Rumor Control: Ciara says there is no sex tape

R&B princess Ciara arrived in Atlanta today fresh off her European tour. The first thing she wanted to get off her chest were the rumors floating around about a sex tape featuring herself and rapper Chingy. Personally, I didn’t know there was a rumor about a sex tape, but apparently Ciara stays on top of these rumors, I guess.

Ciara told a friend she has not nor will ever be in a sex tape with Chingy. And furthermore, why would she be in a sex tape with Chingy? I concur.

Ciara was also asked what her plans were for New Year’s Eve, but Ciara said she won’t know where she will ring in the New Year until Sunday.

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Actress turns sex tape over to cops

There are strong rumors about a real sex tape floating around featuring a well-known actress (not Ciara) giving head to a male friend.  Certain well-placed sources in Atlanta have seen the tape and a copy of it is currently in the hands of the Atlanta police.

The B-list actress does not live in Atlanta but she spent time here recently.  And word is she may have been drunk when the tape was made.  I’m told the B-list actress is pulling out all stops to make sure this tape does not hit the Internets.  The problem is, the police are emailing the tape to each other and to friends against department policy.

The only reason I’m posting this is out of curiosity; I just want to see the tape :).  If anyone has a copy of that tape and doesn’t mind forwarding it to me, I will treat it with the utmost decency and decorum.  You can trust me officer.


Photo of the Day: Lil’ Kim @ Dreamz


My bad, this photo of Lil’ Kim was taken at Dreamz in Decatur. To the people emailing me: how was I supposed to know that? The site where I got the photo said it was Nigeria.

Anyway, this is Gucci Mane performing with her, and he looks like he needs a bath! But I guess this is how women in the South like their men to look. Men don’t know any better. They need to be trained on how to dress proper in the company of a lady. It’s a matter of respect. So when women continue to co-sign this madness – men will continue to think this is appropriate dress.

Thank God laws have been passed in Georgia to curb this type of style so at least we decent women don’t have to be subjected to it in public.


Jay Z’s 40/40 club can’t pass inspection

Jay Z Stans fans who received the special casino slot machine invites to his NYE bash at the 40/40 are disappointed this morning. For instance, Ne-Yo was showing off his invite which adorns his desk at his studio. Sources reveal exclusively to that Jay-Z’s new 40/40 club in Las Vegas did not pass their inspection.

That’s too bad for Jay Z and his Stans fans. I’m sure some hotel in Las Vegas will be happy to cancel someone’s New Year’s Eve plans to accommodate the jigga and BeYaki who had planned a concert to ring in the New Year. Pardon me as I stifle a yawn. This is all very boring, but some of you care so I’m posting this story.

The venue won’t open as previously planned, throwing a major curveball to the rapper and entrepreneur.”Unless Jay-Z and his team miraculously come up with certain licenses and certificates by Sunday, then they won’t be able to go on with their New Year’s Eve party plans,” a source familiar with the situation tells us.

Not only that, Jigga and his team have to refund all tickets for the opening, which will add even more costs to their starting on the wrong foot Sin City venture.



Video: Jia puts Raz B on blast

I like Jia. Years ago Jia and I used to spar on the Black Voices boards where she was a very popular poster. If you’re not familiar with Jia, she’s an ex-porn star – well, I don’t know about the ex part, lol – and she lives in Atlanta.

In this video from her Jia TV channel on YouTube, Jia speaks the truth on the sordid Raz B affair. Thank God there are a few people out there who can see through the bulls*t.

Caution: strong language.


Crime fighting goes digital

In 2008 it’s going to be harder for America’s Most Wanted criminals to disappear in a crowded city. The FBI and Clear Channel have teamed up to display images of criminals on Clear Channel’s digital Billboards in 20 major cities across America.

The 200 billboards will display 3-story high images of fugitives’ mugs, missing children, or public safety info in real-time in cities such as Atlanta, Miami, New Jersey, LA and Las Vegas. (Source)


Rev. Run’s adopted daughter revealed

Reverend Run, 43, and his wife Justine Simmons adopted an American-born baby girl in September, who they named Miley Justine Simmons. Miley was one month old when they brought her home and will make her debut on the family’s MTV reality series, Run’s House, in January.

Awww, she’s adorable!


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