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Earlier I told you that American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino's brother would appear on the same show that made his sister a household name. But hold on, who knew Ricco Barrino was signed to Grand Hustle to write hits for T.I.'s roster of talent including Young Dro and Alfamega.

We've all heard rumors that artists were jumping ship from Grand Hustle now that the King of the South was on house arrest and facing serious time. But it looks like T.I.'s label isn't going under after all. Ricco already had a regional hit with his ladies anthem "Bubble Gum". Barrino alongside Grand Hustle producer Keith Mack, has a few more hits up their sleeves for Grand Hustle.

Which begs the question: isn't American Idol supposed to be all about finding unsigned talent?

Thanks to loyal reader Tangela for tip!


    And it's true...he does songs for Grand Hustle but not exclusively. He's a smokin' producer so look out for him...dude stays at the studio and industry parties...but remains a good guy. He just did a song for FL rapper Plies as well. I know dude...he's real swell, he is seein' one of my girls. He may not have made it on AI...but you know that junk was taped a minute ago. The whole Barrino family has talent!
    And by the way...Grand Hustle is just fine yall. They are gonna make it...folks are still employed and they have other talents. I'm still praying for Tip. He's grown alot through this trial.

  • J Gats Juice

    what the?!?! ok, this came outta left field...

  • BayArea

    I have been watching the AI auditons, but I don't this I've seen him. So was he on there yet? If yes, I missed him.

  • ReadTheBlog

    LOL...It's funny to me when people come in here professing that their people are messing with or working with other people. Shiiiiiii....I'd be out there trying ot make sure MY PEOPLE ARE GETTING THEIR MONEY, SECURING YOUR MONEY IN THE PROCESS, NOT ON SANDRA ROSE DOT COM.

  • Seattle Slim

    Then I suggest he move LOL that's not where the money is right now.



    calm down wottie. I just know the situations at hand to speak on them...don't be mad. I don't work for the dude but know stuff about him. So what. It's just a blog homie. Chill...

  • no12blame


    Good to hear positive news about Grand Hustle & TI.

  • chandwil

    I also heard about Ricco trying out for AI and went to the auditions in Dallas. I was hoping that his audition would air since they had the Dallas segment on yesterday. I read an article where they asked Simon how he did and Simon said that he was terrible (lol) which I find hard to believe because Ricco has a guest vocal spot on Fantasia's current alboom (bore me). Simon don't know what hes talking about 75% of the time. I think this season they are being more selective since their last two winners have under performed in alboom sales. I don't think Ricco would make it to the idol stage being that he is under contract with a rec company and has released a single.

  • no12blame

    I listened to a live interview between Simon and a Cali DJ yesterday. Simon did say that Fantasia's brother is a nice guy but he doesn't share her singing talent.

  • Music999

    I wish they had showed his audition in Dallas on tv last night becuase I am trying to see what Simon is talking about becuase I know Ricco can sing.

  • milly

    I must have missed him om AI

  • 2thick4u

    This is interesting:)!!!!

  • RocArmyDiamond

    The funny thing about this article is Ricco is NOT signed by anyone yet!!!!
    Check it out and do the research!