This is what happens to morons who create blogs to anonymously attack others. At some point, you will call out the wrong person and you will get sued. Hopefully you have enough liquid assets to cover the check that your mouth can't cash.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this loser, her name is Rosemary Port, and she created a blog called 'Skanks of NYC' with the sole purpose of blasting cover girl model Liskula Cohen because she believed Cohen was talking smack about her to her boyfriend.

According to the NY Post, Port created the blog "Skanks in NYC," in August 2008 and posted unflattering pictures of Cohen, writing that she was "a psychotic, lying, whoring . . . skank."

So Cohen filed a $3 million defamation of character lawsuit against Google/ and the anonymous blogger who wrote that Cohen was a "skank," "Ho" and "hag." Cohen's attorneys asked a NY judge to force Google to reveal the anonymous blogger's name. A Manhattan judge ruled that Google had to reveal the blogger's identity so she could be sued.

The ruling is likely to change the way Google/ deals with malicious bloggers who use its free platform to launch attacks against private citizens and public figures.

Last night, Cohen asked her attorneys to drop the $3 million defamation suit against the unemployed, 29-year-old Port, who hired her own attorney. Port said she didn't regret her own actions, but she regretted the court's decision to expose her identity.

"I'm shocked that my right to privacy has been tampered with," Port said in a statement.