It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – except when you’re black trying to look white.

Loyal reader John H. sent along these racist comments from a Beyonce post on TMZ featuring Bey’s whitewashed L’Oreal ad in which Bey appears light, bright, and damn near white.

Apparently these same white women whom Bey deigned to emulate weren’t in the least bit flattered by her imitation. What a shocker it must be to chicks like Beyonce who bend over backwards to erase any hint of their blackness.

Now I don’t condone racism in any form. But this commenter has a point:

If anyone should be called out here, it should be Beyonce herself. She is the one who appears ashamed to be black.

Before you start barking up the proverbial tree, please remember that Beyonce or her parents approved of the whitewashed ad in the first place.

More ignorance after the break…

    31. Beyonce Williams looks white because SHE wants to look white. Just like so many other black women. They love to say how they’re proud of their heritage, and they’ll take full advantage of the race issue (if it’s to THEIR advantage), but they still gotsta have a white woman’s hair.

    Black women – you hair is frizzy and black. That’s how it is. It’s getting ridiculous to see some of these LaShondas with staright, long blonde hair or those ludicrous sculptured ‘do’s that look like the goddamn eiffel tower w/ feathers…as if that makes them attractive to rich black NBA players. Face it, LaSqueeshia…. when a black guy gets rich he’s STILL gonna dump you for a REAL white woman.

    Be as proud to be black as you say you is…. go back to your ROOTS.

    Posted at 12:52PM on Aug 6th 2008 by Broeheem

    32. As if they need a reason to be offended…thats just who they are…bitter and miserable and looking to be offended. perpetual victims..and they revel in it. lame.

    Posted at 12:55PM on Aug 6th 2008 by blacks are ALWAYS offened


    Posted at 1:01PM on Aug 6th 2008 by questor

    34. The thing is that black skin is ugly. Sorry. While black women can sometimes be beautiful (when they don’t have huge foreheads, big lips, broad nose, etc.) the overly charred skin will always be a turn-off.

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

    Posted at 1:01PM on Aug 6th 2008 by truth teller

    41. Well Well Well. All this company is saying is that they will hire blacks. They just don’t want them TO BE black. This is nothing new. Blacks have always and will always be second class citizens. We are tired be angry.

    Posted at 1:11PM on Aug 6th 2008 by pncmsing

    44. I hate how blacks pretend to be all proud to be an African American then wear wigs and weaves to hide their nappy heads and try to dilute their heritage to look more white what a bunch of fakes. When a blonde wig on a black girl light skinned on not like tyra and beyonce DOESN’T LOOK NATURAL. Who do these people think they are fooling we know what’s really under their nappy heads. Proud to be black, YEAH RIGHT! Beyonce probably wanted to be lighted in the ad.

    Posted at 1:13PM on Aug 6th 2008 by soundoff

    45. Oh please… Beyonce has been trying to look white for years… the woman wears wigs to cover her afro and lightens up her skin with makeup.

    If anyone should be called out here, it should be Beyonce herself. She is the one who appears ashamed to be black.

    Posted at 1:16PM on Aug 6th 2008 by please

  • pinky2083

    WOW. I must admit they do have a point though. We need to stop trying to look like white women. We should be flattered that all those whitey’s are trying to look, act and talk like us.

  • hellava10

    Let me take my blood pressure medicine and I’ll be right back……

  • hellava10

    So, they acid washed her picture. How many bunnies have their furs tanned on the cover of magazines when they are actually as pale as a sheet of notebook paper?

    It goes both ways…..let’s take a look at the billion dollar tanning industry. They slather themselves in creams and salves to lay out under the sun and risk skin cancer to get ‘dark’. Doctors are making billions on botox for their ass and lips. Shouldn’t they be happy with their pencil thin lips and flat asses. You now see Becky and Buffy with weaves you can buy in the mall (LaSqueeshia has to go to the hair shop – really doesn’t matter what the name is, that’s what it’s called).

    “when a black guy gets rich he’s STILL gonna dump you for a REAL white woman.” A real white woman with fake breasts, fake skin color, fake bleached blonde hair, and fake backbones because they let that man run the hell all over them. They can kick rocks.

  • HunE916

    They have a point. HOWEVER, this is NOT a good example. That picture has Beyonce HELLA DARK! Yes, she’s lighter on the right, but you’ll have to at least admit she’s NOT that brown as it shows on the left!

