Ashley R, right, of College Hill, and her boyfriend Mike Gordon of One Chance, salute Photo by Freddyo Exclusively for

Just when a close friend of Bow Wow pronounced Bow Wow free of any homosexual tendencies, Ashley R of BET's College Hill Atlanta, forever shattered every young girl's dream by confirming the pint size rapper's sexual orientation.

Ashley, who on any given night is probably the sweetest thing, was in rare form last night at the Hot 107.9 Anniversary party - which, incidentally, I wasn't invited to.

A source spotted Ash in the crowd and brought up Bow Wow's reaction to a post I made about her and Bow Weezy. After dropping a few unpleasantries about your favorite blogger that I won't repeat, Ash set about clearing the air on the whole Bow Wow affair.

"That was two years ago!," she shouted. "Bow Wow is GAY! That's why he was in there with all those hard legs in the room calling me a b*tch and a h*e! I am NOT a h*e!"

"This my man right here (pointing to Michael Gordon of the group Once Chance). This is the man I love! But thank [Sandra] for plugging me and giving me a boost although she didn't check her sources! That's irresponsible journalism!," she said dryly.

"If [Sandra] wanted to talk to me she had days ago to do it!," she continued. "We're in the club right now, I'm not worried about Sandra right now! She's a grown woman. She knew she was dirty from the jump! I'm on BET, baby. B-E-T!," said Ashley.

Let me stop here and say that I asked a very worldly man what "hard legs" meant. He indicated to me that "hard legs" is a term the youngsters use to describe a certain part of the male anatomy.

Ashley had a lot more to say - most of which was unkind. Why do people get so worked up over nothing? Her behavior was not befitting a young lady of her social status and class. All of which leads us to believe that Ash may have had a few too many last night.

I always choose to take the high road in these matters. So Ashley, hon, when you're sober, get at me so we can talk. I would love to get your side of the story for my readers who are big fans of your show. Thanks.

  • prynsexxx

    I knew it.

    LOL @ her shouting out BET like that is really big screen! Okay, if you "think" so?

  • Terry .W

    Prepare for some ugly talk back and - Being that age is a trip...

  • tdl74767

    I don't believe it......she's just trying to say something about him because he called her out of his name.......there both young and need to grow up. So what she was on College Hill that does not make her someone of status or a celebrity.........maybe I have been in a box somewhere, but who is this group one chance or whatever??

  • tdl74767

    correction: " out of her name"

  • tdl74767

    Sandra, why did you even post know that is what she wants.

  • Smokie

    Well, there you have it ladies and gentlemen....

    I believe every drunk word (about Bow Wow). It is one thing to be young acting (Chris Brown). It is another thing to be gay acting, and unfortunately, Bow Weezy been looking/sounding/acting mighty sweet lately. And it's not just short man's complex.

  • brenden

    Everybody wants to be a star, but nobody wants to put in the foot work. Don't know who she is. but seems like shes on her way to the coveted king magazine Theres been 2 post about her so far. I want to know what she said about my favorite blogger? Don't nobody better say noting bad about illseed!lmao.

  • hellava10

    Young and dumb. Who is this chick again? Does she have a goal other than starring in the next Blackbuster movie?

    Yep, I see the downlow tag --HA!! He just wants us to see the softer side of him :)

  • Necole Bitchie

    Girl Bye! (i need to stop saying that). Damn BET give folks a little bit of shine and they start acting a damn fool. I guess she better be glad one of these blogs is giving her air time cause she ain't getting any over my way. I hate to see beautiful females actin' like they don't have good sense. Atleast Donnie act like he got his mine right.. or from what i saw..

  • ms.peaches

    I agree Bow Wow & his crew put her on blast & so now she feel the need to say he gay!! & again who the hell is One Chance am I late I have never heard of them!!!(lol) first she admitted that it was 2 years ago they were together now all of a sudden when she gets clowned he's gay, girl please your a groupie get over it!! I ain't no fan of Bow Wow but that lil boy ain't gay!! if anything him & his crew probably gee'd her ass out (lmao) think about it if she was so sweet & innocent then why would they sit around & talk about her like that!!!???

