Brian White, 33, went from NFL football player to accomplished actor and sometime model. He is most notable for his roles in the movies Stomp the Yard and Daddies Little Girls, last year. He is currently single was that a faint blip on my Gaydar? and resides in sunny LA.

Brian White is today's Morning Wood by request.

Don't click the link if you're easily offended...

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Amy Winehouse is a sick woman. The British singer has been hospitalized in a London hospital ever since fainting at home on June 16.

Winehouse was not diagnosed with the sometimes fatal lung infection Tuberculosis as some online reports suggested.

But you could be infected with Tuberculosis right now and not even know it.

Tuberculosis (TB) is a serious lung infection caused by inhaling an airborne bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The bacteria usually attack the lungs, but TB bacteria can attack any part of the body such as the kidney, spine, and brain.

When a person with active TB coughs or sneezes, the bacterium becomes airborne and is then inhaled by people nearby. It isn't just the homeless who are infected with TB: anyone can catch TB. As a matter of fact, some TB patients are well-to-do people who travel in Third World countries or underdeveloped nations where access to medical care is limited or non-existent.

You can very likely contract TB from the doctor or lawyer sitting next to you on a plane, or from a co-worker who recently returned from a trip to Africa. Most people with TB don't know they have it because the germ is usually subdued by the body's immune system which sends blood cells to attack it.

The problem is the TB germ can trick the body into thinking it's dead when in fact it is lying dormant inside the lung until it's awakened years later by an immune system that is weakened by other illnesses.

People who have the dormant or latent TB infection cannot infect others. They will not have symptoms and can live with the infection for a lifetime without ever becoming ill. When the infection is "awakened" or becomes active - that person is considered a threat to public health and must be treated immediately.

Those with active infections who refuse to comply with their treatment regimen (which can take up to 9 months to complete) can be arrested and detained for treatment.

The symptoms of active TB infection are:

  • weakness or fatigue
  • weight loss
  • no appetite
  • chills
  • fever
  • sweating at night
  • productive or non-productive cough

A positive skin test (PPD) does not mean you have active TB. Further testing is needed to determine if you are active (contagious). Even if you are not contagious you should still seek treatment to prevent the disease from becoming active. As always, consult your doctor if you experience any symptoms or have any questions.

This has been your Medical Minute!

The ladies of The View are live from Las Vegas this week. Rihanna sat down with the ladies for a chit chat yesterday (6/23). Pardon me while I stifle a yawn here... the ladies asked Rihanna about the kid, you know, what's his name. And for the umpteenth time Rihanna repeated the words that Tina (Chris' manager) wrote for her.

She said, "We hang out a lot. We’re very close. He’s an amazing person but we are not dating. We’re very close friends, though. Very, very close." Yawnnnn.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg asked Rihanna what's the difference between a very, very good friend and the goofy kid she hangs with? And Rihanna answered, "There’s a very big difference. I think you know!"

No, we don't know. Actually, we stopped caring a long time ago. We're tired of this whole Rihanna/Chris Brown fiasco and we know Tina is somewhere laughing her ass off. Meanwhile, Chris' mom, Joyce Hawkins, is telling friends that CB and Rihanna are in fact a couple.

"Rihanna is the sexiest and sweetest girl Chris has ever dated," an E! News spy overheard Joyce cooing to a friend over the weekend. Does anyone else have a problem with a mother calling her son's girlfriend sexy?

Photos by Freddy O Exclusively for

This weekend I posted pics of Behind the Scenes shots from Monica's new reality TV show titled Monica: The Single. Monica was joined by her cousin Ludacris, her producers B. Cox and another producer whose name I don't know. Anyway, this is the guy who produced Monica's single that Freddy O said is "The one".

After filming at a Buckhead studio, everyone gathered at Luda's restaurant, Straits, for a bite to eat. Then it was back to the studio to continue working on the remaining tracks on the album.

Ludacris will rap a verse on one of the songs on the album. Luda and Monica worked on that song on Friday. This album is shaping up to be a hit so please go out and support your hometown girl when the album drops!

More pics after the break!

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Photos by Freddy O Exclusively for

Keyshia Cole was a stunner in white wearing GUCCI from head to toe at the V-103 Annual Car & Bike Show. Product details below.

'Hysteria' high heel sandal in dark grape crocodile (Keyshia's shoe) with metal Gucci crest detail with gold hardware.

Buy it!

Purple python 'hysteria' medium top handle bag with gold hardware and double handles, detachable shoulder strap, magnetic strap closure, metal Gucci crest detail, and inside zip, cell phone and pda pockets.

Buy it!

Photos by Freddy O Exclusively for

Photos by Freddy O Exclusively for

R&B crooner Carl Thomas performed at Uptown Lounge in Atlanta last Thursday. When Carl Thomas was the Prince of Bad Boy churning out hits like "Emotional" "I Wish" and "Summer Rain", he was considered a sex symbol to some - not to all. He is today's Morning Wood by request! Here are two of my favorite Carl Thomas tunes.



More pics after the break!

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Keyshia Cole's black Ferrari. Photos by Freddyo Exclusively for

25,000 car buffs packed into the sold out World Congress Center to see their favorite stars in concert and to view custom cars. This year's V-103 Annual Car & Bike Show topped last year's turn out by 5,000 attendees, making this the most successful year for the show.

My photographer Freddy O was on hand to capture most of the excitement of the day long show.

Frank Ski's Porsche

Ryan Cameron's Lambo

Ryan Cameron's Honda (family car)

Wanda Smith

Wanda Smith's speed boat

Young Jeezy

More pics after the break!

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As you know there was a recent public spat involving G-Unit boss 50 Cent and one of his AWOL soldiers, Young Buck. Fiddy alleges Buck owes him upwards of $200,000. Buck admitted this much during a secretly recorded phone conversation between himself and 50.

It seems 50 Cent thought Young Buck was doing club gigs to pay him his money while he (50) was away on tour in Africa. But such was not the case as 50 came back home to find out that Buck was sitting on his ass doing nothing for a month. So 50 did what any financial institution would do in his situation - he applied the pressure to that ass.

Now I hear Buck is taking offers to appear in nightclubs around the South to repay 50 what he owes him. It might take a while though. I hear Buck is only getting $30,000 per night.

Also appearing at Dreamz Nightclub on Saturday (6/21) was Rick Ross, Chamillionaire and Lil' Scrappy.

Rick Ross, Lil' Scrappy and Chamillionaire

Rick Ross and Young Buck

Lil' Scrappy and Mz Shyneka (Hot 107.9)

Ms Kitty (XM RAW 66), Lil' Scrappy and guest

More pics after the break!

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I'm told College Hill Atlanta roommates Dorion and Shavon plan a "special announcement" in the upcoming days. Word is the announcement will concern a spin off show from College Hill starring the two friends, but you didn't hear this from me. :)

The two were spotted together enjoying the V-103 Car & Bike Show at the Georgia World Congress Center over the weekend.