I've never been a fan of Solange Knowles' singing. It's been so long since I've heard one of her songs. I had totally forgotten what she sounds like. But, thanks to my loyal reader, Krystal, I can say I am a new fan of her music!

Feel good music is making a resurgence and I'm really feeling this song! I could listen to this all day.

"God Given Name" is about Solange's desperate attempts to crawl out from her sister Beyoncé's shadow and make a name for herself.

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Blaque is back with their own reality show called "Blaque in the House". Blaque consists of Shamari DeVoe, Natina Reed, and Brandi Williams. It isn't clear if the show has been picked up by a network yet. The show's setting is the home of TLC group member T-Boz who acts as their group's mentor.

The show features guest appearances by Chris Tucker, Ronnie DeVoe of New Edition (husband of Shamari DeVoe), rapper Kurupt (ex-fiance of Natina Reed and father of her son, Tren), T-Boz, Lil Mama, Snoop Dogg, and Johnny Wright (manager of Blaque, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake & Jonas Brothers).

I don't watch reality shows anymore so I won't be tuning in. But good luck to the ladies on getting their own show!

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Oprah's always starting some mess. Is Oprah turning her flock away from God and Jesus? Oprah is using her considerable influence to make others aware that there are hundreds of religions in the world and no one God is superior over any other religion's God. She has started an online class based on the teachings in a new book titled Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth.

Oprah teaches that God is a "feeling experience" and not a "believing experiencing." I don't know what that means. You either believe or you don't, right?

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The first time I laid eyes on the Vogue cover featuring NBA wunderkinder LeBron James and model Gisele Bundchen, I said to myself, King Kong and Fay Wray.

The cover has become one of the most controversial in Vogue history with everyone from comedians to supermarket stock boys weighing in on the racist imagery the cover projects.

Did famed photographer Annie Liebowitz (who shot the cover) and editor Anna Wintour really mean to stir up controversy with this cover?

Of course they did.

Anyone who suggests otherwise is not being honest with themselves says Cord Jefferson, of Queerty.com.

The Vogue cover is inexcusable for this reason: Even if the photo was not intentionally alluding to the ape imagery of yesteryear, Annie Leibovitz and Anna Wintour, “experts” on imagery that they are, should have been able to look at that photograph and realize what sorts of feelings it would evoke in the public. At worst, the picture’s racist, at best, it’s evidence of glaring ineptitude.

I totally agree. Do you think Vogue magazine - the purveyors of mainstream fashion imagery - could have found something a little less menacing to dress LeBron in than all black? Or would dressing LeBron in all white be a little too much like all right?

LeBron doesn't see a problem with the cover. But then again, he's not considered the brightest bulb in the NBA anyway. LeBron's just happy to be the first black man to bounce a basketball on the cover of Vogue magazine while holding a sexy white woman. Can you blame him?

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Last week, a fellow blogger called me to tell me that Lloyd T. Dinwiddie aka Gyant, had "lost his mind". The friend said LT had written terrible things about me (mostly untrue) on his broke down website that he took out of mothballs for the sole purpose of putting me on blast.

I told my friend that I wasn't interested in reading or responding to that foolishness. I added that whatever LT wrote is nothing compared to what has already been written by my other haters.

Then he read the worst of what LT/Gyant wrote:

"But on a side note to the lonely lesbian who lives with her mother. Your protection at least from me is over. If someone jumps you, or threatens to jump you in my presence I will step aside and let the ass whooping commence. This time though, I will probably just take pictures."

Wow. After all I've done for him, he would wish physical bodily harm on me? He would take pleasure in photographing my broken body as I lay unconscious in the street?

Whatever reservations I had about continuing the beef evaporated when I heard that.

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Sad news to report in the music world: Sean Levert, the younger brother of R&B singer Gerald Levert and son of Eddie Levert of the O'Jays, has died. Levert was rushed to a hospital after collapsing at the Cyahoga County Jail where he was being held for non-payment of child support.

    Levert, 39, died at 11:57 p.m. at Lutheran Hospital after being transported to the facility from the Cuyahoga County Jail. Sean Levert had gone to the jail infirmary complaining he was sick.

    It was in November that Sean Levert started singing again. He talked with NewsChannel5 about finishing a project -- bringing the group back together -- that his brother started.Gerald Levert died Nov. 10, 2006. He was found dead in his bed at his Newbury home. (Source)

I have to say this about a justice system that locks up too many good black men: They need to find another way to deal with the child support problem because locking up brothers is not the answer. We have too many black men in jail who are put there by vindictive women who don't get it that a man doesn't want her any more.

Yes, you have some shiftless, no good men out there. But most brothers would support their kids if it weren't for the baby mama wylin' out on them. Any woman who has dealt with her man's ex-baby mama knows what I'm talking about. How does a man pay child support if he's in jail? How does locking him up solve the problem?

R.I.P. to Sean Levert. Our prayers are with the Levert family.

According to popular urban blogger Necole Bitchie, Beyoncé's people had her blog temporarily suspended for posting B's leaked track called "Beautiful Nightmare".

I didn't even know Beyoncé had a new song out. Where was I when it leaked? I bet if a Rihanna track leaked I would have heard about it within minutes! But a Bee track leaks and all you hear are crickets.

Oh, wait a minute, I just saw this message from Bee on KISS FM Seattle blog:

Yesterday, "Beautiful Nightmare," a demo I’ve been working on for possible inclusion on my next album, leaked on some websites. I want to thank all my fans for the positive response to the song, but I want to tell you that this is just a work in progress. It is not my time to put out new music. If you really want to hear some really great music now, you have to support my girls Kelly, Michelle and my sister Solange. Kelly just re-released her album digitally in the US, so check out "Ms. Kelly: Diva Deluxe." Michelle is about to put out the first single, "We Break The Dawn," from her album and Solange’s single, "I Decided," is already one of my favorites.

Not for one minute do I believe this track wasn't leaked intentionally.

Why is anyone still checking for Beyoncé anyway? Is she still relevant somewhere? Didn't she get the memo that Rihanna is the new IT girl? Or does someone need to forward the memo to her?

Note to Necole and other urban bloggers: the labels are gunning for us like never before. They fear us because they can't control us. Please back up your site files and databases every night so if you are shut down, you can be up and running on another host within 24 hours.

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I like the Kids Choice Awards. It's probably the only awards show I watch because it's all about the kids and not about being fake. Speaking of fake: This is a cute pic of Usher and his wife Tameka Foster-Raymond and her kids with clothier Ryan Glover. Tameka's smile is completely forced in this photo. Maybe that's because Chilli told her about how Usher got close to her kid and then dismissed him once the relationship is over. By the way, I received a juicy tip last night about ol' Ush who's apparently returned to his old ways. Stay tuned. ;)