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    Atlanta native and Grammy award-winning superstar Usher is taking a break from signing autographs to help sign up young voters.

    Usher's New Look foundation, established to empower youth from underserved communities, partnered with civil rights activist the Rev. Joseph Lowery to kick off "I Can't but U-Can," a community wide voter registration drive, at Georgia Tech Sunday.

    Most of the participants in Usher's annual two-week New Look foundation summer camp are too young to vote, which is why the voter registration effort is titled "I Can't but U-Can." However, the R&B superstar is hoping his roster of campers will encourage their parents, older siblings, and others to register to vote because the campers' futures are at stake, too.

    "It affects everything from the campers' education to economic future," said Shawn Wilson, president of Usher's New Look foundation.

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Nothing on Solange matches, but this is one of those times when I don't really care because she looks so HAWT! I love, love, LOVE the sandals!

Nelly's girlfriend, singer, Ashanti was the musical guest on BET's 106 & Park on Friday. Ashanti was just on BET's 106 & Park 3 weeks ago and again three weeks before that. But who's keeping count, right?

Tocarra attended a private bowling party in Miami, Florida on Friday. I guess If you got it flaunt it... I guess.

Rapper Lil' Jon made a rare appearance at the Ed Hardy Swimwear Fashion Show in Miami, Florida. I remember when Lil' Jon was JD's A&R back when Jon was a DJ spinning at hole-in-the-wall clubs. Jon was the 2nd industry person to hire me to shoot a party in the early 90s.

Ne-Yo attended a private party at the Dune in Southampton, NY on Friday (7/18). Ne-Yo's publicist sent me "vacation" shots of Ne-Yo last week. She neglected to send shots of him in his Speedos or at least an obligatory pool side shot.

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Today's Medical Minute is dedicated to the narcissists among us like Angel Laws who owns the popular Concrete Poop blog, which I like to refer to as Ass Kissers Anonymous. AKA is a sort of self-help group for fellow brown nosers who worship celebrity narcissists like Knaye West and Jay Z.

On Friday, Laws composed a long rambling email in response to my post about her. I wrote back that I wasn't reading all that BS -- but trust that I would see her at the Blogging While Brown Conference later this week, and she could tell me then.

It should not be too hard to spot Angel: she'll be the only elephant in the room with a bad weave and an equally bad attitude.

All this week leading up to the conference, I plan to dedicate a post to Laws and her camp. Yes, I realize it's juvenile, but she started it and I'm finishing it.

So without further ado:

In my opinion, Angel Laws is the epitome of a narcissist which simply means one who possesses a morbidly over-inflated sense of self importance. Some celebrities (and bloggers like Laws and that punk Brian) display the characteristics of a narcissist which is why they seek out the limelight so they can be celebrated by those deemed less worthy or beneath them -- that would be you.

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BET's 106 & Park Terrence J almost got bitch slapped on Friday. According to a loyal reader (or a publicist), Terrence was hosting a party Friday night at the White Lounge in Chapel Hill when a heckler called him out. Terrence tried to get buck but security saved his scrawny azz from the heckler. I just want to see a picture of the chick who was heckling him. :)

Thanks to loyal reader Roddrick for the flick! The text is mine.

Denzel Washington and his family were spotted vacationing in Saint-Tropez, France on Friday (7/18). Except for his lovely wife Pauletta, I don't know who is who in these pics. But according to Wikipedia, Denzel and Pauletta have 4 children: John David 23, Katia 20, and twins Olivia and Malcolm, 17.

Photo: Splash News

Choppy cell phone video of a confrontation between Lil' Wayne's SUV and some Crips in L.A. The Crips spotted the Lollipop man and his entourage creeping through their neighborhood in two black SUVs. The gang members blocked the trucks in with their vehicles. As the goons crip walked around the trucks, Weezy and company stayed put inside.

We don't know for sure if Lil' Wayne and Baby were actually in the SUVs (all you see is a bodyguard step out). But if the Crips say they were in the trucks, I for one believe them! :lol: Poor Lil' Wayne almost got his dreadlocks cut off and handed to him! See where talking all trash on records gets you?

Thanks to loyal reader Edward for the link!

A Boston firefighter on permanent disability was ordered to return to work after he was caught competing in a bodybuilding contest. Albert Arroyo, 46, filed disability claims for a back injury he said resulted from an accidental fall on the job on March 21. Arroyo's doctor backed up his claims, writing that Arroyo was "permanently disabled."

The firefighter collected his full $68,000 annual salary tax-free for six weeks while hoisting iron in preparation for bodybuilding competitions. Arroyo's doctor wrote that Arroyo couldn't perform his duties as a building inspector due to his disabling back injury.

Arroyo placed eighth in the May 3 competition — two months after falling on the job and severely injuring his back, according to MyFOX Boston.

Arroyo's lawyer told The Globe Friday that his client should not be forced to return to work because bodybuilding helps him cope with the "rigors" of his work.

But Fire Commissioner Roderick Fraser disagreed: "It is common sense when you look at Mr. Arroyo that he is in better shape than most of the guys in the Boston Fire Department," Fraser told MYFox TV last week. "To say that he can't physically be an inspector in my opinion is ludicrous."

Arroyo is expected to report to work today (7/21). (Source)

Rapper Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent showed up for his child custody court date in a Suffolk County courthouse in Central Islip, New York today looking GQ fresh in a crisp white shirt, black dress slacks and a white brim.

Jackson obviously dressed to impress the judges and the media who leaned in to get photos of the music mogul as he strolled inside the courthouse.

50 Cent's baby mama Cruella Deville Shaniqua Tompkins arrived looking salty as usual. The two are currently in a custody dispute over their son Marquis. Their case is being heard by Family Court Judge David who will consider how to proceed on two motions: a protective order granted to Tompkins last month, and a petition to enforce Curtis Jackson's visitation rights.

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All day today I've received emails from readers begging me to let them register to comment on this blog. Can someone explain the thought process behind this type of request?

If I visit a blog and I disagree with what the blog owner writes, I don't email him/her venting my rage. I just click the back button and keep it moving. Why can't you?

What is that sense of urgency that compels you to be rude to a complete stranger even though you gain no benefit from your actions?

I very rarely leave a comment on a blog and I will never register to do so. The thought of begging a blog owner to allow me to register is completely foreign to me. I had a reader offer me her 1st born child if I open registration. I realize she was just joking, but still...