Janet Jackson previewed her upcoming album "Discipline" at her official listening party at New World Stages, Stage 1 in New York yesterday. Invited guests were treated to a lavish buffet, open bar and stunning visuals including Janet herself who appeared near the end in a dominatrix style outfit complete with a corset tight enough to choke a horse.

Janet's most notable quotable of the night was "I love love and I love sex."

  • Dt2

    Janet retire already please....Just bow out gracefully, Leave all this to Rhianna,Ciara and others..I dont even think Neyo can save and Jermaine is helping you sink...well at least we found out you LOVE LOVE and Love SEX..so un-needed...Janet bow out now before you continue to sink...

  • J Gats Juice

    A lotta ppl I know are looking forward to this album. I'm just not ready for Janet to retire. I hope she creates the same magic that she had on the 'Janet' album. BTW, is anybody wondering what kinda kinky mess she has poor Jermaine doin? Does she make him call her 'mother'?


    Yeah yeah, why a listening party when you've already released 3 singles. Just drop the album already!

    On other important news....did I mention Im still salty about CP3 not starting over AI in the All-Star game? Oh well!


    and we knew she loveds sex and was a freak from previous albums. No need to continue to announce it

  • http://www.myspace.com/millyly milly

    I'm ready for the album

  • nonya

    BORING!! I'm so over her being so open about her sexuality, you barely open your mouth when you talk so how sexual are you really.

  • Staley


    Sit yo wack ass down and quit hating!!! C-Error nor Rihanna will ever do it like Janet. Ger over it. I've heard from that listening party and people actually liked the album. Matter of fact rolling stone gave it 3.5 stars which is good consider a pop album. Just let Janet be!!!


  • pinkvirgo

    I openly Stan for Janet. Last album wasn't stellar but I think thats the first album of hers besides the one before Control that disappointed.

  • hellava10

    Damn J Gat....calling her Mother...I am tooooo through! ha!

    @ nonya--it's always the quiet ones. In her interview, on the other post, she mentioned The Time being dirty and embarrassed to sit by Mother....sure as hell can't let my daughter listen to Rope Burn. Bring back the old Janet.

  • claire


  • Prissydiva71

    I cannot wait for the cd. Janet is still my girl! DamitaJo was the bomb; they just picked a weak first single. I think the new song is more classic Janet and I feel it will be a huge club hit. As for her last cd: I didn't care for it, but in support of Janet, I still went out and bought it.

  • SoDanca

    I don't think a Janet album has caused this much good buzz since "The Velvet Rope." I wasn't feeling Janet's last 2 albums that much, but all the music blogs are giving "Discipline" major snaps this time around, so she must be doin something rite! I'm not a die-hard fan, but I do like it when Miss Jackson takes us to the dance floor, and it seems like there's gonna be alot of that dance flava on her new album. Plus, I ain't gonna hate: The woman looks better at forty-somethin than most women half her age! I'm actually looking forward to putting "Discipline" on my iPod when it drops.

  • Bubbles

    I guess