Last night Chicago police arrested residents who tore down an Olympic 2016 banner.

Score another one for the me-president. Barack Obama will fly into Copenhagen tomorrow to make a pitch to bring the Olympic games to Chicago in 2016. Obama makes his pitch despite the fact that unemployment in his political hometown is in the double digits and crime is at an all time high. So far there is no word from Obama about the death of Derrion Albert, 16, who was beaten to death last week as he walked home from school.

More children died violent deaths in Chicago this year than in any other city in America.

But all Obama cares about is bringing the Olympics to a city where basic services like water, sanitation and power often don't work. He doesn't care about the children or the residents who don't want the Olympics in their city.

Some residents are so concerned about the burden that the 2016 Olympics will place on the city's budget that they created a web page The sole mission of the website is to support the other cities that are vying for the Olympic games "because we would very much prefer that the Olympics be held somewhere other than Chicago -- anywhere but Chicago."

If Chicago does win the bid there will be plenty of police and National guards on hand to protect the International visitors. That's more than they are willing to do for their own residents.

Mugshots of 3 of the 4 animals charged with first degree murder in connection with Derrion Albert's death. Bailey delivered the knockout blow seen on the video.

  • Anna

    These thugs must of had a really hard life, they look like middle aged men. As for the Olympics no matter where they are held it is going to take a toll on any city. I remember when Detroit got the Superbowl a few years ago, they can't afford toilet paper in schools. They had the nerve to bus the homeless to Canada. Any city is going to make the tourist comfortable by any means necessary to get the attention.

  • Krysi J


  • loveme77

    i agree Krysi J...........WELL

  • mizzdallas

    As much as I love chi-town the Olympics should NOT be held there Im sorry too much violent crimes I understand that Obama wants his hometown to represent the Olympics, but if you cant control violent crimes and poverty then I dont think you should be trying to bring the Olympics to chicago

  • Daisy

    Mizz I was in Chi town in March stayed downtown I did not feel un safe and I was out walking solo (I know I was wrong) at like 10pm you know good and well the crime is in the HOOD lol I felt safe in NO at essence downtown and crime is high there esp. after Katrina.

    ATL has crime but they had the Olympics back in the 90s

    I vote YES for the Olympics in Chi town gives me a reason to go back lol

  • flyqtnva

    these kids look mentally challenged for real yo

  • flyqtnva

    let the olympics come to Chicago....that way the kids can rob and kill the foreigners instead of each other

  • flyqtnva

    eugene baily is JAYZ son..yo


    Anna Says: "These thugs must of had a really hard life, they look like middle aged men...."

    Yes Lawd! It appears so.

  • Shauny

    Daisy - you know I am a Chi Town native and I agree. There are plenty of big events that go on in Chicago without incident. There is violent crime EVERYWHERE. Chicago's is getting the attention because most of it is kids killing kids but this has been going on FOR YEARS. Every single year on our news stations there is a count of how many CPS children are killed here. This isn't new. The police can't stop it, they've tried but they can't. Please tell me what city in the U.S has a hold on poverty and violence? Also, I hear the Rio is the other front runner and I believe that their crime rates is worse.

    As far as Obama commenting on this issue, he's damned if he does say something and damned if he keeps mum. He's the President of the United States not the President of Chicago. Mayor Daley or Gov Quinn should be commenting on this not Obama unless he wants to. Have you checked the pools in Chicago about wanting the Olympics there. Last one I saw was like 70% plus FOR the Olympics.

  • RachelRachel

    These are My Children, as ALL people called "black" are My people. It grieves my heart to see Our Children carrying on like this. And, who on earth do they get this behavior from?? And, they are called 'animals' in return for the behavior they see ADULTS acting out Everyday. Sorry, people, but it is Our faults that Our children are carrying on like this. We have become so preoccupied with just trying to make a living while Our Children are left to be guided with the enemys' example all around them. Children SEE adults killing one another Everyday, so likewise, they are copying the adults. The family structure all over the world is decaying and these children (not animals) are only a Reflection of this fact. What can WE ALL do about it, I ask? We must examine our own lives and notice how we each play a part in this great drama played out called Life. We must address Our problems and Solve them Ourselves. However, this is IMPOSSIBLE to do while living in the image and while living in the belly of the beast Itself. Human-Beings need an Upgrade on how to live on this planet and unfortunately, how we are living nowadays, is not the best way of living. The children pictured above, in the twinkling of an eye, went crazy for a moment. How sad. How awful. Again, where do they get this from?

