie told Vogue.

Her father walked her down the aisle. "We were so glad he did. My dad is my rock," she said.

And since they live in wide open Atlanta, no one wore face masks to the wedding.

Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese Gibson's new wife is a highly educated businesswoman with a background in social work. According to Instagram blog @Fameolousent_, Samantha Lee Schwalenberg is a New Jersey native who earned her Master's degree in social work at the University of Georgia in Athens.

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The Real

Viewers of Fox's The Real witnessed a truly spectacularly insulting moment on Friday's show. The cultural difference between The Real co-hosts, who are black or biracial, and Jeannie Mai, a Chinese/American, was never more evident than during today's episode.

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This cute video is making the rounds on social media. The video shows a doting dad teaching his biracial toddler what to expect from a real man when she grows up.

Unfortunately, reality is the harshest teacher -- as the little girl will soon find out when she begins dating boys who were raised by today's single moms.

Watch the video after the break.

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Heidi Klum and Seal spend the day with their kids at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA.

Supermodel Heidi Klum, 40, and musician Seal Samuel, 51, may have their differences but they always put their children first. The couple divorced in 2012 after 7 years of marriage. Even though Heidi is dating another man, she and Seal spent some quality time with their children at Disneyland on Wednesday afternoon.

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