  • brwnsugga4you

    her 15 minutes of fame is up. bow-wow is not gay....and sandra we have more important people to be blogging about besides youngin. i wonder was he gay when he was f*****g her!

  • 2bme

    I don't think bow wow is gay..he's spoiled..most spolied men take on very effeminate characteristics because they are selfish individuals..

  • ms.peaches

    Sandra I don't know about being fans of "her" show(lol) but if you ask me College Hill is nothing more than a knock off Real World who that just shows how ignorant we can truly be when given an opportunity & a camera!! I mean they never show these kids doing work, going to class, or anything by episode 2 or 3 it's nothing but drama, sex & fighting I can go to Southeast DC with my camcorder & get the same feedback LMAO!!!

  • selly

    *Yawwwwn*...Ok Sandra, what's the next story for today? This clearly is a waste of space on ur site. Does she really think she's big cuz she's on BET? lmao! Girl sit ur behind somewhere. By her responding back saying Bow Wow is gay is a sign of immaturity on her behalf...Eat up what folks say about u and move on, honey.

  • milly

    lol is this round 1 or 2

    Worst part is now shes involving Sandra in it

  • gemini83

    This h*e just mad at Bow Wow. They are young and it shows everytime they open their mouths. I don't think he's gay. The mature thing for her to have done was to just shut up and not even respond to him. She stooped down to his level. Like the old saying goes....KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS.

  • Bubbles

    Both of them are attention whores with no discernable talent.


  • lea

    hmmm I don't think someone who betrayed one of her friends should be talking sh!t right now. It's best she just shuts her mouth... I don't liek bow wow either but still let's not make this bird a celebrity by giving her all this attention..

  • Hotstuff

    That is not the dude she's in the tub with on BET...At least I don't think it is...

    Either way her being on BET really ain't gone do nothing for her career that video-hoing hasn't already done...

    I mean do we really care about her she's only relevant on this site b/c a real celebrity is involved...

    Whether Bow Wow is gay or not that's his damn business but if she don't like ppl talking about her she needs to watch what she does and how she does it.

    She don't even look right in that pic she looks like a straight up scuzzbucket/scaliwag

  • kitty4shigady

    Okay I had to respond to this. She is full of shyt and nuthin more than a groupie and like another poster said now she want to scream gay cause bow and his friends was clowning her ass. she sure fucked him though and we all know that bow is not gay and two years ago was when he was with ci ci and this scanlous bitch was supoose to be ci ci's friend and she was trying to get at bow all that time. I ma starting to belive what i had been hearing and that is she is the reason why bow and ci ci broke up. She need to sit her on the road to being the next super head ass down some where. Sandra fuck her I would sit down with her for what her reaction to all of this let us know everything bow and friends said was true.She was very disrespectful to you it sounds like and she could not get the time of day from me if i was you.

  • The Black Katie Couric

    Am I suppose to know of this group called "One Chance"? Who are they?? Some ATL local group or something??

    And Sandra I was with you until you said that your readers were fans of College Hill....don't you dare wish that evil on us-lol!!!!!!!

  • stylerazzi

    So, let me see if i have this correct. Ashley is a washed up video chick who decided to jumpstart the clock on her 15 minutes of fame (that had already ran out) by getting on a reality show on BET and now she thinks she is a superstar?!?! Honey, you would've been better off getting on Flavor of Love!!!!! And her boyfriend of One Chance aka ONE HIT WONDER is standing there letting his girl act a d@mn fool and not trying to calm her down?!?!? She needs to be thanking you, not BET, for making her a semi- household name to those of us over the age of 23!!!!! Ashley who?!? EXACTLY!!!

  • bloggergirlz

    um sandra, actually he behavior IS befitting of her social status and class...she is a broke down hood rat...seriously, how many people even watch bet or let alone, that bootleg show? you're way more popular than she'll ever be...she has such a potty mouth and i never thought she was that cute anyway...sandra, stop entertaining this broad immediately...

    she str8 clowned herself by opening her mouth and posing in the pic like that...she's mad because bow wow hit that and put her on blast...she admitted it was 2 yrs ago which was when he was w/ ci ci, right? whoever shed light on this in a prev post hit the bullseye...i can't believe that guy clowned himself by posing w/ her and listening to her real guy would've let her put herself on blast like that...i guess they look at it differently though...

