Comedian Jamie Fox has stirred up a hornet's nest after making crude remarks about teenager Miley Cyrus during his Sirius radio show “The Foxxhole.”

Mainstream bloggers are going for Jamie's throat for disrespecting their sacred cow, so to speak. Bloggers are questioning how a man with a teenage daughter himself can make such obscene statements toward a 16-year-old.

They say that unlike witty intellectuals such as Eddie Murphy, Jamie is just an obtuse thug with good comedic timing. His arrogance has put off many potential fans who can't get past his particular brand of in-your-face humor.

This is from

    As a favor to a Twitter friend Sarah O’Conner the producer of Power 105.1 in NYC, sister station to Z-100, we posted an [interview] with Jamie Foxx.

    We then received information about the following Jamie Foxx show that aired over the weekend on his Sirius radio show “The Foxxhole.”

    Had we known about this prior, we never would have promoted him on our site.

    Jamie Foxx who is 41 years old and has a 15 year old daughter, decided it would be appropriate to insult Miley Cyrus, 16. Jamie can be heard saying that Miley needs to get a gum transplant and to “make a sex tape and grow up… Get like Britney Spears and do some heroin… get some crack in your pipe… Catch chlamydia on a bicycle seat."

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Along the lines of what Perez says lol.

  • Kymystry

    Why should we care about a 16 y/o dating a 20 y/o ... who was 15 when they met

  • candycane

    AHHHHHHHHHH!!! LOVE IT, LOVE IT LOVE IT. I'm listening to that show right now. You can listen to it on Monday's on Youtube. THe show airs live on Fridays, then by Monday it's on Youtube. His boy Speedy has a show on Wednesdays, that's available on Youtube on Thursdays, Corey Holcolmb is on there, that man is a FOOL!!!
    They used very harsh language and extemely harsh jokes, they go hard on EVERYBODY!! From Jordan's deceased father to Miley Cyrus. THEY GO HARD!! So you gotta have a special kind of sense of humor.

    Jamie hasnt been on the show for a few months now, his FIRST show back he gets in trouble. They OBVIOUSLY dont listen to the show on the regular because they have said waaaaaaaaaaaaay worse stuff than that. I guess because Jamie said it, and it's everybody's favorite white girl it's newsworthy.


  • candycane

    I definetely recommend listening to Foxxhole and Speedy's Comedy Corner. When you go to Youtube search Foxxhole radio, then you can filter from the download date, choose this week. then the most current shows will come up. Speedy comes up when you search by Foxxhole.

    Then go back and listen to some of the old ones, Superhead was a good show, the dude that knocked out Suge was HILARIOUS!! Xzibit was cool etc..........


  • pointhimout

    funny. that damn jamie foxx. i will admit though, you must know ur audience. mainstreem will not think that's funny, case in point.

    i remember when mike epps did good day atlanta and he said britney need a was funny. mark hayes quickly interjected 'this is a family show.' that shit was hilarioius though...

  • kwallace577

    team foxx. miley is an out of control whore-in-training. 15 years old with a 20 yo boyfriend? and kissing girls? at 15? he only said what we were all thinking.

  • Peachizz

    Thx CandyCane, I tube Foxxhole as well they are harsh and go HARRDDDD on everyone!!!!!

  • Daisy

    Jamie was doing the radio rounds this am for his new movie. I will be youtubing Foxxhole tomorrow to get my laugh on cause Jamie is a FOOL!

  • Shauny

    I have XM but I'm never in my car to catch the show. I find it funny that they can trash ours but don't let us do theirs. I have heard mainstream media on tv and radio go hard on several black celebs and it's laughed off. TEAM JAMIE!!

    It's o.k to be 15 and have a 20yr old boyfriend and kiss chicks but don't make crude jokes about lil Acky Breaky GTFOOH

  • Fenix6376

    Jamie should be ashamed of himself. He is no better than Imus with those comments.. Its funny how you guys are ok with what he said... Had this been a young black celebrity you all would have been beside yourself with anger.. Regardless of if you are a Hannah Montana fan or not (I am not), she is still a 16 year old child. She has not fallen off like Lindsey Lohan or Britney Spears yet and does not deserve to be disrespected by grown- ups.

    Wake up people.. Don't practice the double standard!!

