Philadelphia death house

A 7-year-old Pittsburgh girl tried for more than a day to wake both of her parents. On Monday morning, she got dressed and rode the bus to school.

On the ride back home, the girl confided in her bus driver that she was afraid to go home because her parents "had not moved" in two days and they were "changing colors," according to the Allegheny County Police Department.

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Philadelphia police arrested a 24-year-old man in connection with the shooting death of trans hooker Kiesha Jenkins.

Jenkins, 22, was shot and killed On Oct. 6, after getting out of a car in a rough neighborhood early Sunday morning.

Police say Jenkins was immediately surrounded by a group of men who attempted to rob him.

A tip led police to Pedro Redding, who confessed to firing the 2 shots that killed Jenkins.

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Building collapse in Philadelphia

Police and emergency rescue crews are frantically to free victims trapped in the rubble of a collapsed apartment building in Philadelphia.

The building which was connected to a Salvation Army store at the corner of 22nd and Market streets came down at 10:45 a.m. Tuesday morning. The cause of the building collapse is unknown. But officials believe a controlled demolition at a construction site next door may have contributed to the collapse.

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