Sara and Tony Stokes

Sara Stokes, star of from MTV's original reality TV series Da Band and Making the Band, is back in the news. Stokes, 40, was an aspiring singer/songwriter with a flair for the dramatic who thought she had the perfect marriage. Her dreams crashed and burned when she couldn't put the bottle down long enough to record her album.

Then Stokes was arrested and jailed in 2009 for stabbing her husband, Tony, with a kitchen knife.

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Remember Sara Stokes from MTV's "Making The Band 2"? Well, according to TMZ, she was choked out and beaten by her husband Tony -- probably in front of their kids -- before he was arrested and thrown in jail last week.

Sara could learn a thing or two from pop singer Rihanna, who was also choked out and beaten before she came to her senses and dumped her abuser. If you recall, the last time Sara got her head busted was on August 2, 2009, when she "tripped" and fell in the couple's Morena Valley, CA home after arguing with Tony.

Even though she later changed her story numerous times to protect her husband, we do know that Sara fought back by grabbing a kitchen knife and stabbing Tony in the arm. They were both transported to jail after receiving treatment for their wounds.

I could go on and on about the problems with insecure women falling in love with emotionally unavailable mama's boys, but I'll just stick to the facts of the latest incident.

Sources close to Sara tell [TMZ], it all went down last weekend at a friend's house in Georgia -- Tony Stokes accused Sara of being with another man ... and then allegedly choked and hit her.

According to law enforcement, Tony was arrested for simple battery -- and released the next day on $2,000 bail.

Tony's taking it all in stride ... telling us, "Everybody speculates and blows things out of proportion. It's a crazy kind of life. We're dysfunctional. We need our own TV show. I love my wife." Source

If we can find any good news in this sad story, it is this: Sara's friend alerted TMZ to the beat down, which indicates that Sara is tired of getting her head bounced off the concrete. It is likely that she gave her friend the green light to spill the teas to TMZ.

It's also quite possible that Sara has endured the violence long enough and she's decided to divorce Tony due to the fact that she found another emotionally unavailable mama's boy who she thinks she can change.

Women like Sara never learn.

Making The Band alumni Sara Stokes was arrested last weekend for pulling a KeKe Wyatt stunt and stabbing her husband Tony -- in front of their 3 kids!

According to, Stokes and her husband Tony were arguing in their Morena Valley, CA. home on August 2, when somehow Sara "tripped" and fell, hitting her head on the ground. The details are murky about what happened next. What we do know is Sara got hold of a knife and stabbed Tony in the arm. Police and paramedics were called to the scene and Sara was placed in handcuffs despite the fact that her face looked a bloody and bruised mess in her booking photo (above).

The Stokes' lawyer seemed to be saying, 'this is just another day in the Stokes' household,' when he told TMZ that: "Sara and Tony have a very passionate and loving relationship that on August 2, while having an evening of fun, she slipped and fell, hitting her head heavily on the ground and somehow in the process of helping her Tony got injured."

That doesn't sound like "fun" to me. Why does "passion" in the black community always translate to violence? We have to do better.