Cole, left wearing medallion, is suspected of putting a hit on Joe A. Young Jr. for snatching the medallion, which was owned by rapper Sean Paul, right

    “It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt” ~ Rapper T.I.

This is the case of murder, intrigue, Hip Hop, and a missing blinged out chain rumored to be worth $100,000.

Here’s what we know so far: Joe A. Young Jr. was shot to death in an Anchorage, Alaska parking lot over a chunky gold encrusted medallion, otherwise known as Hip Hop ice. The chain allegedly belonged to Atlanta rapper Sean Paul, of the duo YoungBloodz.

The three shooting suspects in custody in Anchorage claim all they wanted to do was get the chain back to its rightful owner, Sean Paul. Police believe that a man known on the streets as “Cole” or “Cold” put out a $10,000 hit on the victim after the chain was snatched from around Cole’s neck at a local nightclub.

A friend of the dead man told police that Young stashed the chain in a safe deposit box before he was killed.

“I’d like to put my hands on it,” Anchorage homicide Detective Sgt. Slawomir Markiewicz said.

Cole, real name Naron Celestine, 38, has a long history of drug-related arrests and convictions. But Rex Butler, an attorney for one of the men Cole allegedly hired to kill Young, disputes the feds’ allegations of a hit.

“I know the government is sticking to its talk about a contract,” Butler said. “But the people that we’ve run into in our investigation are saying this guy (Cole) couldn’t put two nickels together, much less $10,000.”

So far, the chain is still missing. So we will probably never know if Young was killed for a $100,000 chain or what we suspect is worthless Hip Hop ice.


Thanks to loyal reader Brandy for the tip!

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    Dang the gully in Anchorage tho? SMH

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    I don’t think its Sean Paul (who is not a rapper) but the picture says Sean Patl. (Who ever the heck that is.)

  • mizzdallas

    They get gangster like that in Alaska, where you can see Russisa!

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    BRANDY is a loyal reader???

    HEY BRANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandra Rose

    iscream Says:
    I don’t think its Sean Paul (who is not a rapper) but the picture says Sean Patl. (Who ever the heck that is.)


    Please Google YoungBloodz.

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    Sandra why didnt you post pictures from ATL rapper diamonds video shoot???????

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    <—Laughing at Mizzdallas

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    Sean Paul is a rapper….him a J Bo, SMH…..Isc you need to google HIP HOP period and just read whatever pops up LOL.

    THere are 2 Sean Pauls…one is a rapper from Youngbloodz and the other is a jamacian rapper I suppose thats what he is at least.

    Anywhoo, how da hell you get killed in Alaska? If there was a hit out on dis man for $10,000 (which ain no money at all) I hope they got reinbursed for those plane tickets.

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    @Ice Did you hear about Amill (sp) doing a tell all book about the R O C cant wait until I see what she says about your boy Is he the only hip hopper you know

    I use to love the youngbloodz and he is a at least he use to be

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    Daisy where can I find out about that book. I always thought she had talent and then just fell off.

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    @ Daisy I did not hear that. But she should team up with Terria Marie. Cause they both basically have the same story of how Jay dropped them once he had no more use for them. I would read the book. I love a good gossip story. Plus I want to see how she liked working at Walmart once it was all said & done.

    Still laughing at how naive I am when it comes to todays rap.

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    @Wiggy and Ice not sure when the book comes out but I know she has some dirt on all of Memphis Bleek is the only CUTE one in the crew hope she at least let him

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    True story I seen a documentary on the gangs and thugs in alaska the other night… said AK is the one place you can snitch on someone and still be cool with them…LOL It was Gangland- Anchorage Alaska.. anyone with ondemand… check it out…LMAO

    They were saing on the days there are 20 something hours of sunlight you better not be on no ones hit list cause theres no where to hide…LMAO