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According to Perez Hilton, Madonna just might come out on top in the battle of the singles between herself and Mariah Carey. Try to follow this expert analysis if you can:

"You cannot really compare Madonna's song with Mariah's because….

-If you look at the complete iTunes singles chart, Madonna is in there 3 times with the same song. All together, she would be much higher than #10. Mariah is only on there once.

-Madonna's was available Tuesday while Mariah's Monday.

- Madonna's song is #1 on Amazon downloads.

- Also, look at the complete album chart on iTunes, Madonna is also there twice (#3, #22) with the same album, which counted as one, would probably take her higher than #3."

Got that?

Meanwhile, industry insiders are asking, where is Janet Jackson? Last we heard, she was rushed to a hospital with breathing difficulties caused by a case of the flu - or was it a panic attack?

As I told you earlier, Janet is said to be upset about the low chart debut of her 10th studio album Discipline. She supposedly canceled her appearance on Saturday night Live because the writers wrote a skit making light of her low sales. Most celebrities are able to laugh at themselves but Janet is especially sensitive to being picked on.

  • HeyNow

    If you are talking about the song Madonna has with Justin Timberlake then YEAH because that joint is fire!!!!! I feel bad for Janet because I just new she had a hit on her hands this time.I think what messed her up was that dumb video she did for both videos,and rock with you video could have been waayy better,that video is pure garabage.

  • mizzdallas

    Re: HeyNow: I totally agree with you on Janet, but hopefully she can come out with a nice third single, as for Mariah I donot like her song, her ass is almost 40yrs old prancing around half ass naked with 16yr old bubble gum songs,Can we get the Vision of Love songs back? please. Madonna & Justin Timberlake now that song is FIRE!!!

  • kat

    who cares about madonna and mariah....

  • ChokLitFactory

    I read Perez daily as I do my Sandra :). But his head got too damn big and he thinks he IS the music industry. He doesn't know what he's talkin bout. Mariah's last album was a massive HIT, while I cannot remember Madonna's last one....I aint even checkin for Madonna anymore...

  • ChokLitFactory

    I liked Janet's second video...didn't like the 1st. She came hard this time and I thought she'd do better...but I must admit, I ALMOSt bought her album at Wal-Mart today, but I put it down...I miss the old Janet :(