Photos by wedding photographer WILLIE JACOBS

The day before celebrities and dignitaries traveled to Atlanta to celebrate the birth of Dr. King, his oldest son Martin Luther King III officially announced his marriage to Arndrea Waters. The couple who are expecting their first child this Spring, announced their 2 year old union at the After Glow reception for the Salute to Greatness Awards Ceremony at the ritzy Hyatt Regency Atlanta.

Mr. and Mrs. King hosted a reception which included a champagne toast, cake cutting and bouquet toss facilitated by S.T.E.P.S. Event Planning Firm, Inc. for an unforgettable celebration!

Special thanks to Jamahl King of S.T.E.P.S. for the exclusive photos!

MLK III his wife Arndrea King and Bernice King
MLK III, Arndrea King and Jamahl King, S.T.E.P.S. Event Planning Firm

Arndrea's sisters Glynnis Waters and Katha Waters, MLK III, Arndrea King and Bernice King
The cake

  • milly

    Awww congrats!

  • cinnamonkisses97

    I am so happy about this !!!!

  • MZN

    Good for them!!! They look very,very happy!

  • aqtpie

    Awww Congratulations to them on their special occasions.

  • sanaa312

    I love to see black people get married! Congrats to them :)

  • GWU

    I am soooo not trying to hate, but how old is she? She looks like his daughter! Is she legal? Is that why there's root beer in those champagne glasses? I do like her wedding dress, though.


    wow, im shocked about this. im gonna keep my real thoughts to myself.

  • STONEY605

    Wow it's about time because this will be Dr King's first grandchild out of all his kids.

  • Prissydiva71

    Congrats to the both of them! What difference does it make if she is younger than he is? People get caught up some other crazy mess. I am glad that the King legacy will continue, and that's all that should matter.

  • Ms. Kim

    Congrats! They do make a beautiful couple. But I gotta tell y'all - that cake is seriously calling my name. Look at all that frosting!

  • scw01

    why was it necessary to keep their marriage a secret for 2 years? you really can't be happy for someone when the ceremony just seem...staged.

  • EmmCee

    Congratulations to the new couple. I had no idea that the King clan had no grand-children in it. Hopefully it'll be a boy to carry on the name.
    A girl is still cool but hyphenated names suck.

  • Bird

    She is gorgeous. I'm so happy for them and myself. I was always salty about the fact that the King kids didn't give him descendants even though it was none of my damn business.

  • sweetmocha

    Congratulations to the newly married couple. Could I be the only one who thinks this picture was taken more recent than a couple years ago. She looks pregnant in the picture. The pictures are beautiful.


    About time this family has made some more history. I'm glad for Martin the III, but homegirl looks young enough to be his daughter. Anyway, congrats on the new bundle of joy. I hate that Dr.King, Coretta, and Yogi couldn't be here to enjoy this moment with them. But I'm quite sure their looking down from above.

    LOL, at KIM about the cake.:)

  • 2bme

    How are you 50 years old and just NOW having a child? Don't get me wrong i'm not hating i'm just trying to understand the how's and why..this is a family of all of these years you are telling me not one of them found someone to build a life with? To maintain the honor within your bloodline by letting those know why they should be proud of the King name? Don't understand wasn't meant for me to understand..God bless the union

  • ReadTheBlog

    I'm so glad the King name is FINALLY going ot be carried on! I'm surprised that Dexter (with his fine self) ain't got no babymommas running around the A...her dress is beautiful. CAN WE FIND OUT WHO THE DESIGNER IS?

  • 2thick4u

    They look so beautiful.


  • hellava10

    They look wonderful together and very happy. I want to dive mouth first into that cake.
    You know me..
    Sidebar - Why would you wait 2 years to 'announce' your wedding now that she is obviously pregnant.

  • goodae09

    Uh! Can someone please help me to understand the secrecy of this family? How's my man gonna be married for TWO YEARS to a beautiful lady like this and keep it under wraps?! I don't think you ought to get married to someone if you're trying to keep it a secret. I think of marriage and baptism in similar ways. That's a public declaration of your love for your significant other as baptism is a public declaration of your love for Christ. I DON'T GET IT!