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A few years ago I had a discussion with a rep for a major photo wire distribution service. The conversation started when I asked her why photos I had taken of a certain urban celebrity weren't receiving priority status. I reminded her that the artist was an A-lister.

She broke the truth down to me: there are only about a handful of black A-listers in Hollywood, and only 1 in Atlanta.

In urban entertainment, there is a mythical A-list that every black celebrity thinks they're on. The reality is a bit harsher. Mainstream magazines and tabloids will not pay big bucks for photos of most urban celebs - even if they think they're all that.

Sean Combs learned the hard way that although two A-lists exists - only one is important - and his name isn't on it.

According to the NY Post's Page Six, Sean Combs lashed out at People magazine for what he saw as lousy placement of photos of the twin girls he had with ex-girlfriend Kim Porter.

There was no mention of it, but I'm sure Sean also bristled at the fact that the mag didn't offer him nearly the same amount that they offered Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony for exclusive pics of their twins.

It isn't so much about race as evidenced by the fact that there are a few blacks on the real Hollywood A-list. I hesitate to name them though for fear of crushing any overinflated egos.

While Gabrielle Union is a solid C-lister, her status would be permanently elevated to A-lister if she turned up pregnant by, say, Brad Pitt. The demand (and financial offers) for exclusive pics of their baby would be off the charts.

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Newcomer Jamal Woolard plays Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Smalls in the new biopic on Biggie's life called "Notorious" currently being filmed on location in Bellmore, New York. I can't see this dude as Biggie. He doesn't give me that Biggie vibe. Gay vibe maybe, but the Biggie vibe isn't happening.

Singer Naturi Naughton plays rapper Lil' Kim. Would you believe this is the girl from 3LW? If she looked this hot when she was with 3LW they never would have kicked her out of the group.

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Trina hosted a party at club Opium in South Beach, Miami last night for her new album 'Still The Baddest.' Guests included model and reality TV star Toccara Jones, Shay "Buckeey" Johnson and Larissa "Bootz" Aurora from 'Flavor of Love'.

Note to Toccara: Your svelte new figure looks great! But when you're top-heavy, please don't wear clothing that doesn't flatter your curves. Leave the wife beaters to the corner boys and the starving models. Also, breast reduction surgery wouldn't be a bad idea.

This is the real deal. I don't post just any open call. If you're an aspiring model, this is the opportunity of a lifetime! The Complex is owned by Devyne Stephens, former choreographer for celebs such as Usher, Ciara and Sean Combs. The facility houses recording studios, fitness center, dance studio and salon.

Quiet as it's kept, you can stop by any time of day and spot top tier celebrities milling about outside. Akon's tangerine Ferrarri is always parked out front. But keep that between me and you.

Source: Jamahl King, S.T.E.P.S. Events Planning Firm

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Actress Gabrielle Union, who visits Atlanta very often for personal reasons that I won't reveal since she's in a litigation mood, has filed a lawsuit against two Atlanta men who took out a Craiglist ad using her name without her permission.

    Union's invasion of privacy suit, filed Friday in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, alleges that Steve Raymond, who purportedly lives in Morrow, and Calvin High, who purportedly resides in Morrow or Forest Park, fraudulently advertised a job opening for an assistant for a Hollywood actress. When potential applicants called, Union's Atlanta attorney Tony Mulrain claims, the actress' name was mentioned.

    According to the suit, Union does not know the defendants and at no time either advertised or authorized a job opening listing.

    "What scares me the most is that people associate my name with safety for women, and there's a trust in that," said Union, who starred in "Bad Boys 2" and "Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls." "What happens when these people who show up who knows where to interview for a job that doesn't exist?"

    The suit seeks punitive damages in excess of $100,000. (Source)

Well, Day 26 has done the impossible: the group's debut album "Day 26" is the #1 album in the country with about 190,000 units sold. How did that happen? How does a manufactured group sell more units in its first week than the legend Janet Jackson?

How does Janet hold her head up after this? These are the signs of the times. The music industry is in its darkest days. But congrats to the guys. I can imagine how their heads are swelling right about now.

And by "manufactured group," I mean a group that was put together in a short period of time for a specific purpose such as a TV show. En Vogue and other groups worked together for years before they made it big.

I'm familiar with Marvin Arrington Sr because I knew his son when we both worked on Bill Campbell's successful campaign for Mayor back in the 90s.

Mr. Arrington finds himself in a little controversy after ordering whites out of his Atlanta courtroom so he could lecture blacks on the proper courtroom etiquette.

Mr. Arrington's actions garnered him national attention. I watched him handle himself very well in an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN.
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R&B Superstar Ne-Yo and his Compound Foundation will host a Mother’s Day Brunch Serenade to honor thirty foster and twenty single metro Atlanta mothers for Mother’s Day.

Grammy award winning Def Jam recording artist and writer Ne-Yo and his Compound Foundation announced plans this week to host a Mother’s Day Brunch Serenade to honor 50 metro Atlanta foster and single mothers.

The event is being held to encourage, celebrate and reward these mothers for the all that they do each and everyday. The special brunch will be held on Sunday, May 11th.

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Last week I promised that I would write a post detailing how Lloyd Dinwiddie aka Gyant admitted to me that he had "accidentally" recorded an unfinished track while interviewing a local producer. I'll make this short because I have a lot of work to do:

One day in November 2007, Gyant called me with what he said was big news. He said he was interviewing a very popular Atlanta producer when the producer suddenly asked him if he wanted to hear a track he was working on for a singer that some may say is a superstar (I added that last part). Gyant said the producer walked him into another room in the studio and played the track for him. Gyant claimed he didn't know at the time that his video camera was on and he recorded part of the song.

I asked him if the song was any good. His answer surprised me: he asked if I wanted the snippet to post on my site. I jumped at the opportunity to post the snippet on my site because I didn't particularly care for the artist. In fact, I began writing the post in my head when Gyant suddenly retracted his offer. I was very disappointed to say the least.

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