For the last few months rapper Young Jeezy has transformed from a thug with a rough exterior to a refined gentleman with poise and class.

Normally when a man undergoes such a drastic change there's always a woman involved. I made it my mission to find out who the lucky lady was, but it wasn't easy. The only response I could get when I asked Jeezy's camp about rumors of Jeezy's love life was "ha ha ha ha..."

But this weekend I received a tip that Jeezy would be partying with his new lady -- Khloe Kardashian -- in Miami this weekend and, thanks to Prince Williams of, we have the pictures!

When I first heard the rumors about Jeezy and Khloe Kardashian I totally dismissed them. I couldn't picture it. But three things occurred to make me a believer: first, in the pictures from the parties that they attended together, Khloe never left Jeezy's side not once. And one party was practically empty, but there was Khloe right up under Jeezy in every photo. has all the pics from the parties!

2) They rode in the same car together, and 3) I received a text message from an insider saying: "please don't throw Jeezy under the bus."

That last one is important because it implies that Jeezy's fans will be upset once they find out he's down with the swirl.

Equally as important is the fact that Khloe took to her blog -- on Sunday -- to dispute rumors that she and Chris Brown were seen partying together in Miami.

Who clears up rumors on a Sunday? Celebs usually let rumors ride for a few days before addressing them. But Khloe wanted to kill that rumor before her man Jeezy caught wind of it.

What clinched it for me was when I received an email, also on Sunday, from an online entertainment outlet that never emails me. I know this because I had to approve the email, which means they've never emailed me in the past.

The email contained a link to Khloe's blog disputing the Chris Brown rumors. Coincidentally, Khloe's blog is hosted by this same media outlet!

How does Jeezy go from hood chick Keyshia Cole to Khloe Kardashian? What did Keyshia do to Jeezy?

Remember where you heard this scoop first!

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  • Terry .W

    Why are the girls in the background looking Salty as aint like jeezy is fly or anything! -She can have him

  • Terry .W

    She looks great BTW - slimmer!

  • Alana

    All I can say is "ewwwwwwwwww"

  • uptopgrl

    Hmmm I don't know about this one.. she was just with JayZ last week. Maybe she is trying to get a record deal.

  • pinky2083

    She's def lost some weight.. oh well whatever floats their boat.

  • stylerazzi

    So Jeezy is effing a Kardashian and Keyshia Cole is new BFF's with Paris and Nicki Hilton?!?!? Hmmm.....

  • Windycitychick

    @ Stylerazzi: Keyshia was partying with the Hiltons way before she even hit it big. This was well known for awhile. When that tape came out of Paris saying racist comments people were asking what did Keyshia think

    @ Terry .W: they look like they wanna beat her up! LOL

  • kcicero

    Who gives a heck...relationships in the Entertainment industry rarely last so what's the point in getting your panties in a bunch about dating someone who will probably never know you exist?

    And interracial dating is a fact of's 2009 get over it. If there are some of us who are mad then I suggest finding a vanilla, brown, red, pasty, Blurple man of your own :P

  • KaraZ

    Sandra you know he's been sleeping with her for over a year at this point why you playing? She's doing what every daughter of a pimp mother does, whore; just like her sister slept with men for money for her numerous surgeries and trinkets. Khloe's just trying to get a new face and Brazilian butt cheeks.

  • Daisy

    I personally dont consider Kim and Khloe swirling since they have an ethnic background but thats just me

  • iscream

    Detective Sandra put down your magnifying glass. You doing all this "investigating" like you batting on my team.

    Jezzy (I said it before and I'll say it again I hate that name. Is it short for something? George, what!) needs to drop an album or get his azz in the studio. I see him at more parties than I actually hear his music played.

  • MzTee

    When did Khloe become a celeb? Only reason she's on a reality show is because of her sister. I don't care if Jeezy is down with the swirl, that's his business. It would be nice if the white chicks that some of these black male celebs date actually looked something. To me, she's the least attractive of the Kardashian girls. She looks like someone smashed her in the face with a bag of nickels.

  • Sharonda

    You know what?I think the Kardashians be putting the rumors about themselves because really who cares about them?You got to keep the rumors about you going (especially if your nothing in Hollywood).

  • mjoylaw

    hello fam

    Jeezy who gives a damn

    but these effin Kartrashians are shameless whores

    when will these ignant black men (who would dog a sista out in a heartbeat for being a golddin ho but r all up on these bishes) messin with these Stanktrashians learn, smdh

  • mjoylaw

    How da hail does Mama Stanktrashian sleep at night..knowin she raised a litter of hoes? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • pinkscorpion

    lol @ a litter of hoes. ^^

  • masonmom

    the kardashian's do anything to keep their name "relevant". khloe is a natural BLONDE, so he is down wit the swirl. dont no taliban's come out wit blonde hair! kourtney is the only quiet n sane one...til she needs attention too!

  • kcicero

    No doubt masonmom you were trying to draw laughs with that comment. However, people of middle eastern descent (not Talibans) come in all shades and colors and *suprise surprise* they even have blonde hair especially some Afghani's who are a mixture of ethnicity's and speak Persian which is an Indo-European language.

    *With that being said they all are hoes...carry on...

  • intown51

    Why y'all hating, just cuz Khloe is doing the Stanky Leg in that last pic?

  • LilMissRed

    {sigh} I'm speechless! Say it ain't so Jeezy!!!

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