  • bloggergirlz

    bow wow is going to air her a$$ out...

  • brwnsugga4you

    okay sandra not another post about this chick. we don't don't blog about "D" listers here on sandrarose.

  • Sandra Rose

    Still lmao @ Ashley R saying, "BET gon' handle this!" Ha ha! :)

  • omina-homina

    so, who are the middle fingers for Sandra, Bow Wow, or both?

  • brwnsugga4you

    Sandra did she actually say that? Don't she know bow-wow has way more pull than her with BET..duh. Okay so she really is young, dumb and naive. goodness!

  • jadecool

    She is a tool, she is one of the hootrats bow wow cheated on Ciara with. Strippers and this bitch over Ciara? I mean really? CIARA! Come on now shortie. I'm glad she is out of that situation now and it shows how nice she is for not putting either of them on blast. First bow crying about her ass in the rain now he acting like he hates her playing her track at chris browns concert and shouting I aint with Ciara. Its been like 3 years, get over it its all your doing. Thats his claim to fame, dating her. She is hot and all but I've never once heard her talk about him, she clearly realized that he wasn't worth it and shut the nigga out her life from the moment she dumped his cheating ass.

    Bow and ashley r are just losers plain and simple.

  • Sandra Rose

    The Black Katie Couric Says:

    And Sandra I was with you until you said that your readers were fans of College Hill….don’t you dare wish that evil on us-lol!!!!!!!


    Do you want to hear her side of the story or not? :)

  • Bird

    I have never seen College Hill, but I assume the people on there are college students. That means she has a degree or is on the way to getting one right? Sounds like she is just enjoying her youth right now video hoin and partying and what not. There is nothing unusual about that. She could still become a successful respectable woman.

  • Maxdan

    This chick is lame. I know she's pretty and all but just b/c you're on a BET show doesn't mean you're the hotness. I believe that lots of young men within the music industry are either gay or Bi....but if you're dabbling with men you might as well take the title GAY. Some seasoned professional turned them out. Ain't no confused FLIP FLIP allowed.

    Bow Wow is bogus cause he is a spoiled little dude who gets beside himself. We're out of the phase of thinking he's cute...when you're grown the rhymes from when you were 12 aren't cute anymore. He lacks substance.

  • Anti-believer

    I believe her.

    One Chance is the group Usher put together. They didn't get much airplay.

  • hellava10

    I hope this simple trick can read and swing by here. Skanks gets NO love. I think out of all of the people here, you MAY have 1 fan of College Hill---the rest of us are smarter than a 5th grader. Does she not realize how foolish she sounds----IF it were true, she got with a gay dude or she sucked so bad he switched hitters.

  • Minnie

    Sandra how you doing gracious?
    " (...)a young lady of her social status and class" Please if she had any class she wouldn’t act so trashy like this!
    I hate when people don’t have arguments and start talking dirty ahhhhhh!

  • lea

    I want to Sandra but I'm sure she told it to make her self look good...

  • brwnsugga4you

    is it me or is her finger extra long in that pic??? questions, answers,

  • Sandra Rose

    Minnie Says:

    Please if she had any class she wouldn’t act so trashy like this!


    It was the liquor talking :)

  • cupcakes

    Young and a little GHETTO!!! LOL!!

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    First let me say Sandra....."Once Chance"....Come on now, YOU WRONG! LOL!

    Second....whoever this lil mutt is better settle down before a MOB of her past HITS as a groupie come forth in Bow Wow's defence. Message to GROUPIES: once you are put on blast you stay that way example: Karrine Stephans

    Third, Bow Wow is not GAY, however he may be on the DL or on the DENIAL that is, but I would like to believe that if he were the entire Ciara thing was a publicity stunt created to cover that ish up. I hope my girl didn't parade around with lil man knowing he had tendencieeeeeeeesssss.

  • srv

    She's a cute girl, but rant through like an ole hoe from Bankhead. She should think before she leaps, you see how Bow Wow did Cherish. Does she want to suffer the same fate? She is on B-E-T baby, and to that we say...that was our point. You're on B-E-T baby. :-(

  • HunE916

    She needs a manicure. She should get them cuticles clipped before she starts putting up them ashy fingers!

