Since Tuesday my inbox has been flooded with emails from readers outraged over Fox News calling Michelle Obama a "baby mama". Isn't that what she is? It's already been established that Fox News is a racist network. But don't we refer to women as baby mamas - even women outside of our race?

How can we be up in arms over a derogatory term that we use to describe our own women 24/7? This is the Don Imus controversy revisited. Hypocrisy at it's highest level! I'm tired of black people throwing mud on our own culture and then getting angry when other people do it.

If we had respect for ourselves, no one outside of our culture would dare disrespect us! We give implicit permission to non-people of color to treat us with disrespect when we disrespect ourselves on a daily basis.

Maybe we should stop complaining about what others are doing to us and start showing them how to treat us. Lead by example or fall back!

Is Mashonda writing a book? It seems like she's everywhere for no obvious reason. Mashonda attended Alexis Phifer's Toyota and ESSENCE "If Looks Could Kill" Party at Eyebeam in NYC. Keyshia Cole performed. But why is Alexis throwing parties? Is she relevant because she slept with Kanye?

106 & Park's Rocsi also attended the party.

I hope that's not weave on my girl Zoe Kravitz's head? Didn't she have a cute short crop like Rihanna just last month? She does have good hair from the white side of her family. Maybe her hair just grows fast?

Usher pours himself a toast in Japan despite the fact that his CD Here I Am drops to #4 on the Billboard chart after only one week at #1. Poor Usher.

Meagan Good has a new stylist. No more hooker clothes on the red carpets for her. I love the sandals with that dress even though the dress itself is an eyesore. Meagan attended the party with her boyfriend Thomas Jones who plays for the Jets.

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It looks like the truce is over. Both Jermaine Dupri and Greg Street fired volleys at each other yesterday. JD responded to Street in a video taped when he sat in for Miss Jones on Tuesday. In the video, JD tells Street to "catch up" to him and match the million-selling albums he produced for Mariah Carey and Usher. "Worry about selling some records. Don't worry about me."

But Street responded in a personal message to saying, "Catch up? I'm not a producer! When DJ Nabs put out his CD why didn't JD give him a hit? Young Fly & Fabulous sold 800 units worldwide and he's talking about catch up?"

Greg street tells us also, he spoke to DJ Nabs after the email he sent to industry insiders this week. "I made Nabs aware of how selfish this grown man is. DJ Nabs had an album come out on Columbia (through JD's label) & Jermaine was on fire when Nabs dropped in 1998. Did JD make sure Nabs had a smash for his mixtape album? No he didn't."

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The man leading Barack Obama's vice presidential search committee resigned Wednesday amid questions about loans he received from a company involved in the U.S. housing crisis. (Source)

But is that the real reason or just a smoke screen? A few aides to the presidential candidates - and even the candidates themselves - have come under intense scrutiny for similar offenses. And none of them quit.

Jim Johnson, the former chairman of mortgage lender Fannie Mae, came under criticism after The Wall Street Journal reported that he obtained loans at below-market rates from mortgage lender Countrywide Financial after he left Fannie Mae. (Source)

That hardly sounds like a scandal. Sounds more like good negotiation skills. But word on the streets is Johnson resigned after Barack Obama refused to accept his recommendation to pick Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

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So far, with George Bush at the helm, we've been lucky enough to avoid an extinction level event such as a nuclear war between all the World Super Powers.

But will President John McCain - who was a POW for 5-years and still has an axe to grind - be the one to push the red button, so to speak?

This video gives a startling depiction of what the end of the world would look like. It's an old video that was pieced together using news reports, scenes from movies such as "The Terminator" and documentaries. The weapons technology is kind of outdated, but you get the picture.

In reality, terrorists don't need nuclear bombs to finish us off. They send their fellow terrorists to be educated right here in the good ol' US of A. Many of them are nuclear engineers working in government nuclear sites.

Which means they are in control of important government computer networks. The same computer networks that run the country's nuclear power plants.

But don't worry. The end, when it comes, will be instantaneous. There will be no warning and we probably won't suffer at all... Hopefully.

Solange performed on MTV's TRL show yesterday. I'm not going to say one word about Solange's tutu. Normally I would have a lot to say. But Solange went from being the worst singer of any decade to making music that even I can listen to. So for that she gets my utmost respect. She can't help it who her sister is.

