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It looks like Lil' Mama snuck into Rihanna's dressing room, stole her beautiful dress and totally destroyed it by pasting rhinestones all over it! Jaws dropped as the rapper sashayed down the red carpet at the 2008 Kids Choice Awards wearing Rihanna's dress. She looked a flaming Bar-B-Que ribs with hot sauce mess!

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Just when I thought I was done posting for the day: According to MTV News, rapper Papoose and convicted gun moll Remy Ma, have been lovers all along - despite denials to the media.

Wait, that's not all: in light of Remy Ma's conviction on assault with a deadly weapon charges, Papoose plans to ask for Remy's hand in marriage.

"We always wanted to keep our personal lives personal, so that’s why we never went public with our relationship," he wrote in an e-mail to MTV News. "Right now, I just feel like she gotta live through me. Yes, we were scheduled to be married on a yacht April 27th. But due to circumstances beyond our control, we are now making arrangements to be married in prison." READ MORE...

Papoose and Remy will have to wait a long time to consummate their marriage. Remy is facing 25 years in prison.

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40-year-old rapper Jay Z is the new face of an upcoming Fendi marketing campaign:

    According to Dr.Jays, Jay-Z was recently seen with Fendi head Karl Lagerfeld at a New York Fendi photo shoot. But Jay wasn't there to watch the shoot...he WAS the shoot. Apparently Jay-Z will be actually be a model for Fendi's upcoming marketing campaign. I bet Beyonce is mad jealous. No word yet when the campaign will launch. (Source)

Meanwhile, a U.K. concert promoter says the rapper is not to blame for poor ticket sales at a U.K. music festival. Jay was blamed for low ticket sales for this summer's (08) Glastonbury festival. But Glastonbury festival organizer Emily Eavis insists tickets are down from last year's figures because of the bad weather at the festival in recent years.

Yeah, that's it. A little rain always keeps die hard fans away from a huge concert event. (Source)

After spending her first fitful night behind bars, rapper Remy Ma is said to be holding up well. According to insiders, prison officials placed Remy, real name Remy Smith, on a modified suicide watch.

Corrections officers removed anything from Remy's cell that she could possibly use to hang herself. But rather than issuing her a paper jumpsuit - standard procedure with inmates on suicide watch - she was allowed to keep her prison jumpsuit.

The first few nights in prison are always the hardest for a celebrity. But eventually Remy will settle into a normal prison routine, and before she knows it, she will be a 50-year-old woman tasting freedom again as the prison gates clang shut behind her.

Meanwhile, Remy Ma's attorney says he plans to appeal his client's guilty verdict on assault charges, weapons possession, and attempted coercion.

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The paparazzi spotted rapper Bow Wow leaving Club Goa in Hollywood last night with an entourage of hard legs in tow. We wonder if these are the same hard legs his former friend Ashley R made mention of in her drunken tirade at Luckies Lounge in Atlanta a couple nights ago.

The paps pestered Shad with questions which he understandably refused to answer. The paps say Bow Wow's faithful but fearsome bodyguard Big D cleared a path through the photogs for Bow Wow who climbed into a waiting vehicle without mumbling a word.

For the record, we here at don't believe Mr. Moss is gay. But we wish he would defend his manhood by releasing a statement or something.

Yesterday I spoke with R&B diva Keyshia Cole by phone. She said the video she shot with the ATL hip hop trio C-SIDE was ready.

This video was part of the 4 videos I told you she filmed last month. But the videos weren't all shot in Hawaii as I originally thought. "Boyfriend/Girlfriend" was filmed in Venice Beach, CA.

The song is called "Boyfriend/Girlfriend" and it is making an impact on the charts. The group first gained notoriety on their Myspace page fueled by their hit “myspace.freak”. The song racked up over 1 million plays on No doubt Keyshia and her manager Manny Halley took notice of their undeniable talent.

The video for "Boyfriend/Girlfriend" featuring Keyshia Cole will premiere on BET next week.

Ciara was too sweet to help her backstabbing friend Ashley R find a date on Room Raiders. This is the episode that some of my readers referenced in the comments. Here's the summary of the episode:

    Ashley teams up with Ciara to go through the rooms of Harley, Andre, and DJ, in what both girls describe as a haunted house, at least from the outside. After breaking the guys mailbox, Ashley and Ciara go through the rooms, with Ashley picking model Harley over snake saving Andre and bedless, mosquito infested DJ. Ciara leaves before Ashley makes her choice, so we don't get to go through her room to see her goodies. (Source)


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Island Records just released the remix to Mariah Carey's hot track "Touch My Body" featuring Rick Ross and The Dream. The remix is available for sale on iTunes and fans can pre-order the album, E=MC², due in stores April 15.

I have to say a word about this pathetic promo photo. It's obvious that it's the same photo I posted earlier showing MC's armpit cut off.

The label's attempt to Photoshop the feather duster over her once missing armpit is glaringly obvious (see the circles). And where is the rest of her elbow? Lol. Please tell me this is the work of a volunteer intern in the art department? I know little kids on Myspace who can do a better job of Photoshopping than this. :)

What's going on in the Island Records art department? First, Janet Jackson's album cover, which left much to be desired - and now this?

Gorrilla Zoe comes up with yet another creative way to describe the female anatomy in this video for his second single off his sophomore album "Don't Feed The Animals". The track features label mate Yung Joc.

Smh @ the obligatory LSLHs in the video. Record labels are so predictable and clueless. You think their record sales would go up if they showed more love to Nubian sistahs who represent the greater majority of our community?

"Don't Feed The Animals" is set for a July release. Big Ups to Rico Brooks for the link!