  • Smokie

    LOL!! Jamie's daughter isn't a slut as far as the public knows so.... different strokes for different folks.

  • Shauny

    the double standard is how the mainstream media can put our people down and it's just brushed aside. They do it, you just don't hear or listen to them so it's never reported to mainstream media. Just like if Jamie was talking about a Rhianna or KeKe Palmer, you would've have heard a peep about it from anywhere but urban blogs.

  • starr

    @ Fenix

    I actually agree. People pic and choose what offends them. I don't even care any more. Everyone got mad at Imus, but Imus was sayign shyt for years, and the "nappy headed hoes" comment was even the worse thing he's said. He was playing to his audience, just as Jamie is playing to his. Miley is getting Bank at the end of the day, and he's not the first or last to say that about her.

  • starr

    Some of the worst sluts are the ones we dont' know about lol

  • starr

    Oh and i like jamie as an artist, entertainer.....but thats it.

  • starr

    I see someone is really into twitter......

    last posts lol

  • Krysi J

    I don't know Jamie that was off the chain......I agree with Fenix saying let the girl fukk up first before you put shyt on her........Billy is wrong for letting that girl see an older dude, but hey thats YT for ya, they're cool with shyt until their child is on the front of US magazine tom bout she's pregnant, THEN she's a slut. TRY A LITTLE PREVENTION YT FOLKS.....Anyhoo.............dat shyt waaaaAAAss kinda funny LOL! They might try to get his show canceled like we did Imus......who is the YT Al Sharpton??? I wonder what Oprah will say about this? hmmmmmm....

  • teecee

    if she was a blk girl they would have been ripped her a new azz hole. they would have talked about her mom and dad, and called her every hoe in the book....but she was a white chick and got a pass. good for jamie...

  • Daisy

    IMO people need to STOP bringing up Imus all the darn time. He went AFTER private citizens that is the difference. They were in college playing ball not in the WNBA (still would have been wrong). When you are a celebrity you are fair game right or wrong. White folks been dogging US out for years way before Imus and it will continue after he is dead and gone. There is no double standard everybody is not offended by everything and at the end of the day I do believe Imus got his job back ASAP he aint hurting for shyt!

    @Tecee I agree and I always felt Miley is to young to be dating a 20 yr old and he talked about her teeth/gums so I talk about them as I know I wouldnt have my 16yr old dating a 20yr old hell naw!

  • iscream

    Fenix6376 Says:

    Jamie should be ashamed of himself.

    I'm glad somebody said it. Jamie Foxx was out of line. Had this not only been a black girl, had this been his daughter. Who I always see him with he would be out for blood. We don't know who his daughter is dating or have dated. Just bc a girl is dating a 20 year old doesn't mean he has the right to reduce her to..

    “make a sex tape and grow up… Get like Britney Spears and do some heroin… get some crack in your pipe… Catch chlamydia on a bicycle seat.”

    Compared to what he says she could be doing dating a 20 yo is a walk in the mf'ing park.

  • starr

    If miley was a black gurl no one would care.....cept black folks.

    And this miley chick has parents.....*shrugs*

    Private citizens. Nationally televisized game, doing interviews after games, radio interviews, major tv interviews, etc. In today's age, we consider college athletes private citizens??

    And of course....lets not bring up Imus.....

  • starr


    I saw ur comment in the other post....Wak is one of my faves too

  • KaraZ

    Look here white America, make up your gutdang minds! Miley Cyrus is grown enough to be doing the grown up with a 20yr old who sleeps at her house, but when someone says somethig negative abut her, she's but a child? Pick one people, if she's a child y'all should be rounding up the trooops to go after her boyfriend for statutory rape and her parents for contributing to the delinquency of a child or pimping or whatever. Damn pinktoes, cain't stand them, always trying to hoo ride on a black artist's career, mickifrickis... Isiah Washington part deux will not happen!

    I need to lay off the Vitamin B drinks!

  • starr

    Hasn't the latin blogger says the same kind of shyt about this lil gurl???


    My point is, you know what you get when you listen to Imus, Howard Stern, Wendy, etc. and I guess now Jamie. Whats makes Jamie's comment stupid is that he's reaching that level of stardom of where he's trying to achieve, and say dumb shyt. The radio station is stupid cuz they should know their audience.

