Island Records just released the remix to Mariah Carey's hot track "Touch My Body" featuring Rick Ross and The Dream. The remix is available for sale on iTunes and fans can pre-order the album, E=MC², due in stores April 15.

I have to say a word about this pathetic promo photo. It's obvious that it's the same photo I posted earlier showing MC's armpit cut off.

The label's attempt to Photoshop the feather duster over her once missing armpit is glaringly obvious (see the circles). And where is the rest of her elbow? Lol. Please tell me this is the work of a volunteer intern in the art department? I know little kids on Myspace who can do a better job of Photoshopping than this. :)

What's going on in the Island Records art department? First, Janet Jackson's album cover, which left much to be desired - and now this?

Gorrilla Zoe comes up with yet another creative way to describe the female anatomy in this video for his second single off his sophomore album "Don't Feed The Animals". The track features label mate Yung Joc.

Smh @ the obligatory LSLHs in the video. Record labels are so predictable and clueless. You think their record sales would go up if they showed more love to Nubian sistahs who represent the greater majority of our community?

"Don't Feed The Animals" is set for a July release. Big Ups to Rico Brooks for the link!

The other night, I spoke to Dorian of BET's College Hill by phone. He's such a charming young man. He and I are going to become fast friends.

Anyway, young Dorian hipped me to the fact that his fellow cast member Shavon had emailed me once. He said I also posted her pics on my site.

For some reason I could not recall ever writing about her. He tried his best to help me remember, but I kept drawing a blank. Then last night I did a search on my site and found this.

I had no clue that Shavon on College Hill was the same young lady who some say allegedly dated rapper Young Dro in the past.

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Atlanta rapper T.I. plead guilty to three weapons charges in federal court in Atlanta on Thursday. T.I. will remain on house arrest until his sentencing hearing a year from now.

If T.I. abides by the conditions set forth in his plea agreement, he will receive a prison sentence of one year plus one day. Because the sentence is longer than one year, Harris will be eligible to earn 15 percent time off for good behavior. Harris also was fined $100,000.

T.I. was accompanied to court by his pregnant girlfriend Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, and his entire Grand hustle family. Comedian Lil' Duval and a few others exited the court house with fists raised in victory. T.I. appeared relaxed and relieved as he spoke to the assembled media outside the court house.

The fact that their boss won't spend the next 10 years in jail has lifted the funeral parlor atmosphere around the Grand Hustle facilities.

T.I. puts a protective arm around his fiancee Tiny as they arrive for court today

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Photo: NY Daily News

Diva Mary J Blige recently bought a newly-constructed house for a reported $12.3 million in Saddle River, NJ. I didn't know Mary J Blige was stacking chips like that. Blige's new 4.2-acre digs originally went on the market last year for $17 million. Blige's home boasts a fitness center, hardwood basketball court. The mansion features a spiral staircase and an elevator. It's modeled after a French country manor and is equipped with a gourmet kitchen and wine tasting room.

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It didn't take long for a Manhattan jury of her peers to find gangsta rapper Remy Ma guilty of assault Thursday. She faces up to 25 years in prison. She got off lucky. She should have been charged with attempted murder which carries a maximum sentence of 25 years to life. (Source)

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It's confirmed. Ciara and rapper 50 Cent are very much in love according to a source within Ciara's camp. Despite his denials in the media - it's true.

The source of this information couldn't be closer to Ciara than Ciara herself. I have written much about fake celebrity relationships where celebrities are conveniently coupled up for the purpose of manipulating the media. But this is not a manufactured relationship. It's the real deal.

Why am I having such a difficult time believing it? Look at him... now look at her. Ciara seems to be too smart to end up with a simpleton like him. It's really not my place to judge a woman's choice in men, but this one defies all logic.

Ashley R, right, of College Hill, and her boyfriend Mike Gordon of One Chance, salute Photo by Freddyo Exclusively for

Just when a close friend of Bow Wow pronounced Bow Wow free of any homosexual tendencies, Ashley R of BET's College Hill Atlanta, forever shattered every young girl's dream by confirming the pint size rapper's sexual orientation.

Ashley, who on any given night is probably the sweetest thing, was in rare form last night at the Hot 107.9 Anniversary party - which, incidentally, I wasn't invited to.

A source spotted Ash in the crowd and brought up Bow Wow's reaction to a post I made about her and Bow Weezy. After dropping a few unpleasantries about your favorite blogger that I won't repeat, Ash set about clearing the air on the whole Bow Wow affair.

"That was two years ago!," she shouted. "Bow Wow is GAY! That's why he was in there with all those hard legs in the room calling me a b*tch and a h*e! I am NOT a h*e!"

"This my man right here (pointing to Michael Gordon of the group Once Chance). This is the man I love! But thank [Sandra] for plugging me and giving me a boost although she didn't check her sources! That's irresponsible journalism!," she said dryly.

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If you recall, I told you that R&B chanteuse Keyshia Cole recently spent a few days in beautiful Hawaii shooting 4 videos. The first of those videos is "Heaven Sent," directed by Benny Boom.

The day before she landed in Hawaii, Keyshia shot a video with Trina in Miami. Is Key Key the second hardest working diva in music?
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