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Lil' Wayne stayed out of trouble long enough to make it to the Velvet Room last night - and the place was pandemonium! From the moment Weezy stepped in the spot until the moment he left, the ladies were out of control. By the end of the night, everybody's pockets were fat!

From the promoter (Alex Gidewon, AG Entertainment), to the bartenders, even the patrons got caked up thanks to Charles Grant of the New Orleans Saints, who tossed at least 5 Gs in crisp 20s, 50s, and 100s into the air. I guess that's how the real ballers do it!

Special thanks to Simon Gidewon for the access!

And props to Jermaine Dupri for shouting me out during his SoSo Def radio show on V-103 Saturday night! Rocko's listening party this week is going to be off the chain! I hear Monica will be in representing for her boo!

Alex Gidewon and Lil' Wayne

The say this is who he came with

Alex Gidewon and Floyd Mayweather

Baby was in the house celebrating his 40th birthday

Slim Thug

New Orleans Saints defensive end Charles Grant made it rain on the grateful crowd. Women got their child support paid, the fellas got their car notes paid. It was crazy!

  • Bird

    It sounds a little ignorant, but at least everyone seemed to have a good time and got some access to the celebs. I personally got robbed on Saturday. I paid $100 for VIP access to a party "hosted" by Idris Elba and Morris Chestnut. Besides the promoter's piss poor job, the celebs were not accessable even in VIP. I noticed a crowd moving toward a room off to the side so I rushed over only to be blocked from entering. Being the resourceful chick that I am I simply joined in behind a group that was allowed to enter. Out of maybe 500 people that were at the party only about 25 of us made it in. Morris played with his cell phone and spoke to no one and tried to get people to stop taking pictures of him. Idris was much more friendly. He spoke with people and took pics. My good for nothing digital camera would not work! I had to give his security guy my phone number to be allowed to speak to him, but it was worth it. He was an absolute sweetie and I love him even more than previously. As for Morris, I don't give a damn if he is in the best movies ever made, he will never get another red cent from me. Punk.

  • 2bme

    umm no more closeups of Wayne and his "red" nostril please..Can Baby sitdown and be a regualr 40 year old please..Damn i'm mad I wasn't there..could have gotten my carnote paid,lol



  • 2thick4u

    Baby and Wayne stay sipping Syrup and smoking!!!

    Saw Slim Thug last weekend by my house in H-Town with his bike crew. I know Wayne lil cousin (Lil Show)...I can see Wayne and Baby whenever.

    Damn...the only thing I missed was the money drop...Damn, Damn, Damn:)!!!!

  • alana

    "making it rain" AKA throwing money on the damn floor is the most ignorant concept ever. Didn't know they were doing this at regular clubs, thought it was just a strip club thing. I would have no respect for any man who picked up another mans "thrown away" money.

  • Necole Bitchie

    okay first of all i went to this party and stayed all of an hour. And i can't imagine anyone throwing money in that elbow to elbow party. They better be glad I didn't need my rent paid or someone would have straight caught an elbow. neva again..

  • milly



    Yes they are..

    @ Bird

    I can t believe Morris Chestnut was acting like that..Damn thats sad!

  • kpakpando

    Am I the only one who wants all these dirty looking boys to get a loofah and scrub?
    On a different note... Alex gaining weight, or maybe the angle is off

  • Bubbles

    That party looks like it was funky in there. No offence.

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    @ Bird...someone should have informed Morris C. he is NOT on Denzel Washington status! He isn't even a "hot" actor anymore...he needs to get it together. I love ex and him are good friends. He is a nice guy and his wife is a lovely lady as well...

    Lil Wayne needs to lay off of the sizzurp...he looks horrible (I mean not that he has ever been the cutest, but I'm just sayin). I think thats his daughter's mama that is with him...she is a pretty young lady and she seems like a good mom to their daughter.

    Umm Floyd is just too sexy...and I agree with whoever said, "making it rain", is an ignorant concept!

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    I don't know why "w h o e v e r" got blipped out...interesting.

  • plushlush

    This is Tre Ghetto.........This is sooooooooooooo
    Ghetto..OMgoodnes...Did anybody see Boondocks Homies over Hoes...this reminds me of that episode.....Lord will having a black president fix all this ..I hope so. whew...Then you wonder why the ATL is number one in home foreclosures..

  • MzScorpo

    That is Wayne's ex wife Toya...she lives here too. I guess she showed love.

  • ms.peaches

    Ok I have to say that all the swagger lil Wayne has does not make up for those close ups sorry, Wayne & Baby looks like they need a good cleansing!!! & I always thought that by throwing money in a room full of black folks don't do nothing but start a fight, I hate to say it like that but it's true I went to a Beanie Seigel show where he did that & everyone was fighting for the money & it wasn't even big bills, the sad part is after he threw it he jumped in the crowd & began fighting as well(& your the celebrity who threw the money, c'mon now)
    @ Mz-Magnificent it's the word h o e that gets taken out it happens all the time!! I just caught on myself(lol)

  • Bsoul

    Slim Thug reminds me of Suge Knight in that picture.


    Wayne has an ex wife? She's a good way. But anyway...yeah it looks FunkDaFied up in thur! Ewwww...smoke, sweat, icky! But i got love for Wayne and his rhymes. Baby...time to bow out the rap game and just produce and run labels. golly...didn't know he was turning 40! But the ladies still love these dudes...whateva.