  • iscream


    I actually listened to the audio (skipped thru it). I'm surprised that he his being defended (here) when his real beef was about Flo Rider. The same Flo that everybody was giving praise to. Jamie is one of those "known" aritist who like'em light, bright and don't forget white.

    What's funny is all of this is because some caller called in beefing about Miley. Calling her a little bish because she wanted to meet Radio Head before they performed at the Grammy's.

    (Who? What? Even Jamie didn't know who any of them were)

  • masonmom

    i wish people would lighten up, dmn it is freedom of speech! that bamma jamie is funny as shyt too but once he says something bout that fast tail huzzy hanah/miley or whoever her name is, its a problem! PLEASE!! that lil girl grown as sht and i know dmn well i wouldnt let my 16yr old girl "date" a 20 yr old. GET REAL!! only white folks! i loooove listening to jamie foxx and he cracks me the heck up. eddie murphy was funny as shyt too in "raw". it aint no different than when we talk n fire up people on blogs everyday on how someone looks. keep it movin...

  • masonmom

    LMAO@ karaz too! they did do my man isiah wrong..oh so wrong!

  • Daisy

    Yes private in the sense that they are playing COLLEGE (women do not get as much shine as male college players) ball and can go on to live PRIVATE lives after they get their college degree.

    I am on team Jamie he is a comedian and it was FUNNY as

    I am listening to him now on Rickey Smiley.

    Jamie also told teens to practice absitence(sp) I don't think anybody covered that. He talked about his daughter and that is is what he tells her.

  • Kat

    seems like miley just happened to be a victim of a joke after the caller called in saying whatever....i don't see why anybody would get "angry" tho...

  • Lala11_7

    Bottom line....under 18...leave it alone...

    Girl is the cornerstone of "Disney" (one of, if not THE biggest media company on the planet)... and beloved by White folks all over the universe....LEAVE IT ALONE...

    Jamie just go a little "wake up call" to remind him that despite his Grammy and Oscar...

    You still BLACK...and you need to REMEMBER THAT!!!

    By the way...I LOVE THE FOXXHOLE!!! The fact that I can hear legendary comics like Moms Mabley and Red Foxx from back in the day...IS PRICELESS (and who would have thought that George Lopez was so...OFF THE CHAIN!!!)

  • mizzdallas

    Everybody basically said what I was thinking when your in the spotlight its fair game and miely or whatever her name is she aint NO different.. Jamie is my homie from Terrell 45 mins away from ... .... BTW Hey! everybody

  • kwallace577

    Girl is the cornerstone of “Disney” (one of, if not THE biggest media company on the planet)…
    i have long and elsewhere...that when these disney and nickelodeon "starahs" start screwing OR turn 23 that they need to retire IMMEDIATELY. nick cannon, raven-symone, amanda bynes, and countless others did it the right way.

    the WRONG way is when they start to appear topless elsewhere (one of those cheetah girls...sorry i get them mixed up), become teen parents (ala jaime lynn spears), or just get TOO OLD to be on channels geared towards folks 17 and under (the entire cast of HSM 1-3...ESPECIALLY the black girl monique coleman...who is knocking at 30's door).

    in this case miley would fall under the suspect of screwing. we are all adults here and we all know it is highly unlikely that she is not holding hands with that 20 year old MAN. if her parents allow her to put herself in adult situations they should be prepared for adults to talk about her and her adult like activities. period.

  • kwallace577

    sorry... i MEANT...she is prolly NOT holding hands with that 20 yo man....

  • anti-PC

    That is disgusting and Jamie is an idiot for saying that.

  • Daisy

    Hey Mizz!

    Let's see how long she continues to represent Disney and Nick. She is already working on shedding that young girl image.

    Jamie never forgot what color he is.

  • iyonah

    I am no friend of Jamies' and that Blame It song is the cause of much havoc.

    Is he talented? Yes ..
    Can he be outright RUDE & DISGUSTING w/ his words? YES
    Do we have free speech? Yes ...
    Should folks get over this? YES!!

    Most comedians are disrespectful anyway ....

  • intensemocha


  • iyonah

    Oh & Good morning all!

    Can there be a post on triflin men whjo don't take care of thier children?

  • iscream

    Outside of this site I haven't heard anything about this story. Power 105 didn't mention it this morning either. So I don't know who "mainstream" consist of.

