Two punks tried to start chit in a convenience store and got their heads handed to them by every man in the store. Bravo! We need more REAL MEN like these to take action when they see thugs acting up in their presence.

A medical examiner's findings ends the rampant speculating on whether or not NFL legend Steve McNair's jumpoff shot him multiple times before turning the gun on herself:


We just spoke with Tennessee assistant medical examiner Dr. Feng Li, who tells us preliminary test results in the Steve McNair death show Sahel Kazemi fired the gun that killed both of them.

Feng -- who conducted autopsies on the two bodies -- told us he was able to make the determination from the crime scene investigation, police interviews, autopsy findings and preliminary lab results -- which include gun shot residue test.

Friends say McNair's wife, Mechelle McNair, had no prior knowledge of her husband's 6-month affair with the 20-year-old waitress whom he met last year.

Robert Gaddy, a close friend of McNair's who phoned 911 from the death scene, denied McNair and his wife Mechelle were divorcing:

"People need to quit talking about what they don't know. Mac never said anything to me about he was going to get a divorce, and ever since this has all happened everybody is trying to paint a certain picture and they need to talk about what they know."

Singer Solange Knowles attended OP's "OPen Campus" Fall Ad Campaign launch at Mel's Drive-In in Hollywood, CA yesterday.
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Rapper Khia and a friend were in the house at Tongue & Groove nightclub last week.
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Rapper Lil Kim, left, and socialite LisaRaye were spotted arriving at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel following Michael Jackson's memorial in L.A. yesterday. Word is they're BFF's now. We didn't know Kim and LisaRaye knew each other like that.

Hunky Tyrese Gibson was also seen at the Beverly Wilshire after leaving the Staples Center where he attended Michael Jackson's stirring public memorial yesterday.

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A British tabloid is questioning the authenticity of little Paris Michael Katherine Jackson's mournful dry eyed tribute to her guardian, Michael Jackson during his public memorial at the Staples Center yesterday.

Britain's The SUN newspaper accused the Jackson family of pushing little Paris in front of the microphone after she was forced to live her entire life behind a veil.

Taking children to a funeral is one of the most difficult decisions a parent will ever have to make.

But the King of Pop's young daughter speaking as the climax of the memorial just wasn't right.

Paris didn't look comfortable and more importantly, capable, of doing it.

As the family gathered on stage I was surprised to see the children being paraded in front of a gold coffin holding the remains of their beloved father.

Then, as JANET Jackson struggled to lower the mic stand for her niece's tiny frame, I just couldn't believe my eyes.

Apparently, The SUN wasn't impressed with the sobbing Paris crying a river of air. The rag even went so far as to label the entire event a "macabre circus."

Though we here at are inclined to agree that tearless crying is a mite suspicious -- even we are willing to give the kid a break.

To those of who who are still in denial about the paternity of Michael Jackson's Caucasian children: don't pick up tomorrow's issue of US Weekly magazine.

From US Weekly:

Michael Jackson celebrated his final Christmas with his three children -- and with dermatologist Arnold Klein, the biological father of Paris, 11, and Prince Michael I, 12. Us Weekly reports in its new issue (on newsstands tomorrow) that Klein brought Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher, a close friend, as a surprise guest for the kids to Jackson's $100,000-a-month Holmby Hills, Calif. rental.

Fellow guest Stephen Price, a close friend of Klein's, tells Us Weekly that Jackson had mentioned to Klein that Paris, Prince and Prince Michael II (a.k.a. "Blanket"), 7, were fans of Star Wars and would like to meet Fisher.

As for Klein, who had employed Paris and Prince's mother, Debbie Rowe, for 23 years, Price would only say "no comment" about his longtime pal's status as their biological dad.

Oh, and the youngest kid, Blanket, doesn't look a bit like Michael. Stop imagining things. Michael wanted Caucasian children to raise as his own. He wouldn't have it any other way.

By the time the 3rd season of Real Housewives of New York City rolls around, Bethenny Frankel will be a real housewife. Frankel and her real estate broker beau, Jason Hoppy have been an item for eight months.

According to US Weekly, Bethenny was spotted at an event with a sparkler on her ring finger so US Weekly popped the question to her rep.

"I can confirm Bethenny and Jason are in love and plan on getting married," her rep tells Us. "So I guess this is the starter ring."

"I'm in love," Frankel said at an event in the Hamptons. "I'm pretty much certain I'm going to spend the rest of my life with him... I'm really happy."

The couple first met at NYC nightclub Tenjune. Since then, the Frankel and Hoppy -- who works in real estate -- have attended several events together and went on a romantic vacation in Turks & Caicos in May. She has even reportedly gotten approval from her Housewives friends, who say Hoppy is a catch.

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