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Caitlin Winchester, the 14-year-old North Atlanta student who went missing on her first day at school, has been found safe.

Officials say Caitlin was found safe in Arlington, Texas. Her parents, Roger and Angela Winchester, reported her missing when she she did not return home after the first day of school at North Atlanta High on Aug. 5.

The school district said Caitlin never boarded her school bus.

Her parents and family friends initially dismissed reports that Caitlin was a runaway.

Caitlin's mother is a middle school theology teacher at Notre Dame Academy here in Duluth. Ga.

"Our child is a straight-A student, and she was so excited to start her French 3 class, Angela Winchester said on Friday.

The FBI assisted the Atlanta Public Schools Police Department (APSPD) in the search for Caitlin Winchester when it appeared that she crossed state lines.

"APSPD continues to work with the FBI on the next steps in the investigation. No additional details on this case are available," a statement from the district read. "No other details are available at this time and the family has requested privacy."

On Tuesday, Aug. 10, Crime Stoppers announced a $100,000 reward after the paperwork was completed by Roger Winchester's employer, Insight Global, where he works as a senior information security engineer.

The $100,000 reward was previously announced on Friday, Aug. 6. But CBS46 reporter Adam Murphy told a Facebook group that Crime Stoppers said Insight Global did not complete the paperwork to transfer the funds in time.

Confusion reigned on Facebook, where concerned citizens were told their help was not needed to circulate missing posters about Caitlin.

That led to speculation that the parents knew something about their daughter's disappearance.

The organizer of the Facebook page deleted the comments and wrote:

"THANK YOU, everyone! For your hope, prayers and shares and all of the ways you did or wanted to help find Caitlin. Please continue to pray for the family's healing as Caitlin comes home."

Photo may have been deleted


A Texas judge lost his patience with a juvenile Crips gang member who removed his ankle monitor and shot a 1-year-old baby. The judge sentenced the 12-year-old to 7 years in a juvenile detention center.

The boy broke down and cried during a Zoom detention hearing in September. But the judge told him to save his tears.

"Every time you come in here you cry. You know that, right?" Judge Kim told rapper Lil Rodneyy. "Every single time, you beg me for one more chance. You swear to God, 'On my mama's name,' 'I'm not gonna cut off the monitor, I'm not gonna run off,'" said judge Kim.

The boy, who also answers to "30 Shotz," admitted he cut off his ankle monitor to attend a friend's funeral. But he couldn't recall the friend's name. He told the judge he only knew the friend by his nickname.

The boy's grandfather, who helped raise him, also attended the Zoom hearing.

Judge Kim told the boy he would be detained in a juvenile detention center until he turned 19.

Rodneyy's mother was interviewed after the hearing. She is a single mom who gave birth to Rodneyy when she was 16.

The boy's father abandoned his family, and Rodneyy's mom chooses not to seek child support. She said she was sent away to prison twice when the boy was a toddler. Rodneyy was raised by her father, who lovingly refers to his grandfather as "Paw paw."


A group home caretaker was assaulted and robbed by 5 teenagers who lived at the group home, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

The incident happened on Saturday at a group home in Palmetto, about 22 miles southwest of Atlanta.

According to police, the 5 teens overpowered the caretaker. One teenager duct-taped and beat the caretaker, then that teen and four others stole the caretaker’s cell phones and car and drove away from the home.

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Tiona Rodriguez found with fetus in bag

A teenage shoplifter was arrested after allegedly stealing from a Victoria's Secret lingerie store in Manhattan on Thursday. A security guard searching the bags of Tiona Rodriguez and her shoplifting partner, Francis Estevez, found the dead fetus of a boy wrapped in a plastic bag at the bottom of Rodriguez's handbag, the NY Daily News reports.

The discovery was made around 1:10 p.m. at the Herald Square store, after a store employee spotted the teens snatching sexy underwear and lingerie off a rack.

Rodriguez and Estevez, both 17, were charged with petty larceny and possession of stolen property.

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Stowaway boy and father at press conference

The father of a 9-year-old boy who snuck onto a plane and flew to Las Vegas says he asked for help repeatedly for his son's behavioral problems.

Last Thursday, the boy walked onto a Delta flight to Las Vegas at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport without a boarding pass. He made it all the way to Vegas before he was discovered.

The boy's emotional father appeared at a press conference hidden under a hoodie. The father said the troubled youth's actions were inspired by the violent video game Grand Theft Auto.

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