    I’m by no means co-signing on the L’Oreal L’Ightening, but… We Loose Color In The Winter, Damn It!

    {sighs} The trials and tribulations of being high yella. See, that’s why I will I was dark-skinned! lol

  • sunny

    hellava10, I’m with you!

  • starr

    We already know those TMZ readers are racist. Its nothing new. I’m not the least bit surprise. Its what i expect. And its exactly what i expect from whtye people sitting behind their computer screens. Its easy to talk all that racist shyt behind your keyboard, but let one of them mofos same shyt while i’m standing there, or while i’m in a the room……………………….

  • ELove

    Please qualify for comments regarding black men especially Real Black Men like myself… YT can’t Get-at-Me like that ;-)

  • starr

    As fro the beyonce thing…..This pic is exhibit (u pick) why i’m no fan of hers. Beyonce is fare skinned. I’d light skinned but wateva. But trust homegurl is not that light as she in the second pic. That is a whyte woman in the second pic, thats what i see. I still can’t believe someone as powerful as beyonce ppl even approved dis shyt. Thats more shocking thatn the pic. But hey, maybe thats what bey wants to look like…..

  • Ladyy

    They do have a point. Why is it not alright for black women to embrace their natural hair. WHy does L’oreal feel the need to europeanize african american women, why can’t they be advertized with their natural texture of hair? & why do Black women wear weaves? If you wear your natural hair without any perm, you get told that you look like a slave from other black people. WHy is that?

  • hellava10

    Elove my dear Black King, I wasn’t speaking for all of you collectively and I should have been more clear. I was strickly referring to the ‘ones who make a little change’ and think the scoop of vanilla is better than the bowl of chocolate. We KNOW it happens. Morgan Freeman is our newest example. It’s good to know there are real men like yourself that knows the darker the berry…..

    To be truthful, she looks bronze in the 1st pic and we know two black people don’t produce bronze babies. Hun is right—high yella has seasons, you have your summer and winter color and a buttload of makeup shades.

  • Sharonda

    Well, next time I see an ad with a white woman in curls.I keep these thoughts in mind. :)

    But, to make them more “shocked” I see more white women flossing their weaves because they got split ends like a muthafucka.And spending money to look like black women and get collagen to what??Look like black women.But yeah this is TMZ.Nothing surprises me.I don’t think anything or what anyone says surprises me anymore.

  • Sharonda

    *get tan to get darker and get collagen to make their lips bigger

  • tallie

    They’re not lying. L’oreal will never get my money because the company doesn’t market to me and is insulting me with ads like Beyonce’s.

  • Coop


    Your HATE is over the top.

  • AugustTee

    The picture belongs to Loreal, they own all license and rights to the before and after. Beyonce did not photoshop the picture, Loreal did. To condemn Beyonce is stupid. Even though she is contracted with Loreal, she has no voice as to how they can issue this picture, they own it.

  • spongebobfan

    all i wanna know is who is Beyonce Williams

  • LB

    all i wanna know is who is Beyonce Williams


    i don’t readily agree with Sandra… like at all, but she’s right on this one.

  • starr

    dis da same chick that say “i wish i were born latina”. She prob likes it…….

  • Sharonda

    Couple years ago, and I’m surprised Beyonce’ didn’t jump out the Loreal endorsement, they had a case of racial discrimination.But you know Beyonce’ is a product, what you expect?And Beyonce’ does have the say so in what she does.I don’t think nobody is that stupid to think that Beyonce’ doesn’t know what is going on.Anyways…

  • Sharonda

    Sandra show my comment! :) It was linky, sorry!

  • dakotab

    This ish here is OUR fault as a people.

    If we didn’t support every fair skinned chick that can’t carry a tune (Casse, Nicole S, Rhianna, Mya, Christina) and support talent (Angie, Jill, India, Syleena, Hill St. Soul, Ledisi) we wouldn’t have this issue.

  • Smokie

    Ok, I think that Beyonce looks artificially dark on the pic on the left. Bey is not naturally bronze; she’s pale if she doesn’t tan. So, I would go as far as to say that Beyonce really is this pale (and they matched her coloer with some sliiightly lighter make-up)and that this pic shows a pretty true representation of Beyonce Knowles under a flash.