Jermaine Dupri attended a birthday party in the meatpacking district in NYC two nights ago. Jermaine is said to be "furious" at producer and fellow spinmaster Greg Street for disputing his claim that the DJ is dead. Jermaine's own DJ - the legendary DJ Nabs - sent out an email blast to the industry yesterday. Nabs said, in part: "What is also obvious to me is that JD made the comment to spark controversy amongst the DJ community to reexamine what it is we do. And Greg Street responded publicly in order to garner attention for his forthcoming album."

This is the man who ruined Janet Jackson's career. Well, him and Jermaine Dupri after JD put Janet on Pliers "Bus it Baby" remix. Once that remix came out, tickets sales for Janet's world tour faded faster than Ludacris' hairline, forcing Janet to cancel the European leg of her World Tour.

They say singer/songwriter Ne-Yo is Andre Leon Talley's newest client. Ne-Yo joins a stellar client list which includes Jay Z, Usher, Sean Combs, Tyler Perry and Anderson Cooper.

Some of may be too young to remember when concert goers (both male and female) threw their undies at sexy boudoir singer Alexander O'Neal. Many of you were conceived while your parents listened to his sultry ballads. Time and age has eroded much of the charming good looks that drew women (and men) to Alexander O'Neal. But we still have the memories.

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A promotion by R&B singer Ashanti's marketing team is attracting the wrong type of attention. Fans visiting Ashanti's personal website could send e-cards called Gotchagram's to friends or enemies. The marketing ad campaign featured threatening emails, fake murders and shocking images.

According to CNN, the emails informed recipients that their lives were in danger and encouraged them to contact a fake investigator for more information. Those who clicked the link to contact the "detective" of "Universal Crime Network" were shown a video of a fake crime scene with their names written in blood.

The link transported recipients to a fictional news report about "a string of murders inspired by Ashanti's music." A phone number includes a message from Ashanti thanking people for buying her album.

Fans were encouraged to send threatening Gotchagrams to "lovers who scorned you". Senders were given a weapon of choice and the type of murder they wanted to commit against the recipient.

The Gotchagram marketing campaign was discontinued once the complaints began rolling in.

All that and Ashanti's album will still do triple cement.

Naomi Campbell ranks only second to Sean Combs as the biggest attention whore in the entire world. Naomi supposedly got so plastered last night at a party in Capri, Italy, that she couldn't even stand up straight.

Some bloggers seem to think Naomi was leaning because she was drunk. First of all, drunks don't lean - they wobble and fall. Crack heads lean, meth heads lean, drunks don't lean. Got it?

Personally, I don't believe she was under the influence at all. I think she spotted the paparazzi and decided to put on a show. This is beyond pitiful. Sean Combs is probably somewhere saying to himself, "now why didn't I think of that?"

(Photo source)

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Trey Songz filmed his video for "Missing You" yesterday in Atlanta. As usual the set was overrun by groupies. We can finally put the gay rumors to bed. But why didn't anyone tell me Trey once hotly pursued Elle Duncan of V-103? My guess is he wasn't her type. Smart girl.

What woman wants a man surrounded by a cloud of groupies every time he turns around? I understand the two remain good friends though.

Ne-Yo and Lil' Kim posed for photogs at the R&B Spotlight Live event in NYC last night. You can talk about her if you want to but, you're wasting your time.

Did Laurie Ann's CD come out and flop yet? Or did her record label push the release date back? Either way, whenever it comes out it's going to flop. So why bother?

Socialite Selita Ebanks and her BFF Michelle Williams attended a birthday party at Tenjune's in NYC yesterday.

Old school rap artist Redman grew up to be a handsome young man. Despite all the rumors, I think he should go back in the studio and record a classic since no one else knows how to do that anymore.

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Shaniqua Tompkins has more to be worried about than where she and her son are going to lay their heads now that the Dix Hills mansion she was staying in mysteriously went up in flames with her inside it.

The mansion was owned by her baby daddy 50 Cent, with whom she has carried on a very public battle over who gets to keep the home. 50 Cent won that battle when a judge gave Shaniqua until the end of the school year to get out.

Since she wouldn't leave, the judge ordered Shaniqua to pay $4,500 a month in room and board out of the $7,500 a month child support she was getting from 50. She's now two months behind in her payments to Fiddy.

Yesterday, a judge told Shaniqua to pay up or face jail time. The judge told Shaniqua's lawyer, "She better pay it by the end of the week. Do you understand?" But Shaniqua's people pleaded for more time saying it would be an "undue hardship" for his client to come up with the cash since she spent it all on herself and her man.

Once outside the courtroom, Shaniqua again vented her frustrations at Fiddy, saying he still hasn't called his son to see how he's doing. "He [Marquise] was traumatized, and now you have a father on a movie set who's made no attempt to communicate with him, which is more traumatizing. He's not a good father at all. At all," she said.

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According to That Bitch, boxer Evander Holyfield can breathe a sigh of relief this morning. The champ gets to keep his Fayetteville, Georgia mansion after he found two suckers banks willing to extend him credit to cover his delinquent mortgage payments.

Now if only those same banks would pay his exorbitant child support, he could really sleep at night.

Evander quietly picked up two new 5 million mortgages to keep his property off the auction block. Evander says, "I'm not broke. I'm just not liquid. I do feel kind of sad because things have always been positive and now everybody wants to jump on me like I'm the worst person in the world and I went out and blew all my money." (Source)

Holyfield really needs to take my advice and sell that estate. His boxing days are behind him and as long as he's stays virile and potent, he's a target for every skank and hoochie looking for a quick payday.

If you watched the video of Greg Street going in on Jermaine Dupri, you saw this unique one-of-a-kind chess set on display in Street's home.

The Hip Hop chess set is an eye grabber because the chess pieces are figurines designed in the likeness of popular Hip Hop artists such as Snoop Dogg, Young Jeezy, Missy Elliot, Plies and Ludacris.

Lisa Mathews of Incidentals also makes figurines in the likeness of dearly departed artists such as Tupac, Aaliyah, Left Eye and Biggie. The figurines are hand made by Lisa who says it takes about 18 hours to make each piece.

A complete chess set of 32 hand made figurines will set you back $5000 - but isn't the man in your life worth it? One special piece made in the likeness of your favorite artist is $300.

Place your order with Lisa today and you can take delivery of your own one-of-a-kind Hip Hop chess in about two months. Other high profile owners of Hip Hop chess sets include Ryan Cameron and Jimmy Iovine, president of Interscope Records.

Lisa Mathews can be reached at (678) 575-2835 or email her at

For more information:

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This is your chance to get up close and personal with a real live MW man! Move over Bow Wow, there's a new boy toy in town. His name is G Fiive and he's an R&B singer. G Fiive will be in the flesh from 4PM - 6PM at Fatburger right here in my neck of the woods.

Check out his hot new single "Spotlight" featuring Bobby Valentino!

Hot 107.9 is giving you a chance to meet G Fiive and get free Birthday Bash tickets at the same time!

    Come meet and hang out with G Fiive and HOT 107.9 during their birthday bash ticket raid!!!

    Date: Wednesday, June 11, 2008 from 4pm - 6pm

    Where: Fatburger (Buckhead)

    2625 Piedmont Rd, Ste 34A, Atlanta, GA 30324 (Corner of Piedmont and Sidney Marcus)

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    EDITED: to correct the quote.

So it's all over the Internets that producer Swizz Beats' wife Mashonda is all but accusing Alicia Keys of taking her man. I ignored this story the first time around because it was rumors and conjecture and you know we here at hold ourselves to a higher standard than that.

But now that Mashonda has come out and said in so many words, "that b*tch stole my man!", it's given the story front page status - at least in the hood.

But let's turn our attention to Alicia Keys. She never fooled me. It's a gift that I have to cut through the bulls*t to be able to spot a skank a mile away. And they know it too. We already know from experience that AK likes light skin funny looking men. So it should come as no surprise that she and Swizz Beats hooked up.

One of her reps at her record label once pleaded with me to leave Alicia alone. The rep's reasoning was, "she's so nice. She's the sweetest person I know." But aren't they all nice and sweet? Isn't that how they get your man?

