I know you don't care, but Gabrielle Union is b*tching about the blogs again. Gabby, 35, is careful to put only the black blogs on blast daily because she NEEDS the attention from the "other" bloggers.

I usually ignore Gabrielle's whinings, but today's article from AOL's Black Voices caught my attention. Did she really say she was a voice in "our" community?

"It's sad that people who have that forum where you have all this traffic... If I really did get arrested or stole someone's flipping husband and the wife was calling me, sure. So if I do it, talk about it. I own that, I screwed up. It's never happened! Don't create crap that is negating one of the few voices in our community that actually likes Black people, loves Black men and is actually trying to do something for our community and make changes. Don't try to kill that voice along with your stories so that you can get a couple of more subscribers. It's just bulls--t and its unfortunate."

Gabby, remember that night when you and _________ came to the strip club and you made it a point to send someone over to inform me that you would not be taking pictures? I didn't even know you were there, Miss Thing.

My back was turned when your gofer approached me in the parking lot while you two were still in the car. You and Chaka could have easily slipped inside the club without me noticing you. But before you even got out of the car, you HAD to alert me of your presence.

Instead of making use of one of the Tap's private rooms, you and that other woman's man sat front and center on the main floor in front of the stage tipping the strippers. Did I mention that he has a significant other and a daughter at home?

Just like back then - this is just another cry for attention. At 35, your career is going nowhere and if it weren't for us black bloggers writing about you, no one would mention your name at all.  Get over yourself.

  • MZN

    She did say in Essence magazine that she wants more attention. The black bloggers are actually doing her favor. If no one mentioned her at all, she would be a "nobody." Get over it already Gabrielle

  • tbrown

    Has she forgotten the nature of being a celeb? And in that comes gossip? and gossip rags? and gossip blogs? etc.? etc.? C'mon Gabby, just chill and let the gossip folks do their thing. Imagine this....NO INTERNET. Would actresses like Gabby still be getting their shine on? Their 'celeb-status' shine, even? At the same level, even? Probably NOT. :lol: I understand she wants the 'negative' stuff to stop and to that I say, stop reading it. Or if your family and friends are reading it, please ignore it. Remember The National Enquirer? Remember how hardly any black celebs got gossip-shine on in that rag during the years before blogs? :lol: Errr, hardly any. Just the major, major stars like Oprah or Michael Jackson. With the good will come the bad but all in all, ain't bad press better than none at all? Also, she can limit how she lets these blogsites affect her...if she would just stop reading them. :lol:

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    She better be grateful for black blogs. Before they came along our celebs got no coverage. For the most part she gets good coverage albeit at every party being held across the country. She is really harping on that story about her getting with Boris. She must have really wanted him or something. Chill out sis. That story is old news and no one gives a damn. Why don't you address the current buzz that your old ass is constantly in the club.

  • 4evajulie

    She will learn to ignore it, she's still young. It's called jealousy, Gabby. You are young, beautiful, single, no kids and all the men want you. Most of these black blogs are run by black women, you should know this by now.

  • buttercup24

    No interest whatsoever in Gabrielle Union.

  • no12blame

    Comes with the territory of being a celeb. There are some black blogs that show no mercy, but oh well. If she can't take negative criticism,she should only read Concrete Loop.

  • brenden

    I hear her loud and clear! Folks like Tiger Woods get upset when the Black community tries to come to his aide. There's many others. Gabby saying I havent gone all Hollywood! I'm down for yall, why isn't the love returned. Just know this Gabriel-It aint all of us! Some of us have nothing but love for ya.

  • no12blame

    Just wondering why this blog blocked out part of the name CL in my comment above.... Sandra????

  • Angel_Minded

    I think Gabrielle needs to STFU already! You know what would be funny, if she got her wish. If black blogs would stop talking about her...how would she even be relevant? LOL - there are so many up and coming TALENTED black actresses making there way on the big screen, and pretty soon her @ss will be H-I-S-T-O-R-Y! The funny thing, is that outside the black community nobody even knows her name...so that's right Gabby keep defending Perez Hilton...and let's see where her @ss will be in the next 10 years...smdh...

    oh and btw, what is it exactly that she does for her community? Besides partying every other night, all up on married men? I've never seen her advocating for AIDS/Dafur/Hurricane Katrina/UNICEP...so what exacting is she doing to uplift the black community? SMDH

  • Isla78

    Sandra, I don't always agree with you but this time you are so right! I used to love Gabby Union, but now I realize she is a just a desperate black actress who spends more time partying than actually working. I have yet to see her a$$ on Perez Hilton or any other mainstream site so she should just be happy any blog mentions her name at all. Her career is at a standstill right now and from the looks of it, it ain't going no where!

  • J Gats Juice

    I'm with u, bird and Angel.... I tried talking about her at work and these white folks aint know who she was. It wasnt until i said she was in Bad Boys 2 with Will Smith, they were like "oooohh her."

