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Shaquille O'Neal says he has no comment on Celtics coach Ime Udoka's cheating scandal because he is also a serial cheater.

Udoka was suspended for the entire 2022-23 season for engaging in an intimate affair with a female staffer.

Udoka and the woman confirmed the relationship was consensual, but the staffer later complained that he made "unwanted comments" and harassed her.

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Udoka and his fiancee of 7 years, actress Nia Long, were house hunting in the Boston area when the scandal broke last week.

On "The Big Podcast with Shaq," the Lakers legend said he had no comment on Udoka's company violation because his own bed sheets aren't clean.

"I am going to step down from this conversation. I was a serial cheater," Shaq confessed.

"It would be crazy and blasphemous for me to get up here and say, 'Boom, boom, bam.' I can't do that. I know these guys personally. I know they're going through a lot because I went through a lot."

He continued:

"I just wish that certain parties weren't involved. I've known Nia Long for a long time and I like her... They're going through a lot of family stuff. I'm never the guy that's gonna get up here because of my platform and fake it."

Shaq previously confessed to cheating on his ex-wife, Shaunie Henderson, who recently tied the knot again.

Shaq also cheated on his girlfriends, including reality TV star Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander, and Instagram model Laticia Rolle.

"I did it. I was the best at it and not proud of it at all. I lost my family doing it. I lost valuable, important years of my children from doing it... I’m not that guy. I'm real with the situation."

Shaq said he is now alone and miserable. He is struggling to figure out what went wrong in his happy marriage to a submissive and God-fearing wife.

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Celtics head coach Ime Udoka was suspended after he and his married lover were caught on a home doorbell camera.

"Multiple sources confirm, #Celtics female staffer's affair w/ Celtics Coach #ImeUdoka was uncovered by her husband when he overheard a private conversation on a home doorbell camera," reporter Kevin Frazier tweeted on Sunday.

Udoka, 45, was suspended for the entire 2022-23 season after the woman complained that he made "unwanted comments" and harassed her.

According to TMZ, the unidentified Celtics staffer arranged team-related travel arrangements for Udoka.
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Sources tell TMZ the staffer also booked travel for Udoka's fiancée Nia Long to attend home games in Boston and road games. And the woman arranged travel for Nia to move from California to Boston about 2 weeks ago.

Nia, 51, found out about the affair a few days before the Celtics suspended Udoka. The Celtics and Udoka are reportedly in "separation talks." He is not expected to return to lead the team.

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Brad Stevens, president of basketball operations for the Boston Celtics, called out Twitter users for misidentifying Ime Udoka's workplace fling.

The Celtics announced Udoka's year-long suspension on Thursday after an emergency closed-door meeting that lasted several hours.
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The Celtics launched an investigation in July after the woman complained that he made "unwanted comments" toward her and he was harassing her.

Speculation ran rampant as amateur sleuths on Twitter scoured the Celtics' website and LinkedIn pages in search of the unidentified female staffer.

After photos of Allison Feaster, VP of Player Development, went viral on Thursday, ESPN writer Marc J. Spears shut down the speculation in a tweet.

Finally, Celtics president Brad Stevens had enough. He called the speculation "rampant bullish-t"

"We have a lot of talented women in our organization and I thought yesterday was really hard on them," he said in a press conference on Friday. "Nobody can control Twitter speculation and rampant bulls–t. But, I do think that we as an organization have a responsibility to make sure we're there to support them now, because a lot of people were dragged unfairly into that."

He added that he thought it was important to address the rampant and incorrect speculation on Twitter.

Stevens was head coach of the Celtics before being promoted to president of basketball operations.

Watch the video below.

Nia Long moved her family to Boston, Massachusetts 2 weeks before her fiancé Ime Udoka was suspended by the Boston Celtics.

Nia, 51, tells TMZ he kept her in the dark about his intimate relationship with a married female staffer.

The relationship came to light Wednesday night when ESPN reported the organization planned to suspend Udoka for the entire upcoming season.