  • atlwife

    SANDRA...why are you wasting your space on this video groupie chick. We all are on here agreeing that you should not be giving her all of this attention. This is exactly what she wants and that's why she's now crying out that Bow Wow is gay. He wasn't gay when she was F@#$ing him. That groupie chick needs to realize that she's a groupie and not a celebrity. On her myspace page she says she's a celebrity because she walked the red carpet at Rip the Runway. Get the f@#k out of here. You walked the red carpet because you're on that lame reality tv show. It's boring too by the way.

  • The Divine Ms. K

    Wait - did she shout out BET like it was ABC or something? Did she? Huh? For real? Oh, ok. lol

    And social class - she is proving her "class" in her comments. And how long has she been a video h*e - I mean, "featured girl" in vidoes? If she's on College Hill, I'm assuming she's in her early twenties, late teens? I guess they get started early.

    Next - I'm sure there is some jump-off's e-mail to get to Sandra or some hair washing you gotta do girl - no more stories on this child. But - if you do post 'em - damnit, I'll read. lol

  • aqtpie

    LMBAO@ these comments!!!

  • atlwife

    She looks stupid as hell saying he's gay. If he's gay, she's a groupie that f@#ked a gay dude. GROUPIE! We don't want to hear about her anymore Sandra. PLEASE do not give her anymore attention that she doesn't deserve.

  • atlwife

    oh, and we're not fans of college hill. That show is whack!

  • The Divine Ms. K

    Sorry - meant "videos" on my posting. I can spell 99.9% of the time. :)

  • Sharonda

    Video ho'ing done got up into her head.SMH.One Chance?Who?Hit?Groupie status to me.People say ANYTHING to get some shine.Kanye act the same way so as him acting gay I need more people.

  • wiggy2272003

    @ the divine ms k i', with you please dont give this bat any more time


  • kpakpando

    who is this girl? She admits to dating a gay man? are times that hard?

  • gemini83

    Damn...these comments are brutal. She probably reading them right now and crying her little groupie heart out! Skank! lol

  • MissJenee

    omg wow.. okay for the record Ashley and I aren't best buddies or even friends but we roll in the same circles. I for one KNOW she is not a hood rat, actually she comes from a normal family unit, started college EARLY(while still in high school)and has been doing quite good for herself considering she isn't even close to 25! If you had your name coming out of people's mouths about ish that wasn't true you would get hood too. Especially if you are out tryna have fun with you man.. DOn't sit up here and front like you don't go out and get drinks with your people every now and then.

  • MissJenee

    and if any of you met her on random day you would say she was soo sweet and nice. She was drunk and tired of people asking her about Bow Wow.. This site has haters.. were any of you ever on national TV? LOL..

  • alana

    BET aka Black Exploitation Television...seems that Ashley really is on the right network

  • MzDetermined

    She just mad cause he called her out of her name. I admit I did say bow wow looked sweet in that video clip Sandra had posted up...but I don't think he is gay. Only time will tell.

  • Bsoul

    That pose is tacky for a dude, no need to speak on how it looks for a female to pose like this.

    It doesn't make you look cool or cute, it's some class!

  • ChokLitFactory

    Ok, after reading the hilarious post and Sandra's subsequent comments, this is my take on things:
    Sandra posted this useless tidbit because the Headline: Bow Wow is GAY! will ruffle feathers on both sides. Bow will obviously be angry and will again call Ashley out. Ashley will feel embarassed at her actions and will want to speak with Sandra to clear things up. Since Sandra is only being the most polite and forgiving, this will make Ashley feel comfortable reaching out to her to 'clear' her name.
    Its a good plan, I think it will work. She better reach out too after actin a damn fool the other night!!

    Touche Sandra ;)

  • brwnsugga4you

    MissJenee Says: This site has haters.. were any of you ever on national TV? LOL.

    lmbao...i'm just waiting for hellava10 to respond to this>>>where u at girl..???

  • hellava10

    MissJenee says: "and if any of you met her on random day you would say she was soo sweet and nice. She was drunk and tired of people asking her about Bow Wow.. This site has haters.. were any of you ever on national TV?"

    Are you serious? Do you REALLY want me to go there? OK. I'll work my way up---No, I have never been on need to have the limelight and be involved with a show that does nothing to promote high school kids to further their education (big joke). If she was drunk and tired, she should have stayed at home. She looks drunk and tired. I go out and have drinks but I don't pose for pictures with my middle finger flying hugged up with another suspect dude. She very well may be a sweet and nice groupie that came from a normal background that has turned out as WE SEE HER. It's all in the presentation. I don't care how much time you spent baking a cake, if it collapsed in the middle and the frosting looks like crap I gotta call it like I see it. The only one fronting is her. If you know her, tell her we would like for her to spent some time getting to know herself, start a journal, finish college, send a thank you not to Sandra for giving her some 'airtime', and keep it moving.

  • Bsoul

    Does anyone even consider BET real television anymore?

  • brwnsugga4you

    thanks hellava10. on thing i luv about sandra and this site is that we all have different opinions etc..but at the end of the day....don't f*ck with us!!!

    **Bsoul says: Does anyone even consider BET real television anymore? only if you are young and d*mb.

  • AlwaysSweet

    BET is for bafoons and she has man hands.

  • AlwaysSweet

    oh and One Chance.....that name fits them perfectly because it seems like that's all anyone ever gave that group

  • bloggergirlz

    @ hellava 10:

    i'm so happy you addressed the post left by a friend of a friend of a friend, u catch me drift right?!

    #1 is she trying to make a correlation between "not" being a hoodrat, because u come from a good family...maybe that sentence should've been separated...
    #2 how is hoodrat/normal family unit being defined here???
    #3 if she started college early, that's great...know we know she has book sense and not a lick of street sense (go figure)
    #4 my man wouldn't allow me to clown myself in public, nor would he take a dumba$$ pic like that w/ me (how lame)
    #5 drinking isn't the issue, acting a damn fool is!

    i'm glad someone is on here defending her though (don't u feel the sarcasm in my typing)...sounds like someone is trying to get some cool points or something...

  • atlwife

    @ bloggergirlz and hellava 10:

    LMFAO!!!!! You both made a good point. We're not hating. We're just keeping it real. That girl played herself and she's the one making herself look like a groupie.

    I have seen her in person and she acts like she's the shit. Maybe around people she's "friends" with she may seem down to earth, but from what I've seen, she thinks she's a diva.

    The only reason why she's getting this time and attention is because Bow Wow is involved. She probably put this info out herself to promote that whack ass show.

    Good for her that she's been with Mike G for a year, but she played the groupie roll when she f@#ked Bow Wow and Ciara was supposedly her friend. I guess a ho is gonna be a ho no matter what! She's the one who goes around and says that she only dates rappers and singers. She's the one taking 1000 pictures of her and Mike so everyone will know they're together. So what! I guess she thought 1 year ago that One Chance was going to blow up. Let's see where she's at 1 year from now. My guess is with another rapper, actor, or singer. Why? She's a GROUPIE!

  • musicluvher

    @ hellava10 Says

    If she was drunk and tired, she should have stayed at home. She looks drunk and tired. I go out and have drinks but I don’t pose for pictures with my middle finger flying hugged up with another suspect dude.

    LMBAO~~~ I had to sign in and comment on that one. He does look suspect.

  • aqtpie

    LMBAO@ these comments, you'll are crazy as hell. =)

  • Too Tight

    Ok I'ss admit it I'm a little slow and I guess late for that matter but, what did Bow Wow do to Cherish?
    Back to the post If it looks like a hoodrat F#$KS like a H*E and smells like a hoodrat then IT MUST be a HOODRAT

  • Too Tight

    correction ment to type I'LL

  • shunda

    My $.02. First of all I hate when black women show their behinds. We already have enough to deal with being that we are a double minority. I watch College Hill sometimes only because I watch almost all reality TV but a fan not! These reality chicks need to realize they are not stars. Anyone can make some chump change on a reality show. Even if Bow is gay what does that say about her she was such a groupie she messed with a gay man.