    I know I can look like a ghost in some pictures and a little bronze in others. I know that I DO fluctuate like that. No reason to believe Bey doesn’t also.

  • Smokie

    and fk the TMZ readers. I never read that trash. Reading any comments about a black celeb is nothing but a verbal lynching.

  • Oracle

    Of course people complexion changes with the seasons, but this is a summer ad, meaning she should be more tanned. I think she went in the studio and they noticed her being a tad bit darker in the photos and they lighten her up (digitally). This is only my assumption of course.

    But what I want to know is whether she can approve or disapprove the final photo for the ad?

  • ELove

    “Reading any comments about a black celeb is nothing but a verbal lynching”

    And I personally think that should be a crime… at least a Misdemeanor with a hate-crime emphasis because they’ve been out-of-hand on all of these blogs to some extent. FoxSports selectively decide which black athletes post(s) they’ll allow commenting on because of all the blatant racial-rants-n-slang that were being spewed by these str8-Bigoted-Azz-RACISTS

    F-U-C-K ’em ;-)

  • Tiffochris11

    NO they DONT have a POINT! we dont get our hair relaxed to look like a “white person” we get it so make our hair easier to manage! Why should we have to spend hours trying to do our hair? I LOVE my hair its naturally wavey and THick and I love it! and even when it is relaxed its not that of a “white person” Its still BETTER!!:-) I dont like “white people’s hair” which it is incorrect to say that and “black peoples hair” because every individual black or white all have different types of hair!

  • lexdiamonz

    the sad thing is these statements they make are coming from them watching us and they have a point how many famous black men with a few exceptions are down with the brown until they make it and then run for becky?? also how many have sistas that can pass for becky sorry but its true black men i will say SOME not all but face it black men got white women thinking they are somehow better than black women but what kills me is all the brothers i see with the white chic the bish ghetto as all get out so WTH????????

  • suga_stix

    Comments like this just go to show how sick white people are as a race and if there really is a God, they’re going to answer for their hate one day. Where do they get the idea that black women want to be like them? I don’t view a black woman with a wig, weave, or blond hair as a wannabe because maybe its just a preference. I also don’t view every black man with a woman of another race as a sellout because maybe they genuinely love each other and color had nothing to do with it. Are white folks so desperate to hold on to some sort of superiority that now they have to claim that we’re JEALOUS of them? Hilarious…

  • necyscruiser

    After reading about this on your site i got home from work and there was my new Elle magazine, i looked for the new ad with Beyonce and there it was the ad that all the blogs are referring to and it does not look like the one that is going around the web. The ad looks just like her, same complexion as Beyonce, so the photo that is on all the blogs must have been lighted. TMZ is a site that goes to black blogs to get information on black celebrities they do this often. Unfortunately we are so critical of each other we give them alot to talk about. Beyonce is a beautiful young black woman and we should be celebrating her accomplishments not critizing an ad for hair dye.

  • prynsexxx

    I know these pigmently challenged,absence of melanin,trailer trash,1st grade education,getting to know their sister,by way of 1st cousin (in a biblical sense of course)ppl are not trying to talk.

    It’s funny how they want a “head full of curls” but fail to realize that,that’exactly what “our” hair consists of. CURLS! Tanning is a must for them. It’s natural for us. Full lips, broad hips, are our specialty. They want what we have.

    They still trying to learn how to fry chicken. They damn near dug up Colonel Sanders (KFC) for the recipe (that I’m quite sure he stole from a blk woman).

    They love the culture but hate the race.

  • Caron02

    I totally agree with Coop who said at Sandra “you hate is over the top”.

    Sandra you actually took the time to post all these negative comments on your blog?! That’s madness. You need some help mama, seriously.

  • MZN

    LOL @ Prynsexxx

    Colonel Sanders stole the Fried Chicken recipe from a blk woman! I never thought about it but I’m sure he did…

    Although TMZ readers are racist, they do have a point. Blk woman are starting to look ridiculous these days with these wigs and weaves. A lot of it doesn’t look natural at all and it makes them look like ‘Wanna be’s’ We are a people of orignality, but it seems like we are losing touch with that side.

