"They shot my baby in the head," sobbed a grieving mother as Fayette police investigated a triple shooting inside an upscale Fairburn subdivision over the weekend.

The woman's son was one of hundreds of teens who attended a private house party on Saturday night in the 200 block of Moss Creek Court. Witnesses say the party got out of control when a fight broke out inside the house between invited and uninvited guests.

"A lot of the people in attendance were not invited. It’s our understanding that they may have gotten word of the party through MySpace and text messages,” said Fayette County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Belinda McCastle.

The party was over by the time Fayette County Sheriffs were called to the scene by residents who complained about the cars parked on both sides of the street blocking them in.

As police investigated the complaints, gunshots rang out near the party house. One teen was killed from a gunshot wound to the head. Two other males were hit by gunfire and transported to a local hospital. Fayette County Sheriff's office said the two injured men had non-life-threatening injuries and were between the ages of 18 and 21.

The gunman is still at large.


  • licia

    this is a shame.

  • Anna

    Too many guns in the wrong hands. Don't ppl fight anymore?

  • Kymystry

    My son and I JUST had this conversation the other day ... there seems to be a party of ssome sort happening almost every weekend .. I told him he's not goin to all of them .. a FEW .. but not even the majority .. I tried to explain to him the senselessness of how violence happens .. the crabs in the barrel mentality of Nicca's who ain't got NATHAN to loose and feel like takin a life makes them a Man ...

    I tell you .. . . . it's a dayum shame kids can't be kids .. cause SOMEONE elses child wants to act the azz.

  • bk2atl

    We are >>>>>>><<<<<<<<< Kymmy. I tell my son all the time hat parties just aren't safe for kids anymore. This party had a guest list AND parental supervision and look what happened. It's always the kids who weren't invited that want to come back ad start fights. Have things really gotten to the point where you have to have armed security at TEENAGE HOUSE PARTY????? Scary times we are living in. My son doesn't always understand why I'm so pretective and won't let him do certain things other 16 boys are doing. I tell him...better you cry now, then I cry later. It's hard though because you do have to let them socialize. God bless this family.

  • mizzdallas

    I hate to sound old when I'm really NOT! LOL!

    But back in the day senseless ish like this didnt happent very often and if something did happen we fought it out, including cousins & step-dads everybody got it poppin w/o guns....

  • GAGIRL73

    GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charles

    Thank god im from a "WHITE" negihborhood we never had this drama

  • mizzdallas


    lmao!!! u are crazy...

  • brwnsugga4you

    my girlfriend just had a party for her daughter that turned 16. she hired a police. the fee was ony $25 per hour. if her daughter didn't know the people at the door they couldn't come in....

  • http://groups.msn.com/televisionland CaliGirlinGA

    brwnsugga4you said: "if her daughter didn’t know the people at the door they couldn’t come in."

    It wouldn't have matter in this case - the shooting occurred outside of the house, while the police were there (having come because the neighbors were complaining about the number of cars on the street), and the shooter was an uninvited guest that was asked to leave.

  • ReadTheBlog


  • pointhimout

    boy you people. a party aint a party for you people unless someone gets shot. yall can guarantee a fight, but the cherry on top is a gunshot. next story.