That's the question being asked by the liberal left-wing media and blogs. But, personally, I think that so far Barack Obama is doing a great job of sabotaging his own presidency.

He campaigned on a platform of Hope & Change by promising to reform the way government has been run. He promised transparency in government and he promised to televise health care reform negotiations on C-Span.

All lies.

After Obama was elected president, he changed his motto from "Yes we can" to "Change won't be easy," and the oft-repeated excuse of "I inherited this (problem, economy, deficit, crisis) from George Bush."

But now there are those, like former president Jimmy Carter, who say that the thousands of protestors who turned out last weekend to protest high taxes on Capitol Hill are all racists. Yes, Mr. Carter, racism still exists in America. But those same independents who you now accuse of being racists actually voted for Obama and helped put him in the White House. If it weren't for those people you call racists, Obama would not be president today.

Then are those who say Obama's presidency is being sabotaged because the audio and video of Obama calling another black man a "jackass" were leaked to the Internet.

The reality is that over 50% of the people who voted for Obama turned against him NOT because of the color of his skin, but because of his socialist policies, his reckless overspending, his pathological narcissism, his lying and his broken promises.