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50 Cents' baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins talked to reporters yesterday after leaving a NY courthouse where a judge ruled Fiddy can't sell the $2.4 million mansion that she torched.

Ludacris attended the 12th Annual Webby Awards at Cipriani in NYC yesterday.

Millionaire's son Benjamin Brewer is engaged to singer British/Sri Lankan M.I.A. whose work visa expires at the end of this month meaning she has to leave the country or get married to an American. You do the math.

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Thank you to loyal reader Delana for sending along these pics of the kids from Splash Day in Galveston, Texas. These queens may not be glamorous to us, but then again they're not asking for our approval.


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Michelle Williams attended Fuse's new ad campaign party at Xchange in NYC yesterday. Is there a reason why Michelle is still walking red carpets other than being in Destiny's Child years ago? Can I hire a publicist and start walking red carpets?

Actor Lance Gross and his boo Eva Pigford attended the Academy Of TV Arts & Sciences Daytime Emmy nominee reception in Burbank, California yesterday.

Thank God that baggy jeans off the ass look is being phased out by artists who are favoring tighter clothes. We lost an entire generation of youth to that prison yard style. Now if only Jay Z would pull his pants up.

Some of you are too young to remember actress/singer Nia Peeples, 46. She played a Texas ranger alongside Chuck Norris in the hit TV series Walker, Texas Ranger in the 90s. She was married to singer Howard Hewitt and they have a son. A little known factoid: Howard Hewitt's girlfriend copped to a cocaine charge for Howard Hewitt after police found a kilo of coke in his car (he was driving). The girlfriend ended up doing serious federal time. Instead of waiting for her (like he promised), he hooked up with Nia and married her. Nia was a big star back then.

Soap Opera star Tracey Ross (Passions) and her son Bryce at the Academy Of TV Arts & Sciences Daytime Emmy nominee reception in Burbank, California yesterday. Tracey is dating her Passions co-star Ben Masters.

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R&B group Day 26 are so broke that they are charging their fans a whopping $25 to take photos with the group, this according to a radio listener who emailed the Wendy Williams Experience today.

I can't recall another group raping charging their fans for pictures on top of the ridiculous ticket prices. Are Sean Combs and MTV paying these boys or stealing their money? Bad Boy's PR firm needs to get on top of this because it could be damaging to their manufactured image.

The listener didn't say if any fans paid the $25 for a picture with the group.

    Added link to audio of Greg Street on Wendy Williams today

V-103 DJ and producer Greg Street is not backing off from statements he made about Island Urban Music president Jermaine "JD" Dupri in a controversial video circulating the Internet.

EDIT: I'm not backing off of statements. I just told the truth. I said what I said & it's true. If they wanna send somebody to get at me or kill me. I bet JD don't show up & that's what this is all about. Put that up there.

In a statement to, Greg Referred to JD as his "little brother", saying he made his point and now he wants to end the beef and move on.

Says Greg Street:

I just want my little brother to make bigger moves. He has done a lot for Atlanta, but he could be bigger in Atlanta. JD passed on [signing] TLC, Outkast, Luda, Nelly, Dream & a whole lot more. Just 2 of those bigger artists would've made So So Def the Motown of our time. I know he's mad & probably wants me dead, but still. It is what it is, the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jermaine Dupri's So So Def Radio mix show follows Greg Street's show on V-103 on Saturday nights here in Atlanta. The show can be heard live on

JD was rumored to be preparing a videotaped rebuttal to Greg Street's video, but now it doesn't look like that will happen. To facilitate the peace between the two Atlanta icons, I have removed Greg's video from my site.

Greg Street was a guest on the Wendy Williams Experience on WBLS today.

Actor/singer Marques Houston was out and about club hopping in Essex, England last night. Marques is the newest client of Vogue Editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley, which explains why he was dressed like a Metrosexual waiter.

As you know, Andre also dresses Sean Combs, Jay Z and Usher, among other high profile clients.

I might be able to excuse the custom dress shirt outside his jeans with a bold red tie and a suit vest. But the do rag is inexcusable.

