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Trevor Noah wants Congress to make interracial marriage mandatory in the United States. The comedian and host of “The Daily Show” made the statement on Wednesday’s show.

On Tuesday the House voted to pass a bill that codified same-sex and interracial marriage.

Noah, who is mixed race, suggested Congress go one step further and make interracial marriage mandatory.

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“The House has officially passed a bill legalizing gay and interracial marriage,” Noah said. “Which is a great victory for 1995. Because let’s be honest. It’s really strange to be diving back into this debate that we thought was resolved in 2015, right?”

He continued: “This is weird that they’re like, ‘We’re doing this now.’ What do you mean, now? What’s next — we’re going to start arguing about that dress again? Is that what we’re doing? ‘Cause it’s over, guys,” Noah said, referring to a photo of a dress that went viral on Twitter in 2015. “It’s over. We decided a long time ago it’s blue and black, alright? And anyone who thinks it’s white and gold is a Nazi.”

Noah then slammed the 157 House Republicans who voted against the equality bill.

“So you’re on the record now against interracial marriage? Like, look, I know mixed couples have ruined your lives for the past few years,” he said. “But it’s time to let that go.”

Should interracial marriage be mandatory? he asked.

“Uh, this one’s a little bit harder, but, uh, I’m gonna say yeah, let’s do it. All the babies would be super cute. Done. Three votes, we’re in.”