    That’s just how I feel… Please don’t shoot me…

  • Windycitychick

    Yesterday I received my fall issue of ELLE and what ad was in it??? Yes the one above with B and Loreal… whoever is sending the ad around to bloggers (or where ever bloggers are getting it from) is NOT the way it looks in print. It looks like her and her regular (what ever that means) skin color. B is okay with me so I’m not stanning on this—–people go and find a fall magazine with this ad, its looks totally different in person

  • aqtpie

    LMBAO @ prynsexxx

  • The Divine Ms. K

    Like AugustTee said, Beyonce is a product and I’ve worked in the magazine industry and if a company owns the rights to your image and its likeness – not a lot you can do about it.

    I don’t think Beyonce hates that she is black. She wears weave – so the hell what? Truth of the matter is, the girl has a fair complexion – she can’t help that. Now if Loreal went to far with it – that’s on them.

    I am natural, but JUST had some weave the same color as Beyonce’s in my hair not even two weeks ago. I love myself and my body – I just wanted a different look. Does that make me a sell-out or self-hating? No – like T.O says I LOVE ME SOME ME.

    As for the TMZ comments – I have an opinion on those. I have several friends who won’t go natural because they don’t want to walk around w/ “nappy” hair. Even after being natural for almost a year, I have those “ugly” hair moments. But, I am in love with my kinks and curls now. I think white folks think that relaxing our hair is some homage to wanting to be them and they are wrong. Like most of you said, I see them tanning, getting collagen injections – trying to be exotic looking and things.

  • iscream

    I didn’t read those racist comments bc I’m @ work and I don’t want to have to slap somebody…


    This is a its okay for us to talk about her (even though I don’t like that either) but YOU CAN’T situation.

    & Beyonce JUST MARRIED THE HOODEST BIG NOSE NEGRO IN THE GAME! She is not trying to be anything but what she is…. A STAR!

  • ReadTheBlog

    Well, they all have a point. But I have to admit, I’m offended and my feelings are hurt by the racist comments. I love my brown skin, my full lips, and my nappy hair. I have no desire to look like a white woman. I may not be the majority, here, but I know there are plenty out there that feel the same way I do. Truly, I’m tired of devfending myself on this. And while I’m at it, I feel sorry for Beyonce, too. All the while she is entertaining and thinking she is trend-setting, she is being made the butt of all jokes. That Loreal ad is horrible…she looks like she has Vittiligo. Beyond this ad, It’s obvious she hates herself, and she does everything she can to appeal to whites. She really needs to get herself some friends outside the industry – some friends who love themselves, and can teach her how to love herself the way she is – she can still be successful as a black woman. BE TRUE TO ONES SELF!

  • Anna

    33Windycitychick Says:

    Yesterday I received my fall issue of ELLE and what ad was in it??? Yes the one above with B and Loreal… whoever is sending the ad around to bloggers (or where ever bloggers are getting it from) is NOT the way it looks in print. It looks like her and her regular (what ever that means) skin color. B is okay with me so I’m not stanning on this—–people go and find a fall magazine with this ad, its looks totally different in person.

  • Bird

    If you read TMZ regularly, as I do, you will know the racists have no point. I’d say that at least 90% of TMZ stories that have a black person as the subject is chock full of racist comments. Beyonce wears wigs and weaves like millions of other black women who are not trying to be white. Hell, even white people where wigs and weaves. Furthermore, other than that weird nose, I don’t get what the problem is with the Loreal ad. Beyonce IS light skinned. VERY light. Put the Loreal picture next to the picture of B and Jay walking down the street the other day when she had on the Barack t-shirt. In the comparison pic that TMZ used B is very obviously tanned. That is not her natural color.

    Sandra, I am really shocked you would bring TMZ’s racist teenaged comments over here. What also shocked me was in a recent TMZ story with The Rock and some white woman there was not one comment about the fact that he has never been seen with a black woman or even a Somoan for that matter. I was gonna post one but I didn’t want to get the racists started.

