I know you don’t care, but Gabrielle Union is b*tching about the blogs again. Gabby, 35, is careful to put only the black blogs on blast daily because she NEEDS the attention from the “other” bloggers.

I usually ignore Gabrielle’s whinings, but today’s article from AOL’s Black Voices caught my attention. Did she really say she was a voice in “our” community?

“It’s sad that people who have that forum where you have all this traffic… If I really did get arrested or stole someone’s flipping husband and the wife was calling me, sure. So if I do it, talk about it. I own that, I screwed up. It’s never happened! Don’t create crap that is negating one of the few voices in our community that actually likes Black people, loves Black men and is actually trying to do something for our community and make changes. Don’t try to kill that voice along with your stories so that you can get a couple of more subscribers. It’s just bulls–t and its unfortunate.”

Gabby, remember that night when you and _________ came to the strip club and you made it a point to send someone over to inform me that you would not be taking pictures? I didn’t even know you were there, Miss Thing.

My back was turned when your gofer approached me in the parking lot while you two were still in the car. You and Chaka could have easily slipped inside the club without me noticing you. But before you even got out of the car, you HAD to alert me of your presence.

Instead of making use of one of the Tap’s private rooms, you and that other woman’s man sat front and center on the main floor in front of the stage tipping the strippers. Did I mention that he has a significant other and a daughter at home?

Just like back then – this is just another cry for attention. At 35, your career is going nowhere and if it weren’t for us black bloggers writing about you, no one would mention your name at all.  Get over yourself.