Nashe Scott, who manages Ludacris' Straits restaurant, responded to Kim Morgan's complaints in yesterday's 'Put 'Em On Blast' post. (Read the complaint here) Nashe now has Kim's contact info so maybe they can work something out.

Thanks to Nashe for reaching out!

The person who planned the party wanted to create an affordable menu option for all guests. So she chose our standard "family style" menu which involves sharing each dish. The group was served the first and second courses with no incident. However, once the first main course dishes arrived and were eaten the guest began to complain because they wanted more. At that point a member of the party began to curse, yell and disrepect the servers. Our manager spoke with the person who planned the party and the father of the guest of honor. Following is an except from our January 23rd incident report:

We discounted the food and the guest of honor's father requested to pay the bill. They acknowledged that there must have been a misunderstanding about the menu. We both agreed that when people communicate, anything can be worked out. It's when people become out of control that nothing gets resolved. The sister of the guest of honor even stated that she planned to come back. Food and service have been the top priorities since the day we opened the doors. We have hosted events for most of Atlanta's A-list. The Real Atlanta Housewives, Monica, Eric Benet, Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas of TLC, Russell Simmons, Bob Johnson, and the list goes on...if your wondering the reason why, it's because at Straits we strive for each guest to have an amazing dining experience.



  • speakinmymind


    i know, right!! i wouldn't given that ish the time of day cuz you will never satisfy everybody. and i know for a fact that "us-es" are good for wanting waaay more than what we paid for. i'm not saying all of us but we all know there are a lot of us that do.

  • Terry .W

    Silly - Whoever complained obviously feels justified to do so and probably aint going back...and Straits feels the issue was resolved...shouldnt this be b/w the disgruntled and the said offender(straits)

  • Shauny

    I actually think it's good that they responded. Why not defend their name and reputation if they are being labled bad bizness? How many members and readers come on this blog? Likely more than where a Straits commercial on the radio or a billboard could reach. I know alot of readers who have gotten or asked for suggestions on where they should go while in another town and we have been able to refer them places.

    I say good business move on Straits for taking accountability and putting this to rest. NOWWWWWWWW

    Sista girl know she might've invited 50 people and only paid for a menu for 25 and folks started eating WAY more than their 2-3 pieces per person and the food ran out. I've seen it happen before at dinner parties. You just have to come out of your pocket and get more food not go complaining and trying to get comped for everything.

  • speakinmymind

    @ Shauny

    you and me...eye to eye lmao!!

  • desco10

    when i read her complaint yesterday I kind of figured that they where rowdy and I say that because I HAVE NEVER gotten bad service/food and requested a manager and been refused. that didn't sound right. And the restaurant responded because they are a business and its bad business to be bad mouthed especially when that's not what happened. Superfast follow up.

  • Alana

    What was the point in listed off all the "A" list people they have served??? Every person who sits down for a meal deserves the best treatment.

  • na na

    @ alana i agree with u cuz thay are gonna get tha best treat ment cuz tha have more money an gonna spend more too us regular people who cant afford to pay for more arent gona get tha best treatment.

  • Shauny

    I think that what they were trying to point out is that they can pull the best of them because they offer great service. I mean they aren't going to say we served Pookie an nem and LoLo and his crew came in here and were treated like kings and queens do you? They said in their conclusion that they strive to make EVERY guest have an amazing experience.

  • intown51

    Now Kim Morgan, why didn't you just come out early and let us know that you wanted SEPERATE CHECKS FOR ALL YOUR COUSINS?

    Tsk, tsk. All of this could have been reported. Now they done pulled out the "issue log" on your azz, and blew up your pops and auntie's spot!

    Message! (Keenan Wayans voice in Don't be a Menace..)

  • speakinmymind

    @ intown51,

    i'm mad at you for making me spit a li'l bit of water on my keyboard while reading your comment!! lmao

  • jazi65

    Kudos to the mgmt for defending the restaurant. The internet is the new age of gossiping..eventually everyone will hear about it and if only one side is out there, your business is done.

    Sharing dishes??? Now you know dam well black folks don't share grub, especially at a restaurant. Many a day I've seen family members share plates only to fight over the last shrimp...not a pretty sight.

    The restaurant tried to turn a happy meal dinner into a full course and these folks weren't happy. If you gonna act like you ballin at least bring back up doe to cover those greedy ass relatives LOL.

  • candycane

    I'm glad they responded. There are always two sides to a story (well 3 to be honest)I believe the restaurant, I've been to a dinner party at a restaurant and something similar to that happened.

  • intown51

    Hey, that's what I'm here for Speakin'... It's all in jest right? Glad I could make you laff..

  • Anna

    We now have 2 sides to one story. I guess I will wait for the third (side). Of course I am going to add my 2 cents. When there is a big even at a resturant it is nice to email or print out menus in advance for the ones in the "party". I have been to many weddings where the RSVP was responded by mail or email or a phone call. There may not be many ppl to attend the wedding but everybody and their mamma comes to the reception, Food does run out because of those who did not RSVP for themselves but bring their kids and the kids they are babysitting, leaving me who sent a card and a gift next in line at a buffet only to find out the food is GONE! If you did not RSVP and the invite said no kids, no one is invited and don't think because you are her fav cousin or old classmate and read it the paper or heard about it in the beauty shop and that you attended her baby shower that she now owes you something-think again. A wedding takes much planning. Unless the bride is getting married and having the reception at Big Mama's house don't think your presence is not going to upset/freak out the bride. I am feeding off of the comments of today in other posts. Is it a full moon, are we all PMSing or are we tired of watching the news and know that we get more cold, snow and attitude. Or is it just me. LOL. For me it's all of the above and then some, I would love to comment on a post about Our President in the post it is in.

  • Diva2127

    lol @ Anna's rant. Tell'em girl.

  • eastpointvet

    sounds about in line with the experiences i had there

  • Sharonda

    As a business student, yes you have to defend your business the best way possible (duh) because that is your reputation on the line so yes it is appropriate to respond even to foolishness.Sometimes the customer is not always right.The customer should of asked for a sample menu or something.

    I'm embarrassed for the customer, should of had this planned out thoroughly.RSVP next time lol

  • BayArea

    There are always two sides to a story. Thanks for posting BOTH Sandra!


    I believe Straits from personal experience. While I am on the scene (industry wise), I am behind the scenes so they didnt know me from the next person walking in.

    A group of about 10 of us decided to pop in one night. As the night went along about 5 more people joined in and the servers, bartender, and everyone was more than accomodating. Food was on point and we had a great time. I eat there about once a week.

    Kudos for defending themselves b/c they dont show preferential treatment....unlike Luckie Lounge!