Photo: Splash News

I didn't listen to any of the tracks off the leaked album by Lil' Wayne in stores today. My opinion of Lil' Wayne is that he is the worst MC in the history of rap. His voice sounds like nails scraping asphalt. In short, I can do without ever hearing another Lil' Wayne track.

The critics seem to agree that Lil' Wayne's newest offering leaves a lot to be desired:

Now with the release of “Tha Carter III,” Wayne attempts to live up to his own hype, but falls short. The disc is a frustratingly uneven effort that’s filled with safe songs aimed at commercial radio and a few quirky cuts that feature Wayne’s bizarre sense of humor and inflated opinion of his rap skills. READ MORE...

Industry estimates are that Carter III will sell about 180K in the first week. (Source)

This platinum bejeweled handbag serves two purposes: to make you the flyest diva at any black tie affair and to use as a deadly weapon in case of a mugging.

The handbag designed by Ginza Tanaka is made out of platinum and features more than 2,000 diamonds. The shoulder strap is also diamond encrusted. The whole kit and caboodle will set you back $1 million!

But look at it like this: if a fool tries to mug you, swing it at his head and give him a serious concussion!


Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent missed his court date today in Manhattan. is streaming live from the scene and Fiddy's baby mama Shaniqua is about to walk out any minute now.

Today was to be the first day Fiddy and Shaniqua met face-to-face since his bodyguard tussled with Shaniqua's live-in boyfriend at her lawyer's office last month. Several days later, 50 Cent's home was destroyed in a mysterious fire.

We're sure Shaniqua will get everyone up-to-date on why Fiddy missed his court date today. We'll probably also hear that Fiddy still hasn't called his son to see how he's doing. What a low life that dude is.

It's been a long time coming for Grand Hustle artist Alfamega who finally hit the big time - sorta. Capital Records has partnered with Atlanta-based Grand Hustle to launch Alfamega's debut CD I Am Alfamega.

You may remember Alfamega for his scathing flow on T.I.'s "Hurt" featuring Busta Rhymes. The track created a buzz for the then-unknown MC. But will Alfamega turn out to be another Young Dro - an artist with promise and talent but wack material?

The public response to Alfamega's first single "Sittin' Up High" is lukewarm at best. The track lacks the energy or grit of "Hurt". Hopefully, the rest of the album has better material.

T.I. is currently on tour with Alfamega as his opening act. T.I. and Alfamega will perform along with Young Jeezy, Shawty Lo, Plies, and others at the Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash this weekend at Philips Arena.

Track courtesy of Kim Ellis of KE Consulting

This is the second post in my series on unique Father's Day gifts for that special man in your life! As I posted yesterday, fathers deserve thanks for all the sacrifices they make for their children.

What better way to say thank you dad than with a custom Louis Vuitton paint job for his favorite car? This particular '89 Oldsmobile Cutlass Sierra with the custom LV paint job is not for sale. But you can transform any old car into an LV lover's dream by following the owner's simple instructions:

First, take the vehicle to Earl Scheib or MAACO and have them give it a heavy coat of "Chocolate Glitter." Then paint the trim, wheel holes, the dash, steering wheel, and all the other interior with a heavy coat of gold enamel. After that, stencil the logos on with gold spray paint and gold leaf. A quick top-coat at Earl’s or MAACO and you're good to go!

(Photo source)

First and foremost, I love me some Donna Brazile! She is my girl crush (don't hate) :) She's been on my radar since 2000 when she became the first black campaign manager for a presidential campaign (Al Gore). She's intelligent, articulate (and not to mention, sessy).

Brazile is now a politic strategist for CNN’s political coverage. Last week, moderator Anderson Cooper asked Brazille to give him the inside scoop on what Barack Obama told her during a phone call. Click the image above to watch the cute exchange. :)

Tichina Arnold gives her daughter a ride at the "A Time For Heroes Celebrity Carnival" on Sunday in LA. Awww, isn't she adorable!

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon posed with her hubby Michael and their twin boys at "A Time For Heroes Celebrity Carnival" to benefit The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, on Sunday in Beverly Hills, CA.

Vanessa L. Williams and her lovely daughter walked the red carpet at the "A Time For Heroes Celebrity Carnival". Daddy is former NBA star Rick Fox.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty and Photo: Splash News