The Celtics' front office launched an investigation in July when the woman complained about "unwanted comments" by Udoka.

Both parties said their relationship was consensual at the time.

Sources connected to the team tell TMZ that Nia had moved to Boston with Kez, her 10-year-old son with Udoka, just 2 weeks ago. She and Udoka were house hunting.

A source tells TMZ that Udoka knew back in July that the team would be taking disciplinary action.

Meanwhile, Nia found out about his office romance in the last few days - and only because Ime knew it was about to go public.

Nia tells TMZ, through her rep Shannon Barr, "The outpouring of love and support from family, friends and the community during this difficult time means so much to me. I ask that my privacy be respected as I process the recent events. Above all, I am a mother and will continue to focus on my children."

In addition to Kez, the Love Jones actress is also mom to 21-year-old actor Massai Zhivago Dorsey II, whose father is Massai Z. Dorsey.

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The Boston Celtics suspended head coach Ime Udoka for the entire 2022-23 season, according to ESPN.

The Celtics announced the year-long suspension on Thursday after holding an emergency meeting behind closed doors.

According to's Shams Charania, the Celtics organization knew about Udoka's intimate relationship with an unidentified female staffer. Both parties said the relationship was "consensual" at the time.

However, the female staffer complained that Udoka made "unwanted comments" toward her and she felt harassed by him.

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The Celtics launched an investigation in July and announced Udoka's year-long suspension after a closed door meeting Thursday that involved team owners and president Brad Stevens and lasted several hours.

Prior to the meeting, Udoka's agent said he would not resign from his position voluntarily.

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In a statement Thursday night, Udoka apologized to the players, the fans, the Celtics organization, "and my family for letting them down."

"I am sorry for putting the team in this difficult situation, and I accept the team's decision. Out of respect for everyone involved, I will have no further comment."

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ESPN's Stephen A. Smith is reportedly "furious" with the Boston Celtics for leaking information about head coach Ime Udoka.

Udoka, 45, faces a year-long suspension for a consensual but "improper" relationship with a female staffer.

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Udoka and the Celtics are reportedly in "separation talks" amid speculation that he slept with the wife of a Celtics executive.

Smith accused the Celtics of putting the information "out there" on Thursday's episode of "First Take."

"This was leaked by the Boston Celtics' organization," he said.

Smith said white athletes and staffers who sleep around are treated differently.

"I don't see the information out about them. Why we talking about this now? We got to talk about it because it's the news. Ain't none of our damn business unless you fire him. But if you keep him, it's none of our business. It should've never been put out there by the Celtics organization. And don't tell me you didn't do it because you absolutely did it because news reporters got it, and it emanated out of Boston."

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Smith said the Celtics leaked the information because of Udoka's race.

"I'm appalled by this decision. If you're not going to fire him, he shouldn't be suspended. You can dock pay, you can fine him, you can keep the stuff in-house. I'm appalled this is publicized. I know of plenty of situations spanning the entire world of professional sports, not just the NBA... where folks are messing around with each other. You don't see this become a story."

The Celtics have not announced Udoka's suspension or disciplinary action.

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Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka is considering resigning amid reports that he faces a year-long suspension for cheating with a married woman.

Udoka faces disciplinary action for engaging in an intimate "improper" relationship with a married female staffer.

He was reportedly warned multiple times to end his workplace romance.

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski broke the news Wednesday night, around 10:30 p.m., in a vague tweet.

About an hour before Woj tweeted his scoop, a burner account mentioned that Udoka would never be fired for "sleeping around."

The insider suggested that Udoka was carrying on with multiple women, not just one female staffer.

The tweet, posted at 9:14 p.m. EST, read: "if there's one person who will never get fired for sleeping around, it's ime udoka."

Udoka, 45, is in a longterm relationship with fiancée Nia Long, 51.

The rookie coach led the Celtics to a 51-31 record and the team's first NBA Finals since 2010.

