Video model Dollicia Bryan made the double cover of KING magazine's 3rd Annual Wet Issue. Reality show "star" Tila Tequila graces the other cover. Bow Wow must be so proud of his woman! If you don't know who Dollicia Bryan is, click here.

Thanks to loyal reader Janero for the pic!

  • prynsexxx

    Well at least they didn't airbrush her body to death.


    Not feeling this pic... But she's a pretty girl

  • SnootyPooty1

    She looks pretty I wonder if she is still dating little man BOW WOW.... LOL

  • dj_dceezy

    her implants look real wack... she is just anotha yella gurl... nothin' special...

  • Terry .W

    She looks constipated in this pic even though I know shes a pretty girl!...oh well!

  • brwnsugga4you

    she's cute...but this is the look everybody gives (stripper).

  • kpakpando

    ... mmkay if that's the best she can do

  • african_dude

    angel lola luv must be sitting somewhere pissed as
    her 4 minutes of fame is in the trash

  • pinkvirgo

    Dollicia is so much prettier than that pic.That doesn't even look like her.

  • mizzdallas

    At least her butt dont look fake a** hell unlike Angel lo luv she look damn hot mess!!

  • Sharonda

    Tila Tequila on the other cover???ROFL.King really did slip off after DT left lol.But this cover, her face, don't work.More I look at the cover, she kind of looks like a tranny.Why they make her look like that!Someone needs to be FIRED!I think she's pretty without all that airbrushing.

  • Zuley

    Yea I agree I secretly envy this girls body though. She inspires me to hit the gym ASAP LOL. But I bet Angel Lola Luv is somewhere extra salty pouting in a corner that she didn't get this magazine spread. Thats the video model industry for you. Hot one minute forgotten the next. There goes Angel Lola Luv's career.

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    #8 Angel is dating Kevin Lyles now so I doubt she cares lol...

    Dollicia is gonna get that guap by all means necessary...I can’t hate on that. She is a very pretty gyrl...all the photoshop and airbrushing was hella unnecessary not to mention extreme, she didn’t need it.

    As for Tila...she looks like a yorkshire terrier and I’m not even trying to be funny, I am dead-azz serious.

  • Negrito

    DAMN...she's hot!!!! The video models ain't got nothing to worry about though. This only means another hot woman is going to get some shine in 2008. If Bow wow is with her, then all I have to say is...Knock yourself out!

  • african_dude

    @ 13

    damn its like that? angel is dating kevin liles? sista you need to start ur cause you`re wau better than the grape
    not surprising...angel lola said she likes men with money..kevin got some good money

  • kat

    bow wow was NOT hittin' that! just like he won't hittin' ciara.
    and baby rocko looks real cute in that pic!
    sandra, i thought monica said not to disable comments about her and her fam no more?

  • african_dude

    i meant to say ``way better``

  • 2thick4u

    Where is my comment?!!!

    She looks cute in this picture...not photo-shopped. Her ass looks real to Angel Luv that's a whole nother posting!!!

  • aqtpie

    I don't like this picture but she is very pretty.

  • London Marie

    This is a super wack photo/pose. I thought Stacey Dash was on the cover? Damn they release new issues..QUICK! She's a cute girl. You know, light skin, long weave, light eyes, hot body. The typical video chick. But this cover isn't the business.

  • London Marie

    And LOL @ Angel Lola. I'm so happy her 3 minutes are over. I'd rather see Dollicia anyday over that horse booty.

  • Negrito

    @London Marie

    Her career is definitely not over yet. You'll see a lot more of Angel and her XXXXXXL booty in the future.

  • London Marie

    @ Negrito. Sweet Minty Jeebus! Say it ain't so...

  • brwnsugga4you

    Negrito Says:

    @London Marie

    Her career is definitely not over yet. You’ll see a lot more of Angel and her XXXXXXL booty in the future.

    ~~~i agree it will be over soon. have you seen pics of melissa ford lately..uggghh...that's what this industry does to you..their will be a new hot girl very soon~~~~

  • brwnsugga4you

    there will bad.

  • ReadTheBlog

    She looks like she's trying too hard. She's not cute, just 1/2 naked and greasy.

  • Negrito


    Yeah, Melyssa Ford has been in this game since the late 90s. Her lifestyle is pretty wild and she's getting older so I'm not surprised she looks a lil rough nowadays. She still looks good though. Angel is young and became a famous videovixen last year so I think she has a couple of good years left before her time is up.

    @London Marie


  • milly

    A lot better looking than some of the fake booty girls out there on those magazines.

  • London Marie

    @ Milly.. I agree. There is something about her funny looking face that keeps me coming back to this post lol. I think she maybe TOO pretty. And too much pretty translates into weird looking sometimes. True story. LOL.

  • London Marie

    I want a pic up! How do i do it.. Help me!

  • Island Princess

    She does not do it for me and I am bi. What is up with all of these video vixens getting breast implants, butt injections/implants, and other cosmetic surgery. Did you know that vegetable oil and peanut butter are some of the ingredients that they use for the butt injections. WFT? Buffie the Body has injections. This dj called her out on it on youtube. I love a woman that is natural.

  • London Marie

    @ Island Princess. Let's get together and pull a Kimora. LOL. I'm just kidding.. =)

  • Zuley

    While I don't know this girl. I don't believe she is really dating Bow Wow. Jamie Foxx is more plausible but Bow Wow?? Naw, I mean come on no lezbo but with her body and face(google her to see better pics LOL) she can have any prominent man in or out of the industry. And she chooses Bow Wow??? Something just doesn't sound right about that. I mean she was in a video with Blair Underwood ladies? I'd need to hear her say it out of her own mouth that Bow Wow is her bf before I am inclined to believe that. She is way too much woman for his lil scrawny behind. Just as long as she stays far and clear of my boo Juelz Santana she is alright by me. But the moment I come on here and see her boo loving with Juelz we gonna have problems. LOL