Simon Cowell Admits to Botox Injections

Men are just as vain as women when it comes to maintaining their outward appearances. We know that ultra vain stars such as Usher and Sean Combs regularly get their nails buffed to a high shine by celebrity nail technician Sabrina Rowe of Tula 2 nails.

But American Idol‘s Simon Cowell just might be the first to admit to getting regular Botox injections and wearing lifts in his shoes ala Tom Cruise to make himself appear taller:

“To me, Botox is no more unusual than toothpaste,” the 48-year-old said. “It works, you do it once a year – who cares?”As for his shoes, he admitted to wearing platform heels that are “an inch high, maybe.”

But, he insisted, there’s one physical attribute that’s completely natural. “I’d never dye my hair,” he said. “Although I know everyone thinks I do.” (Source)


9 Responses to “Simon Cowell Admits to Botox Injections”

  1. 1
    ms.peaches says:

    Simon can be such an ass at times but you got to love him for keeping it real I swear the faces he makes on that show have me rolling!! as far as him getting injections I guess thats the new thing now so what of it, I just think that it’s not for everyone cause I saw a pic of Toni Braxton & she looked like a blowfish!! I really never understood the point in it anyway but to each it’s own!!!

  2. 2
    Bird says:

    Vanessa Williams also admitted to botox injections. It made me wonder why Vivica Fox didn’t just go that route rather than going under the knife. I got nothing but love for Simon. He keeps it real at all times.

  3. 3
    ms.peaches says:

    Looking back at that pic of Simon it looks like he may need to make an appt. to get rid of the crows feet!!(lol)

  4. 4
    Sharonda says:

    If Simon wants people to keep it real,a face lift might do him justice.I haven’t watched AI in so long probably since Fantasia.

  5. 5
    2thick4u says:

    His face needs…

  6. 6
    milly says:

    Oh ok…well at least now we now why he cant smile as much.

  7. 7
    Bsoul says:

    ms.peaches Says:

    Looking back at that pic of Simon it looks like he may need to make an appt. to get rid of the crows feet!!(lol

    Nope, he has to leave some wrinkles so as not to look like Joan Rivers.

  8. 8
    ms.peaches says:

    OMG- Joan is past being done someone forgot to stick the fork in her!!(lmao)

  9. 9
    Bsoul says:

    Good, it’s settled…Simon’s crowe’s feet can stay. :^)

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