Celtics assistant coach Joe Mazzulla will replace Udoka when training camp begins on Tuesday, Sept. 27.

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Nia Long is trending on Black Twitter after it was revealed that her longtime fiancé, Ime Udoka, engaged in an "improper" relationship with a young staffer.

The Boston Celtics head coach is facing a lengthy suspension that could keep him out for the entire 2022-23 NBA season.

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, Udoka engaged in an "improper intimate and consensual relationship" with a young female employee within the organization, that violated the organization's code of conduct.

Ime and Nia have dated since 2010 and they share a 10-year-old son, Kez Udoka.

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They got engaged in 2015 but never made it to the alter.

Black men on Twitter roasted Ime for cheating on Nia. Many called for the Celtics to fire him for cheating on the Love Jones actress.

Nia posted a cryptic video on her Instagram Story on Sept. 9 - the same day Ime was accused of having a "consensual" relationship with a female staff member, according to The Athletic's Shams Charania.

In the video, a narrator says:

"When you see people change their whole life and start walking down a path of enlightenment, hugging trees, connecting with nature, loving themselves, embracing positivity, letting that light shine, understand one thing: that light that you see, understand one thing about that light: they had to go into the darkness to get it. Them people is not the type of people that you wanna play with."

Internet sleuths circulated a photo of a pretty young female staffer who may be a former WNBA player.

Your auntie won't post the young lady's photo to protect her privacy.

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Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka faces a lengthy suspension for an alleged "improper" relationship with a young female staffer.

The Celtics are considering a lengthy suspension after Ime broke the franchise's "organizational guidelines."

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, Udoka engaged in an "improper intimate and consensual relationship" with a young female employee within the organization, that violated the organization's code of conduct.

According to Wojnarowski, internal discussions with the team includes keeping Ime out for the entire 2022-23 NBA season. Ime's job is not in jeopardy.

The Celtics will begin training camp next Tuesday without their head coach. A temporary replacement coach has not been named.

Ime is the 5th Black head coach in Boston Celtics history.

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Ime, 45, is in a longterm domestic relationship with actress Nia Long, 51. They share 10-year-old son, Kez Sunday Udoka. Nia also has a son, Massai Dorsey II, from a previous relationship.


Nia Long is best known for her roles in the urban films Boyz n the Hood (1991), Love Jones and Soul Food. She has appeared on TV shows such as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Boston Legal and Fox TV's Empire.

Nia sat at courtside with Kez during the 2021-22 NBA Finals when the Celtics made their first NBA Finals appearance since 2010. The Celtics lost to the Golden State Warriors in six games.

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Atlanta Municipal Court judge Terrinee L. Gundy was suspended by the Georgia Supreme Court for ethics lapses.

Gundy's ethics troubles culminated last week when the Supreme Court ordered her to receive a public reprimand and be suspended 90 days without pay.

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Gundy, pictured right with Dr. Jackie Walters in 2018, was under investigation for showing up late to court multiple times and canceling court sessions so she could celebrity attend events.

The ruling also notes that Gundy refused to allow six defendants to be brought to her courtroom from the jail in March 2017. They remained incarcerated for several days after they should have been released.

Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

Earlier this year, the police were called to a loud house party at a rented mansion near Lenox Square Mall in Buckhead.

Police gave Gundy a citation for a noise violation after she hired a marching band to perform at the party.

"I just borrowed it from one of my friends, so I didn't actually pay a fee or anything," Gundy told the officer about the notorious $1.8 million party house, once owned by rapper Young Thug.

Police said the mansion rental and marching band would have cost Gundy about $5,000 to $10,000 to rent.

The officer who responded to neighbors complaints, said the house party was "loud as hell."

One neighbor told the cop: "This is absolutely ridiculous. I've got children trying to sleep. Ya'll need to lock their a**es up."

Gundy's attorney told Channel 2 investigative reporter Richard Belcher that the loud party and the citation were a private matter.

Gundy was appointed to the bench as a city judge by her boyfriend, former Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed, in 2013.

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An Albany, NY, TV anchor who was suspended for slurring her words during a live news broadcast is defending herself.

Heather Kovar was suspended from her job by CBS affiliate WRGB CBS 6 after she slurred her words during the 6 p.m broadcast on Saturday, July 9.

Viewers were left concerned and surprised as Kovar struggled to string together a coherent sentence.

She was wide-eyed and jittery while reporting on a natural gas explosion in Oklahoma.

"Like, I was telling you this morning, if you watched us this morning starting at 6 a.m., 7 a.m., I told you, you know what? Today, what a beautiful day outside! It is just amazing. And so, a great time for outdoor music."

Later in the broadcast, she seemed to complain about working a "double shift" at the station that day.

A video of the incident went viral on Saturday night. She tweeted on Saturday saying she would return to the air by Sunday morning.

CBS 6 confirmed Kovar's suspension in a statement on Monday. "Heather Kovar has been suspended pending our internal investigation. We have no further comment at this time."

She was replaced by Greg Floyd, the station's weekday evening anchor.

In a statement to the Times Union on Sunday, Kovar said she was "sleep-deprived and exhausted" after working a double shift.

She added: "On Friday, I notified the station I would not be renewing my contract which expires July 31. Saturday I was scheduled to work the early morning 6 a.m. shift and the evening shift. I was sleep-deprived and exhausted."

Watch the video below.

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Uvalde school district police Chief Pete Arredondo was relieved of his duties on Wednesday, nearly a month after a gunman killed 19 students and two teachers.

The decision came a day after the Uvalde City Council voted to deny Arredondo a leave of absence.

Weeks after the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, Arredondo was sworn in as a member of the City Council.

Arredondo was placed on paid administrative leave by Superintendent Dr. Hal Harrell who determined that police under his command waited 77 minutes to storm a classroom and kill a 18-year-old gunman at Robb Elementary School on May 24.

Harrell completed his investigation, despite police refusing to turn over communications and other documents to investigators.

Parents of the deceased children demanded to know why Arredondo wasn't fired or reprimanded for his decision to order officers to fall back.

"From the beginning of this horrible event, I shared that the district would wait until the investigation was complete before making personnel decisions," Harrell wrote in a press release on Wednesday.

"Today, I am still without details of the investigations being conducted by various agencies. Because of the lack of clarity that remains and the unknown timing of when I will receive the results of the investigations, I have made the decision to place Chief Arredondo on administrative leave effective this date."

Surveillance footage from cameras inside the school show officers with bullet-proof shields and high-powered rifles in a hallway about an hour before the gunman was killed.

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The cops allegedly stood there listening as the gunman murdered children. The officers initially claimed they were waiting for keys to unlock the classroom door, but the door was unlocked the entire time.

The director of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) testified Tuesday that Arredondo's decision was an "abject failure" and he said the police chief put the lives of cops "before the lives of children."

"Mistakes were made and it should have never happened that way and we can't allow that to ever happen," DPS Director Steve McCraw told state senators. "This set our profession back a decade."

McCraw told lawmakers that the officers in the hallway could have stopped the bloodshed three minutes after the shooting began.

"The officers had weapons, the children had none. The officers had body armor, the children had none. The officers had training, the subject had none," McCraw testified.

Watch the video below.

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Ex-NFL player Brendan Langley spoke out about his viral fight with an airport worker in Newark, NJ on May 19.

An attorney for the ex Denver Broncos cornerback told TMZ that the United Airlines worker provoked him into a fight.

The worker objected to Langley using a wheelchair to transport his designer luggage rather than use a $5 luggage cart.

"Brendan Langley was minding his business walking through the airport with his bags when he was accosted by a United Airlines employee who claimed to 'run the airport,'" his attorney Alan Jackson said in a statement.

"When Brendan tried to ignore him, the assailant followed and harassed Brendan, calling him a 'd— and a 'p---y' and challenging him to fight," Jackson said.

Jackson said Langley yelled for help, but no one stepped forward.

"Footage from the airport security cameras establishes without question that Brendan was in reasonable fear of physical harm, and reasonably and lawfully defended himself," Jackson said in the statement.

Photo may have been deleted

Getty Images, screenshot

Cell phone footage shows the employee slap Langley in the face. Langley, 27, retaliated by throwing several punches that dropped the hapless worker.

When the employee slapped Langley again, the shocked athlete asked a bystander, "Did you see that sh*t?" Before throwing a flurry of punches that sent the employee sprawling behind a counter.

Langley was arrested, charged with simple assault and released. He was suspended indefinitely by the Calgary Stampeders pro team of the Canadian football League, according to CTV News.

"After learning details of the incident including the filing of a criminal charge, we are indefinitely suspending Brendan Langley," Stampeders President and GM John Hufnagel told CTV News in a statement.

Head coach Dave Dickenson said Langley should have known better.

"[M]y only real comment is that we live in a world that everybody's got cameras and we're trying to represent our city, we take it very seriously," he said, according to CTV News.

The employee wasn't charged, but United Airlines fired him and issued a statement, saying the airline "does not tolerate violence of any kind at our airports or on board our planes and we are working with local authorities to further investigate this matter."

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Atlanta Falcons star wide receiver Calvin Ridley has been suspended for the entire 2022 season for betting on Falcons games.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell dropped the hammer after a league investigation discovered Ridley was betting on Falcons games using his cell phone while in Florida.

All of the bets were placed between Nov. 23-28.

Ridley, 27, did not play in the games that he bet on. He was on leave from the team for mental health reasons.

Twitter followers noticed a cryptic tweet by Ridley on March 6, before his suspension was announced.

Ridley tweeted "I learn from my Ls."

Photo may have been deleted

Ridley tweeted again after his suspension was announced on Monday, Mar. 7.

"I bet [$1,500] total. I don't have a gambling problem," he wrote. "I couldn't even watch football at that point. Just gone be more healthy when I come back."

He added: "I know I was wrong But I'm getting 1 year lol [sic]. If you know me you know my character."

Athletes betting on games is usually a firing offense in all major sports. NBA legend Michael Jordan was allowed to "retire" when a league investigation discovered he bet on NBA games.

And baseball legend Pete Rose was placed on the permanently ineligible list for inclusion in the Baseball Hall of Fame for betting on MLB games in the 1980s.

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Michigan men's basketball coach Juwan Howard was suspended for the remainder of the regular season after he slapped Wisconsin assistant coach Joe Krabbenhoft.

Michigan has five games remaining in the regular season. Howard is expected to return to coach the Wolverines in the Big Ten tournament, which begins March 9 in Indianapolis.

The incident happened on Sunday at the end of Michigan's blow out loss to the Badgers.

Howard objected to Wisconsin coach Greg Gard calling a time out with 15 seconds left on the clock and a blowout lead.

Howard slapped Krabbenhoft during the postgame handshakes, sparking a brief brawl between the two teams.

In addition to the suspension, Howard was fined $40,000 by the Big Ten Conference on Monday. Krabbenhoft was fined $10,000 but he was not suspended.

Michigan forwards Terrance Williams and Moussa Diabate and Wisconsin guard Jahcobi Neath were each suspended one game for their participation in the fracas.

Howard issued an apology on Monday, saying, "I am offering my sincerest apology to my players and their families, my staff, my family and the Michigan fans around the world. I would like to personally apologize to Wisconsin's Assistant Coach Joe Krabbenhoft and his family, too."

Howard, a member of Michigan's famed "Fab Five" team, won NBA Championships with the Miami Heat in 2012 and 2013. He was a former Miami Heat assistant coach from 2013 to 2019 when he was named Michigan's head coach.

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