    If her ass stayed in classier places instead of bein on a table in da club with a glass in her hand all the damn time, we wouldnt say nothin. If she didnt take "suspect" pictures, we couldnt assume anything. So instead of bitchin and whinin about what we speculate on blogs, how about u stop doin shit for us to speculate. Try having a movie that doesnt flop and stay ur ass away from everybody's man and we will chill. I'm gonna go watch 2 can play that game now :D

  • hellava10

    Somebody DELIVER US FROM EVA!! She's trying to hold on as best she can. Note to Gabby...we REALLY don't give a shyt.

    Unless you try to push up on my man, then we got problems.

  • licia

    i can understand why she's mad , but all this comes with being a star . not everybody is gonna like you . instead of whining about , why not make it your mission to prove these bloggers wrong instead of feeding into all the BS ? this kind of stuff should only make her stronger . i say eff what others have to say , make your money and live your life .

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  • http://www.findentertainmentnow.com miesha@FindEntertainmentNow.com

    Hahahaaaaaaaaa!!! Poor Gabby I guess her feelings are just hurt. I can dig that. But her last movie totally bombed and this anger things is not a good look for her. Like everyone else here said...
    A. don't read those blogs...ignore them, especially if you know it aint true...why trip...unless...it is some kinda true.
    B. if you are a celeb...they will talk aboucha...sorry girl. It sucks that all your moves r up for scrutiny BUT that's the world we live in. OH WELL!!! She needs to get a lil tougher...poe thang! :(

  • marsette4483

    This blog should be kept professional. Posting up a situation that you personally had encountered with Gabrielle is very professional. Chaka isnt messing with Gabrielle so just because u seen them in the club means nothing. I know Gabby and she isn't thinking about the sideman when the headman wants her! I do know that Chaka and Gabby are cool as in homies. That brotherly type of love. Everybody in the A knows that Chris and Gabby are dating. It is nothing too serious but Chris is the only guy from DTP that Gabby is seeing. Trust me! I KNOW 100%! Sandra you sound like u have animosity towards GABBY. Get over it and quit hating! THANKS

  • istandbehindtheIam

    Sure thing, Gabs. Talkin' loud and not sayin' a damn thing....lol.

  • marsette4483

    Correction...Sorry I meant to say----------Posting up a situation that you personally had encountered with Gabrielle is very unprofessional.

    This is in regard to my post#16

  • aqtpie

    Gabby just needs thicker skin!!!

  • http://www.findentertainmentnow.com miesha@FindEntertainmentNow.com


    it may be "unprofessional" but remember this is a blog so it is not really suppossed to be professional and that's what blogs do many times...give readers the dirt. yes it is sad for Gabby bcz if she is doing wrong (like other women do but just aint in the spot light) then all her ish is out for all to see. I could say, hell Gabby clean up your image but she has one life to live and that is how she chooses to live it. but maybe she is actually just a cool girl who likes to party with the guys. but i did hear some thangs about her from some of the dudes at a popular record label down here in the A. These rappers went down the list and told which black actresses were freaks and smoked weed, etc. You know men, especially rappers will kiss, smoke and tell. Dang. Gabby needs a new crowd.
    Anyway this chick called into V103 a couple months ago claiming she was dating Luda or Chris. Her name is Courtney and she is a small time actress. So what is the scoop on Chris and Gabby really? If it aint serious...that chick that called V103 was REAL serious and said NO Luda is dating me not Gabby and everyone in Atlanta knows that! Her exact words...home girl was piiiiiiiiiiiiiiised! So what about that?

  • Cookilicious

    To Ms. Union,
    I think you are very intelligent and you are a talented artist, but in defense of Americans and International peoples around the world who blog, it is our right to discuss, chat, and debate the issues of the world including entertainers. I understand your fustration, but it is our right to voice our opinions in "our communities". It is part of "our" Constitutional right. There was a time when "our voices" where not heard, especially African-Americans and that includes you among manny other things, so how can you say the things you say (if said). My momma told me that if you don't want you business in the streets, stay home.

    As an entertainer you have to be cognizant of your status and what that means is you have a responsibility to display actions that are becoming of you as an artist; You need to be very careful of the things you do in public with the type of status you have and that includes everyone in the public eye from entertainers to teachers to government officials otherwise you're going to be talked about (actions displayed). Are you not learning anything from Ms. Spears? You also have to be judicious of the company you keep, I myself would not allow my friends to take me to venues that were not becoming of my status.

  • hellava10

    a professional blog?

    Oxymoron -a phrase in which two words of contradictory meaning are used together for special effect, e.g. "wise fool" or "legal murder"

    Did I mess up and type CNN instead of Sandrarose? This is pure entertainment.

    @ Cookilicious - you are right on the money! Everything done in the dark (or dark alleys) will come to light. You don't have to believe me, but ask Marion when she gets out.

  • Sharonda

    Well as long as she in the public, anybody can voice their opinions.If you don't like it, move on, because if it isn't the truth just say "It's not true" and move on.You fueling more to your fire Gabby and it's making you look desperate.

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    Regardless of it being professional or not, if Gabrielle would shut the hell up, she wouldn't piss people withholding that type of personal encounter information. Besides why the hell would Luda be cool with Chaka taking his cut buddy to the strip club? As a matter of fact when have you ever seen Luda in the strip club with a female counterpart, its probably outta of his nature.

