Last night, in between snoring while at the movies watching the wretchedly boring Harry Potter, I glanced at my Sidekick and saw that loyal reader Stylerazzi tweeted a pic of Rihanna.

She said Rihanna shaved the side of her hair like that one-hit-wonder Cassie. I was shocked. I couldn't wait to get home to see the pic because the screen on my sidekick was too small.

I have no words for this travesty! I did some investigating and learned that the person responsible for this hatchet job is a celebrity "stylist" by the name of Ursula Stephen. This heiffer lost her mind. Doesn't she know that the gay community has been shaving the sides of their heads for decades? Hello? Grace Jones! This is not new.

In one fell swoop, Rihanna went from being a style icon to just REGULAR.

As soon as RiRi saw what Ursula did to her head she should have jumped up and screamed, "I'm filing charges!"

MORE pics after the break!

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