  • Bird

    Mz_Magnificent1 Says:

    He is a nice guy and his wife is a lovely lady as well…

    From what I read he was married to a drop dead gorgeous lawyer from Baltimore, but they are now divorced. I don't know how true any of that is.

  • ms.peaches

    If he was married to a lawyer he should have kept her on his team cause we all know how his run-ins with the law go!!(lol) I saw somewhere else that he still loves Nivea & wanted to get back with her, whats up with her & Dream are they divorced already(SMH)

  • plushlush

    Gay men marry women all the time for a "font" the military especially...and marrying a lawyer would have all kinds of attorney privileges she could not legally tell man.

  • 2Unruly

    "As for Morris, I don’t give a damn if he is in the best movies ever made, he will never get another red cent from me. Punk"--Bird, I guess it is safe to say you were not a happy camper.

    Why do celebs go to these events if their hearts aren't totally into it? Don't get it.

  • stylerazzi

    @ 2unruly......"Why do celebs go to these events if their hearts aren’t totally into it? Don’t get it.".....

    They go to these events b/c they get paid a nice, hefty sum of money ($5000-10,000 and MORE) just to show their face. They don't get paid to interract with the crowd, shkes hands, kiss babies, etc... this is their APPEARANCE FEE. I met Morris in Atlanta before at a club and he was very nice. He was leaving the club and stopped to take a photo in the parking lot before getting in his suv and driving off by himself, no security, no entourage, etc!!!!! He must've been having a bad night when the other commenter saw him :-(

  • LAChick

    What is this ...paying to look from distant at celebs? For what? I like Idris, he cute and Morris well excactly when and what was his last shiny moment? You were indeed robbed!!!
    Lil Wayne better hoped he never loses his voice...ever. Just looked dipped all funk for real..

  • Bird

    2Unruly Says:

    Why do celebs go to these events if their hearts aren’t totally into it? Don’t get it.

    That's what I'm saying. Plus I think the promoter got what he asked for. When I worked with Idris' people to appear we discussed him DJing for two hours and being available for photos and autographs and they were cool with that. I won't say what the fee was, but lets just say stylerazzi knows what she is talking about. This promoter paid much less, I'm sure, as we also discussed the terms of him just making an appearance and that fee is very low. As a matter of fact, now that I think about it maybe Morris thought it wasn't worth it to him to mingle. I'm still disappointed in him and the promoter for misleading me.

  • HeyNow

    I have met Morris before and he did seem like he could be a jerk. He was cool and took pictures but I could get that vibe from him. Bird man looks a hot mess with all that shit on his face and neck!!!! at 40 years old he look like a damn fool.This is a lesson to young people who get all these tats,because when you get older this is how you look.

  • Sharonda

    I seen Morris about two years ago when Gabby threw a get together in Omaha and seemed very nice, I guess after the flop of Perfect Holiday he just turned a litte shiesty.

    But this party, what the hell???My monitor sucks and I still can see smoke in the area lol.

  • ms.peaches

    I just noticed in the 3rd pic what the hell is Baby smoking cause it damn sure ain't no cigarette or black & mild!!(SMH) thats probably why they look like that in the pics!! & I really wish Wayne would invest in those cups already cause it's not a pic that goes by that he doesn't have one in his hand!!

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  • hellava10

    The pictures upset my stomach


    they all look a hot sweaty mess, umm i couldntve done it, thats toommay ppl in a small place. and didnt the football player get the handbook of not throwing money in crowds, ala pacman jones or whoever is was that did it and ppl were hurt over it. baby look so damn stupid with those tattoos on his face, well him and wayne. some black ppl, umm

  • plushlush

    About 10 years ago when you would meet a man hear in atlanta he would hand you a card and say I am a producer. Then when that played out it was real estate. I am a real estate agent..and that was the men and the women...Now if you see a black chick in Atlanta(always from somewhere else) she works in the entertainment business(not the strippers this time) she worked with Edris people or she work with Eva Pigford (notice nobody has oprah status) answer this if black actors and actresses are finding it hard to get work why is that all these black women in the ATL are public relations people and they work for this it only party promotion..please advise
    @BIRD maybe you could answer this...thanks...You see Sandra has a legitamite job she's a photographer with access...she has earned a card to pass out...but you see Sha'Na and she got a PR firm and then you see Zimbawe and she gotta PR firm card...mmm real PR firm people have a headshot and a bio online somewhere(free tip from a future lawyer for yall lying)with an online pr firm database..but his cost money..makin a business card is ruffly about 1.50 a card me..enlighten me

  • kpakpando

    Mz_Magnificent1 Says:

    I love Idris…my ex and him are good friends. He is a nice guy and his wife is a lovely lady as well…


    Umm what wife? This is really brand new news, really really new NEWS

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    @ Mz_Peaches thanks for pointing that out lol...I didn't even realize that!!!

    @ Bird...oh really? I talk to my ex like every once in a blue moon...I might just have to call him up and be nosey lol.

    @ kpakpando...yes I have met Idris's wife (maybe ex-wife now lol) and that was like 2 years ago. She is a lovely, intelligent woman...Bird is right she is a lawyer as well.

  • tbrown

    Wish I could've been throw buckets of soapy-hot water on all of these men folk. They just look so dirty! :lol: