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Tonight, the sold out Heart of the City Tour starring Jay Z and Mary J Blige, rolls through Atlanta. It will be on and popping at the Philips Arena as the sold out crowd sways to the soulful rhythms of The Diva, the Legendary Mary.

But the real action will take place after the concert when concert goers choose which mega Afterparty they will attend.

In one corner, you have AG Entertainment, which is billing its party at Dreamz ATL as the “Official” Afterparty with Mary J Blige, Lil Kim and Sean Combs hosting.

In the other corner is Jermaine Dupri, the music mogul and self-styled “Mayor of Atlanta” who is billing his party – hosted by newlywed Jay Z – as the Official Afterparty.

Who will win the battle of the Clash of the Titan After Parties? Well, the answer depends on who you ask.
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The blogosphere is buzzing over the recent sudden deaths of two popular bloggers who died of heart attacks due to the stressors of blogging. In this video, popular blogger Perez Hilton discusses his demanding schedule (16 hours a day) and the fact that he makes $20 million a year while working alone updating his site (I didn’t know that).

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Judges are having a field day throwing black men in jail for domestic issues. And we wonder why black men make up the majority of the nation’s prison populations. A Genesee County judge sentenced legendary rapper MC Breed to five months in jail for failure to pay over $200,000 in child support to three different women. (Source)

Way to go judge! Your action guarantees that the three women and their kids will get their money now *sarcasm*. Hopefully Breed won’t suffer the same fate as R&B singer Sean Levert who died after being locked up for the same offense.

By the way, about a month ago, a loyal reader sent me pics of MC Breed’s alleged children. Cute kids, but I wondered why she sent the pics to me and I declined to post them on my site. At the time I had no knowledge of Breed’s ongoing problems with family court.


Yesterday, T.I. spoke out about the track leaked by a mixtape DJ called “Hunt ‘Em Down”. T.I. wants his fans to know that “Hunt ‘Em Down” is not up to his normal standard of quality and it is not the first single from his upcoming CD “Paper Trail”. T.I. says the track was actually recorded following the tragic death of his close friend Philant Johnson in 2006.

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Earlier I wrote about the existence of two A-lists in Hollywood – a mythical urban A-list and the one that truly counts. I told you that Sean Combs is no longer on the one that counts. Gossip purveyor Myra Panache backs me up on that.

She lists the true black A-listers in Hollywood on her site. But she left off Whitney Houston, and I disagree that Mariah Carey is A-list.

In my opinion, a true A-lister is not one who shows up at the top of everyone’s party list. Party planners tend to invite A, B, and C-listers to their events. A true A-lister is a celebrity whose photos sell for much more than the norm.

For example, if I were to snap a photo of Denzel Washington and Gabrielle Union leaving the Intercontinental hotel at 3 in the morning, I could probably command a few thou or more for that shot. But if I snapped a similar pic of Gabrielle Union and Ludacris, I would be lucky to get a few hundred for that shot. That’s because Ludacris is not an A-lister but Denzel is.

I hope I’ve cleared that up for you. Check out what Myra Panache had to say on the subject after the break.

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Ursher made an appearance on TRL and a little girl couldn’t contain her emotions. These pics remind me of the little crying girl on American Idol who cried her heart out at the very sight of Idol singer Sanjaya.

It ultimately came out that the little crying girl on Idol was “encouraged” by the producers of the show to cry on cue.

But what’s this little girl’s motive? I know damn well she’s not crying at the sight of Ursher unless he accidentally stepped on her corns or something.

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A new T.I. track has leaked on the Internets. I wish people would leave T.I. alone and stop releasing this type of music while T.I. is doing good in the hood. T.I. is doing positive things by talking with at-risk youth and sharing his experiences about drugs, guns and gangbanging.

I hope the Feds realize that neither T.I. nor Grand Hustle authorized the release of this music.