  • kitty4shigady

    Oh and just for the record I saw the video of bow wow cause he does those live chats with his fans and one of his fans asked him had he been on sandra rose that day and when he went there and the saw the stuff that was posted he was shocked as hell he never said anything bad about the girl it was his friends calling her hoes, crazy, and groupies they was dogging her saying how they don't like her bow said yall can say what yall want about her but they know she was bad and he was like he wonder who put that shyt out and his boys was like she prob did it just so happens that the same time her season of college hill is on info cums out about them too. I bet she leaked it too the only reason she all pissy and bumping her gums is cause she know its about to come out about how she was ciara's best friend but was fucking with her man that shyt is scanlous now she trying to make her self look good. her talking shyt about bow wow just confirms what everbody had been saying she was always trying to holla at him when he was with ciara i had been hearing that shyt for awhile

  • MissJenee

    I don't even know what to say to yall but hahaha.. lol.. Hilarious... I wanna see yall constantly scrutinize in public then come holla at me.. I'm speaking truth only because people are quick to judge on this site when only thing you see are pictures.. Look at the whole story before someone judges you just because of a picture..

  • lea

    MissJenee none of what you or ashley will say changes the fact that she betrayed one of her friends by sleeping with her man now does it?

  • kitty4shigady

    @lea CHUCCCCCHHHHH there is no justifying a female who is betrayed by her BEST FRIEND WHO BACKSTABBED THEIR BEST FRIEND by sleepinmg with their man bottom line and i remember when i saw her and ci ci on room raiders and poor ci ci was like this is my very best friend ashley fuck ashely I know how it feels to be betrayed by your best friend over some dick

  • Krysi – yes the same one

    *pops in some old school trick daddy - Chapter AK verse 47*

    "B*tch u walking like a h*e
    u talking like ah h*e
    u dressing like ah h*e
    acting messy like ah h*e
    but b*tch u lied to me, (huh? uh-huh.)
    said, you was shy to me, u out the closet now"

    "but if you dance like a h*e
    wear yo pants like a h*e
    making plans like a h*e
    cheat on yo man like a h*e
    then b*tch u lied to me! (huh? uhhh-huh)
    said, u was shy to me, u out the closet now"

    Trick Daddy can spot a h*e ah 100 miles away can't he?

  • lea

    Exactly kitty4shigady nothing at all justifies it...

    and LMFAO at Krysi..

  • MissJenee

    no one knows if Ashley slept with bow wow.. I'm not denying it but its really no ones business but ASHLEY and Bow Wow.. They weren't "best friends" maybe associates..yes they did Room Raiders together years ago..that doesn't make them best buddies..

  • kitty4shigady

    I wonder is Missjenee is ashley or is it's her superstar boyfriend(cddddddfu) please just give it up its nothing you can say thats go change the fact that she is a backstabbing scanlous bitch. Just let it go you trying to defend her actually makes it worse. I don't undertsand why you all on her nut sack anyway cause you said yall not even all that cool but you are swinging hard from her nut sack.

  • lea

    lol @ kitty I know right....

  • hellava10

    Ashley, I mean MissJenee- do us all a favor.....and let it rest. You REALLY aren't changing anyone's opinion of your 'friend'. The way I see it, you may need to watch your man to if she is like she presents herself in picutres and statements. You are in the company of grown women and men. Our opinions and views are straightforward with no chaser. We don't take too kindly to girls behaving badly. I guess her next move will be to another disputable show _Bad Girls club.

  • dakotab

    This is the problem with REALITY TV and HOLLYWOOD in general it makes TALENTLESS people believe they are in some way famous and have TALENT. They design clothes, makes albums and open restaurants. Can't color their way out a box, sing to save their lives or boil an egg.

    Case in point: Ms ashley here, Paris Hilton, Kim K, anybody who has ever appeared on the REAL WORLD.

    OOO and my favorite DANITY KANE.

    This madness got to stop.

  • MissJenee

    Grown women and men are more worried about themselves and the company they keep.. I haven't ever commented on this site before.. until now and as a grown woman I felt the need to clear the rumors because they were untrue.

  • lea

    Yeah you are right AShley oops I meant MissJenee, The rumors about Bow Wow being gay are false even though I hate the lil midget. But the rumors about Ashley hoing it up are not...

  • kitty4shigady

    thanks lea you took the words right out of my mouth