    The comment about Miley isn't what should be the outrage. The way he threw Flo Rider under the bus should be. As if he is single handedly ruining Hip Hop.

    As if making songs about blaming it on the alcohol is uplifting us as a people. (I do like that song. I'm just saying)

  • aqtpie

    Jamie, shut the fu@k up and sit the fu@k down!!

  • flyqtnva

    From what I gather MILEY said SHE WAS GONNA DESTROY SOMEONE CAREER CAUSE SHE COULDNT SEE THEM (radiohead)...and then Jamie went on this if she did in fact say SHE WOULD END THEIR CAREERS...SHE FAIR GAME..

  • Daisy

    What Havoc has Blame it caused?

    Since when are most comedians disrespectful? I missed that memo

  • Daisy

    @Fly Miley did say something about them not getting to meet them and they came back and said something. Kanye also wanted to meet them at the grammys.

  • mizzdallas

    Hey! daisy

  • pointhimout

    i originally posted 'know your audience' thinking he made the comments on their show. he was on his own show when he made the comments.

    i dont think it's a double standard, in terms of don imus and jamie foxx. like many have posted, miley's kissing girls, got a 20 y/o boyfriend. believe me, THEY'RE EFFING. The bball team Imus insulted had presented nothing to the public that deserved judging, yet the man felt the need to refer to them as nappy headed hoes.

    Miley's probably a sweet girl, but innocent she is not. I too agree--people nowadays pick and choose what offends them and what doesn't. All comedians go too far one time or another all for a laugh. I dont think he said anything on the radio that he wouldn't have said in his stand up. She comes off as squeaky clean, but just a scandal waiting to happen.

    She's America's darling, a la Britney, until she started acting like white trash, or being herself. After that, the media had a field day doggign her out. It was fair game. There's your double standard.

  • Daisy

    @Point AMEN AMEN and AMEN

  • pointhimout

    #38, sorry. he was trifling before you planted your feet on the ceiling. luckily for you, he'll find another chick with kids and wife her. google the topic and have at it my love. i dont think it warrants a post at all, but i'm not SR.

  • Daisy


  • flyqtnva

    *DAMN tell us how you really feel yo

  • Ms.Tia

    aww whatever...i cant stand that lil chick either....shes a little too behind the scenes slutty for me....and anyone that does decide to hate him can get over it because i'm sure perezhilton will only agree and get him more fans lmao...(he hates her even more)

    shes a teeange douche sorry thats just how i feel...and i love jamie foxx!!

  • kwallace577

    #38, sorry. he was trifling before you planted your feet on the ceiling. luckily for you, he’ll find another chick with kids and wife her. google the topic and have at it my love. i dont think it warrants a post at all, but i’m not SR.
    that was soooo disrespectful (in my big boi ATL voice). AND she got her b. sure is a deadbeat daddy post.

  • candycane

    Let me also say, that wasnt the Oscar winner Jamie Foxx you heard, that was the radio personality Jamie Foxx

  • miamore73

    For me it's not about race. The little girl puts herself out there. If you wanna be treated like a little girl than behave appropriately.

    Complaining about getting used porchas and telling everyone that your dating a grown ass man at 15 doesn't qualify her to be treated as a little girl. Tell her ass to stick with team Disney and stop trying to kick it with the big boys.

  • wiggy2272003

    Guarantee had that been Howard Stern talking about a fifteen year old black girl y'all would not be condoning it. Fifteen year old girls are fucking period. I was 15 my first time. Just because y'all think you got proof(they might be hell I aint in the bed with em) doesn't justify it. blame her momma and daddy for letting her openly date a 20 year old not her. I don't think its that big of a deal but its not right. Wasnt Janet like 15 when she married Debarge what if a yt comedian had said those types of things bout her? Would y'all be acting the same way? check yourselves EQUAL=EQUAL

  • Deep Thoughts

    I'm sure they should be use to Black people saying anything without thinking by now, what's new? I think if they made remarks about a young person in our race we would have a coronary, especially someone aim towards our children.

  • iyonah

    @ Daisy on the Blame it just ask around.

    On the comedians, at some point or another the words they say come across as rude and not funny to many (all depends on the audience)

    How many times has a joke been told adn you not lol but instead you were offended?