Add Brooke shields to the long list of clueless celebrities who continuously ignored the fact that Michael Jackson wasn't into females.

Shields told the Rolling Stone magazine that she and Michael became close friends in the 80s, but sex wasn't involved in the equation. She claims Michael was "asexual" because he didn't try to go to first base with her.

Shields said that as Jackson grew up, "the more asexual he became to me."

"He was like a little kid who talked about the bases _ what first base was, what second base was," Shields said. "It sounded very odd to the outside, I can imagine, but to the inside, to someone who's never really left his bubble, you can understand how he would be curious."

No, sweetie, he just wasn't that into you because you were the wrong gender and age.


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A bedraggled looking Whitney Houston was spotted after arriving in Los Angeles where she is scheduled to sing at the Kin of Pop's Memorial today. The Jackson family had a change of heart and now Michael's body will be present at the Staples Center for a public memorial service following a private memorial service held for 1000 of his friends at Forest Lawn last night.
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Am I the only one who thinks Halle Berry should stop taking pictures in or around restaurants if she's not going to sit down and eat? It's clear that Halle has an eating disorder. Is everyone going to ignore Halle's plight until it's too late and then talk about what a great actress she was when she's gone?

The (now) pint sized Oscar winner was spotted out & about in Miami with her sperm donor Gabriel Aubrey and their seed Nahla.

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Former secretary of state (under George Bush) Colin Powell changed parties last year to throw his full support behind Barack Obama's campaign for president.

Powell was a staunch Obama supporter, frequently appearing on left leaning news programs to help push Obama's socialist agenda. Along the way to the White House, Obama and his camp served Kool Aid on ice to the fawning multitudes and pulled the wool over their supporters eyes.

But now Powell can see clearly, and he is expressing growing doubts about Obama's ability to lead this country.

"I'm concerned at the number of programs that are being presented, the bills associated with these programs and the additional government that will be needed to execute them," Mr. Powell said in an excerpt of an interview with CNN's John King that aired over the weekend.

Powell expressed his concerns about Obama's reckless spending amid rumors that another wasteful stimulus bill is in the works.

"One of the cautions that has to be given to the president -- and I've talked to some of his people about this -- is that you can't have so many things on the table that you can't absorb it all. And we can't pay for it all."


Long Island Congressman Rep. Peter King is mad as hail. In this clip from a news broadcast, King discusses his disapproval at the media's blanket coverage of Michael Jackson's sudden death two weeks ago.

King refers to Michael as a pedophile and hurls other choice insults intended to inflame Jackson's fans. It's King's opinion, of course. But sadly, many in the media share his sentiments -- they're just not admitting it publicly.

Last night, Bill O'Reilly & friends let their feelings be known about the wall-to-wall Jackson coverage. O'Reilly claimed not to understand why there was a "racial component to all of this" since the adult Michael so evidenty did not want to be black anymore.

O'Reilly mentioned the fact that Michael drastically changed his appearance to look more European (read:white) and even paid a white woman to breed white children that he then claimed he sired.

O'Reilly has a point there. How many black men would claim to have sired obviously Caucasian children -- or go to the bizarre lengths that Michael did to erase his blackness.

The media won't touch on any of this right now out of respect to Jackson's fans -- and because the network ratings are just too high.

But I predict the media's white gloves will come off tomorrow or in the days following Jackson's memorial. And it won't be pretty.

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A loyal reader says this is an image of actor/singer Terrell Carter kissin' on some LS dude. Now I don't know this for certain. Just because Terrell once starred in a Tyler Perry film means nothing. Only 99% of the actors in Tyler's movies are gay. Terrell might be in that tiny 1% minority who isn't gay.

I need more evidence: such as an identifying tattoo or something. Maybe a full body shot of him naked. Then I'll believe it.

A loyal reader wrote:

Hey auntie! I remember you did a post on Terrell Carter and how you said you think he's
gay. Well, take a look for yourself

UPDATED with proof after the break!

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Michael Jackson's funeral plans are set for tomorrow morning at 8 a.m., according to online reports. The superstar who died of a heart attack two weeks ago, will be laid to rest at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles.

According to L.A. police, fans will not be allowed to attend the private funeral. Upwards of 1 million Jackson fans are expected to swarm into L.A. for the King of Pop's memorial service.

Some fans expressed disappointment that Michael's body won't be at the Staples Center for his Memorial service tomorrow. But they say that won't stop them from going to celebrate his life.

The rumor mill is cranking back up again now that the 2nd season of RHOA is right around the corner (actually I'm not sure when it airs).

There is no truth to the rumor that Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Kandi Burrus ("No Scrubs") gave her fiance Ashley "AJ" Jewel his walking papers after the show's taping wrapped in May.

The couple's wedding is still on. I even hear that Kandi gets along really well with Ashley's six kids and his assorted baby mamas. Do I have to remind you that Kandi didn't buy her engagement ring -- Ashley did?

AJ will be a guest on the 2nd season, as will his kids and a couple of his baby mamas. Is that good enough reason for me to tune in? Um -- Yawn -- no.

This "gigantic" 14,000 sq. ft. mansion is the home of the late NFL star Steve McNair and his wife Mechelle. The home is located at 2430 Bear Road in the exclusive Woodmont Estates in Green Hills, a suburb of Nashville.

The two-story mansion boasts 9 bedrooms, 9 1/2 baths, movie theater and 3 car garage.

The McNairs put the house on the market for $3 million probably around the time Mechelle found out Steve was cheating on her with a 20-year-old waitress. Both McNair's names are on the deed.

The original purchase price was $1,599,000 back in 2004. The listing price is $3,800,000. But according to the realtor's website, you get a $800,000 discount and a Steve McNair autographed football if you act quickly (no joke).

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An emotional Eddie George remembers his friend Steve "Air" McNair. Too bad Eddie didn't talk to his homie about shtting on his wife and kids for industry whores.

To those of you industry wives who think your man's friends, associates, staff won't protect your man's other woman -- think again. They will smile in your face and act like everything is all good. The bottom line for them is money, not loyalty to you.

Loyal reader PeaceSpirit wanted to clear up what she called "misinformation" in my previous post on washed up self-hating actor Gary Dourdan. Another ignorant old geezer dating an immature young Kim Kardashian-type skank:

Looking at some of the comments from your bloggers, I wanted to clear something up... Gary Dourdan is NOT MIXED he is black, mama is just real light.

Gary did marry ROSHUMBA back in the day, but since then when it comes to “falling in love” he dates and dines EUROPEAN WOMEN! Not black women, and Dourdan has been divorced for over 12 years! His tastes are for Vanilla, not chocolate.

Disappointing? Not when you think of the nature of the man, very ego centered and as you put it narcissistic as hell.

I have been a partner on a popular Gary Dourdan fan site for a number of years with responses from Gary, one family member and his current girlfriend whose name is Maria De Almo, and is all of 21 years old, a child. The blonde in the pics looks to be a friend of Maria’s, she was seen with her a lot last year when Gary decided to leave the states for money after the drug bust/arrest and make a living over in Spain or Europe. He met Maria last year after a ho fest on a yacht with friend James Blunt and 2 to 3 days later he claimed he was in love with this child. He just recently did an interview with Italian Vanity Fair, and stated he is single, no kids in the works, and does not like living with women. He likes his freedom. He is with this child, at his residence in L.A and in Spain where she is from and resides when not with him.

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