  • Sharonda

    @ Krysi.I don't know why of all people he bring her to the strip club, if he already has.And what about the girl who called up to Miss Sophia?

  • http://www.myspace.com/rockinlocs NaturalFromHead2Toe

    I'm sick of this chick. She needs to grow some thick skin and if she was out trying to actually "work" she wouldn't have time to read about herself on blogs all damn day. Chile Boo.

  • Hottie76

    As for as all the mess about her screwing Luda or Chaka i have seen Ms Gabby in the A a couple of times with Chaka and Luda has not even been in town. Also her girl Tracey Ellis Ross was screwing Luda!! I think alot of people thought it was her but it was really her girl Ms. Ross. I know this also for 100%!!!!

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    25Sharonda Says:
    @ Krysi.I don’t know why of all people he bring her to the strip club, if he already has.And what about the girl who called up to Miss Sophia?

    I also agree with NaturalFromHead2Toe and Hottie76

    EXACTLY, first of all thats due to some random person posting ish like they have the inside scoop doing damage control and not having all the facts....How is it you know Gabrielle so well again?...Why haven't you asked her to tell you the truth, cause obviously she peeped you as gullable enough to believe a LIE!

  • gmoed1974

    to me it is very interesting to go to black blog sites and read such harsh criticisms of black celebrities by black bloggers and their fans/stans.

    i don't think i've ever been so pressed to get on a site and damn a person so badly. as a black male it honestly bothers me to read some of the personal feelings about celebs made by sandra and the like. if i don't care for a celeb and run a site, i'd just report the story unbiased, and never interject my personal feelings.

    while i love reading gossip sites and whatnot, i never take the rumors or stories too seriously, much like enquirer, and i certainly don't let what sandra, perez, and all the rest say form my opinion....unfortunately a lot of the readers do.

    so i definitely agree with what gabrielle said (if it were a direct quote. to me the treatment gabrielle and janet jackson receive from black bloggers/readers alone is sad to me. especially from black females. it seems like black on black crime to me.

  • TooTot


    She is a beautiful positive actress and is constantly getting ragged on! ITS TRUE! These bloggers have nothing better to do than talk bad shit! No good news just crumbing on people. No news on Darfur, Kenya or our future as black people....just us belittling one another. Yeah its true she is a celeb, but that doesnt give us a pass to be so negative! Why do we feel the need to be so negative towards our owm people. I am not mad at her and I agree. Sh aint sold out like all these BLACK MEN and loves her people. There is a lot of validity in what she says!

    Yall just like negativity and to see other people in bad situation,,,its roven people like that ...makes hem feel better bout themselves...but we as blacks need growth and to come together ...not to rag on each other!



  • ms.peaches

    I know what I hate is 2 see her ass every five minutes at someones party or function making sure she get all the camera time in 2 more years she will be another Vivica I don't even give it 2 years!!! lol All I want to know is, is she suppose to be w/ Luda or what???

  • http://yahoo.com Dr. 90210

    Why do people act like celebrities aren't real people, with real feelings, that make real people mistakes? Leave this woman along. She is entitled to say whatever she feels is eating at her. She has a right to defend herself.

    Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else. AUthor - Will Rogers

  • chocolate75

    I read you blog everyday and it funny how you choose which black women to support and which ones to hate on. You like to put black women especially on blast. It seems more like jealousy than anything. You have a platform to embrace the community not disgrace it. This is the problem with Black women today we can't support each other. We'd rather hate on each other. Youll support a unmarried mother, but not an established actress trying to make a life for herself. You stay talking about jump offs like Sarah Chapman for instance but the story you did on her regarding a pic of her child it seems you are a bit 2 faced. It seems as if you were all in her grill for that purpose but you will turn around and call her a jump off. So are you the voice of the community? I doubt it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and this is your blog, but it seems that you are extremely biased torwards a lot of Black successful young women. Something like a hater or and unhappy person.
    I'll continue to read your blog because you do have relevant stories at times amongst all the hating.


  • http://www.myspace.com/millyly milly

    Blah, Blah, Blah...she chose to be a entertainer and this is what comes with it. Like someone else said if you dont want your name out there stay yo ass home and out of the public's eye,I mean some of it might not be true,but seeing pictures sure does help make it more believable.

  • NyNy

    Why in the Hell are you people so worried about who she is screwing????????????????????? As far as Miss Sophie why would you believe some random chick that would call a radio station claiming to be Luda's girlfriend. Hell I could call the radio station and say I am sleeping with so and so but that does not make it true!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know Luda is not messing with some immature chick that is calling a damn radio station claiming to be his girl...WTF! That is just like ol' girl Kanye was dating and then she goes and put up very personal information and pictures about them on her MySpace page and he dumped her ass and went back to Alexis because she was mature and could handle the spotlight. People it is not that serious GEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!.....LOL!!!!

  • stefany

    If she don't like being talked about she should stay off the damn party scene so freaking much, I swear this chick is at every party or black event in hollywood and every time you turn around she's cheezing in some man's face, not a good look Gabby...She club hops more than she makes movies, which generally aren't that good any way.

    Sh sould be glad that someone is talking about her with her dead as career.