  • PAHairston

    Sandra needs help? Hell, black folks, we all need help. As a race, most of us have been color struck for centuries. Take my beautiful, chocolate best girl friend. She’s the bomb! Great curves, great face, a natural beauty but when most black folks describe her they say something like: She’s a pretty BLACK girl or she’s black but she’s pretty. Has anyone ever said: She’s a pretty like-skinned-ed girl or she’s like-skinned but she’s pretty. HELL NAW! It’s taken for granted that like-skinned automatically means one is pretty–NOT!! I come from a family with all shades and my mother and father NEVER made a difference, NEVER. I guess we were fortunate ’cause many black folks do. (A residue from slavery)

    We need to get over all this color bulls***. Black women need to go back to basics, a straighten comb or a perm, and leave the HIB (Hair I Bought) for the white girls. SAY IT LOUD, I’M BLACK AND I’M PROUD. Let’s show it! As always, I leave you in peace.

  • PAHairston

    PS I meant light-skinned-ed :)

  • iscream

    ^^^^ when my son was born I remember my friend (whose grand father was white) said oh he’s a cute dark baby. She couldn’t understand why I got so upset. Her dumb azz didn’t understand why I made such a big deal and brushed it off saying its because I was a new mother.

  • IamdaQueen

    According to the New York Post, Beyonce and her peeps had had no idea that the photo was white washed. As for TMZ, they only allow racist comments to be posted when the story is about black people. Trust and believe I tried to blast them white folks right back and my comment did NOT get posted.

  • kdillon

    We should not make excuses for Beyonce’s behaviour with this photo. Beyonce specifically says she approves every photo that goes out, Papa Knowles does not have Beyonce sign any contract that states overwise. Same with Hannah Montana, her and her family approves photos that Disney takes before its put on any of her product. Its summer so Beyonce should be darker right now in which we all have seen photos of her out in about lately but she does not look this white. While she was taking the photo she should have realized that this is not a good look for her, but instead all she thought about was the money and fame. Eva Longoria looks the same in her L’Oreal commercials and so does Queen but Beyonce she is too good for that. I like Kelly in her Dark N Lovely ad which is an extension of L’Oreal. This is another ploy for Beyonce and Fam to market herself as white to cater to the white audience who doesnt like her as much as we thought.
    The comments goes to show that Beyonce isnt that special in the white community like she thought. I could see if Beyonce never made comments before such as being latina or having all this creole in her, then I would brush it off but it really seems like she doesnt like being black unless she is performing at a black event or on a show.

  • aprilshowers

    Blah blah blah…

    Who died and made some of ya’ll God?

    Geesh, you should be mad at the racist people & stop attackin your people. Dayum crabs…

  • katgirl33

    I agree with kdillon…’s all about the benjamins, that’s what this is gonna amount to…

    I do think that she’s trying to cater to a broader audience, don’t know if this ad is helping her…..doesn’t matter what we think anyways, she’s still gonna get paid.

    Personally, I wouldn’t have signed my name to a company who got sued for racial discrimination….especially if it was against my people.

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  • bubblez

    kdillion stfu with that long ass essay. you not God so you dont know a damn thing about Beyonce. She does not approve every photo that goes out. and that ‘latina’ comment is old as hell and was taken out of context. damn you sound so dumb and so do a few more people on here. sandra is just crazy so nothing she does even surprises me anymore.

    lmao at kdillion talking about white people dont love her as much as we though. wtf? you sound dumb. beyonce has sold millions of records, 10 grammy’s, first singer on cover of SI, 183 magazine covers, etc all in 11 years and you seriously think she dont have a lot of white fans? lmao Beyonce is known worldwide and has millions of fans of different races. Next time research before you type stupid bs.

  • hellava10

    Bey has to have a lot of the fair skin fans to buy her music…….my kinfolks are a burning cd type of culture.

  • ggouch

    To be a fly on the wall!!

    FU*CK all them thin haired, cave dwelling, paled out B**TCHES! ARE THEY KIDDING ME? Trying to be white? or just the only race of people whose looks are that diverse, we can do what we damn well please? I can be pochohantus today and India Arie saturday. It’s all in the diversity that runs through us. And I for one celebrate it.
    I celebrate it everytime I see one of these overly tanned satin spawns, with their implants, injections and overly used crimping irons come on the scene…you want to be me our my thoughts….

    FU*CK the black men who FU*CK with them, because at the end of the night..,THEY still want and miss BLACK PU*SSY!! So do what you. You are an item that goes along with their newely aquired life styles and like anything else, in time it just gets old.

    Charred skin I’d rather have then to lay under unnatural light to obtain that unnaturual orange sickly color these cave dwellin, ackward moving, daughters of rapist and kidnappers whores call tan.