Reality show contestant-turned entrepreneur Deelishis was the in-studio guest on Porsche Foxx's show today. Besides surprising Porsche with her own custom jeans from her D Cut clothing line for women with unusual gluteal measurements, Deelishis dropped a bomb that she believes Flava Flav is still abusing drugs.

Listen to the interview on V-103.

Photos: Fred Anderson/V-103

  • J Gats Juice

    Flava Flav is still on drugs!!!! No get outta here... next thing u know they'll be sayin there's no easter bunny!!!

  • Poetry777

    Go Deelishis....Do your thang girl...

  • milly

    Deelishis is doing her thang boi! Go ahead sistah make that money

  • ms. hershey

    so are we supposed to be surprised that he's still a crackhead? i mean seriously... are we???

  • kay kay

    flavor flav still on drugs no way get out of here

    this chick is a lame whore

  • Bird

    What the hell does she know about what Flav is doing? From what I understand she has no contact with that man? I like London (isn't that her name?), but every now and then she cuts up, to my chagrin. This is one of those times. She doesn't need to speaking on Flav.

  • aqtpie

    I'm with you Bird, there are some things you should just keep quiet on and especially if you are just now coming up and out *so to speak* one of them being, "other celebs". Other than that do you Deelish!!!

  • blackstar

    i would like to try these jeans but she's trippen with her prices. damn girl build the brand up first (i'm just saying) much success to ya sis...

  • NyNy

    Why should she keep quiet? When Flav has been taking bad about her trying to promote the new season of Flavor of Love??? If you are going to talk bad about someone else you should make your sh*i is straight!!!

  • Sharonda

    She might need to keep her mouth close.I would thought her candlelight blew out by now...

    I don't think Flav said anything about her for what I heard she still talking about him minus this interview.

  • KittyHummerKitty

    Wow! Deelishis looks good!

  • 2thick4u

    She looks good. I wish her success with the jeans. I might give them a try (on someone else's dime)!!!

    She giving Flav the publicity he wants:)!!!

  • Afiya

    I like the jeans.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Ya'll can't tell me Porsche doesn't look like Star Jones.

  • dj_dceezy

    a busted Star Jones

  • ATLien

    Blah..Blah..Blah... her 5 minutes were up 6 months ago.

  • carliss

    I listened to that show yesterday and heard Porsha saying she loved her jeans......GUESS WHAT Porsha...they ain't doing a DAMN thing for that big azz gut you call a stomach. Maybe you need to get the HIGH waist kind...ahhhhhh haaaaaa haaaaaaa....BUT YOU GO DEE!!!

  • Sharonda

    LOL @ Star Jones.

  • lovely25

    Lol @carliss!! Porsha's jeans look to your thing Dee, but find something else to rag on flav about b/c we all know he's a dopehead!!!

  • Vixen

    I like Deelishis...jeans look cute too