I see that more than one loyal reader has caught feelings over my opinion of Barack Obama's 10-year-old behaving older than her age. Luckily I live in a country where an individual has a constitutional right to their opinions.

In the above video, Malia Obama chastises her dad, Sen. Barack Obama, for shaking other kids' hands. "You don't shake kids hands that much... you shake adults' hands," she scolds. In response to her dad asking what he should do instead, Malia says, "you just wave or say 'hi'."

Obama should have gently informed his daughter that it's not her place to tell him whose hand to shake. But I guess he thought she was being cute. This is what happens when you raise your children over the phone from the campaign trail. It's never "cute" for a 10-year-old to chastise her father. When they lower the legal drinking age limit to ten, then I'll listen to what a 10-year-old has to say.

Anyway, this is my last word on this subject and now I'm moving on to more important topics.