Yet another music video typifying the industry standard LSITNB credo. Well, at least chocolate brothers are still in vogue (where's that Trina video?).

Anyway, cute video. Very clever commercial for Angela and Vanessa Simmons' popular Pastry kicks shoe line. Nicely done. As for the jingle itself: the kids will love it.

  • mina

    I guess...

  • Sharonda

    What was that???????????????????

  • Yanaja

    I see you Lance Gross...

    He's so cute

  • trulyposh

    because i like angela....i won't say anything at all.

    what does "LSITNB" mean? light skin.......?

  • mizzdallas

    @trulyposh Says:

    what does “LSITNB” mean? light skin…….?

    Yes, thats what I want to know, please share Sandra.

  • j-lo843


  • akiey

    LSITNB? Lemme guess..Light Skin Is The New Black?

    If so, I couldn't help notice and I always notice it even on tv commercials featuring people of color.
    I really hope am wrong wrong abt this abbreviation though.

  • Fatkat

    Alrighty then!!!!!!!!

  • MzDetermined


  • h0tsauce

    UMMMM........hell they makin money.

  • intensemocha


  • terika83

    I mean...I guess. It was cute for a commercial, but my issue is I think she took this seriously...this song is WHACK from a music perspective. It's aight that they tried to incorporate the rock/rap thing like Run DMC did I guess...but all that talking she was doing was unneccessary....ladies don't talk on their tracks. Maybe some female rappers do but she was more so singing. Idk, just have mixed feelings about it.

  • terika83

    P.S. I meant ladies talk, but not saying nothing like "'s ya girl!"...wth?

  • dj_dceezy

    yeah cute commercial, but JEEZ hat coulda been Paris or Britney singin... That wuz str8 popped out... But yeah you gotta love the product placement!

  • candycane

    I guess it's nice to try new things.

  • ggouch

    intensemocha Says:


    Absolutely. It was adorable. These young women are doing their thing. Lets not forget,Kim K and Paris H. are famous for NO REASON at all. At least these two are about business and we don't have to see them on TMZ

  • ggouch

    I don't think their goal is to cute an album is it. What am I missing? Is Angela making a go at a music career? I hadn't heard that one yet. I thought this was for their website only.

  • miamore73

    Well considering they aren't really marketing any of this toward me I could really see my 15 year walking around singing about being the center of attention.