  • 2thick4u

    This is very tragic and I pray that justice is served.

  • Shauny

    Oh about the above suspects, there have been rumblings here that Eugene Bailey was actually Derrions friend and is not one of the guys shown hitting and stomping him. His family was on the news saying that of the 3 men on the pic that they say are mostly responsible NONE are him. I can't wait until the tape is enhanced to see if that's the truth or if they're just making up stuff. I want the lil thugs caught but not innocent boys going down for murder if they didn't do it.

  • Shauny

    Boy Sandra opened registration and didn't tell anyone. I see a lot of new names floating around. Welcome peeps

  • flyqtnva

    i see new people

  • SunnyPA

    I hope that if the Olympics are in Chicago, it would bring awareness to the problems there. That, maybe the city would try to clean up the crime situation.

    Other than that, I don't care where the Olympics are held.

  • Daisy

    I am on the welcome committee I am slipping lol

    Rachel are you new? If so what city you repping sing married kids welcome n thanks :cheer:

  • miamore73

    Wait Wait Wait!!!

    So Obama is supposed to make a statement about every black child that dies in America?? If he did that you'd say he was spending to much time talking about children dying in America.

    Wouldn't bringing the Olympics to Chicago help the unemployment rate if only for a little while?

  • ELove

    Well if ANY of them are innocent... It WON'T be the first time innocent black people were punished for a crime ESPECIALLY here in The Chi !!! And they are some extremely ELDER-Looking teenagers

    And if The TASTE criminal incidents since this new WHACK-AZZ police chief been in office is any indication of having BIG EVENTS in the Chi... Then the Olympics ARE Doomed for Failure -- IMO


    you certainly have a point. I do disagree with the water and sanitation and electricity being a problem here though. That is usually never a problem. However the out of control violence is. You would think we lived in Compton, not Chicago. The city is out of control the highes taxes in the world, cameras on every street corner its just ridiculous.

  • flyqtnva

    iTS GOING TO BE AN economic UPTURN FOR THE GANGS AND THUGS..from all the robberies alone..

  • Shauny

    E - The chief does suck. He came in to make all these changes and since he's been in the postion crime is up and officers have just as many court cases as criminals.

    The Taste had one incident that I know of (that dumb kid shooting that boy) but I didn't hear much of anything else. What else happened? thoughts exactly on comment 18

  • ELove

    The REAL issues-n-problems that went on WILL NOT BE TELEVISED and as I"M SURE you already know that's how the MACHINE works in big city politics... ALL I'll say is it didn't affect the YT-Community one bit !!! :wink:

  • MrsHawthorne77

    Where ARE my manners?

    Hello everyone!!! I'm new...I am originally from New Jersey, currently residing in Bethlehem, PA by way of Smyrna, GA. I am married with 3 children, 3 step-children, and I work in the education industry. I don't want to write a book, but if there's anything I left out please feel free to ask...I don't mind.

    Thanks for the warm welcome! :o)

  • Anna

    Waving @ Mrs Hawthorne.

  • Daisy

    Hey Mrs Hawthorne WELCOME!

  • luvly1957

    Welcome Mrs Hawthrone,is Rachel and Ladywoods new also?

    Now I agree y shld the Prez comment on every crime or is it just cuz he from Chicago he shld comment. I heard that in a month or week or day something like dat 12 ppl died from violent crimes. We need da Olympics here in da USA for monetary reasons, shytown needs money heck all cities and states need money. Here in da ATL we are broke and crime here is bad but ppl don't here alot about it. So sheesh its bad everywhere so let shytown get dat money.

  • mirsmommy

    From what I understand, children and adults, are dying from violent crimes all over the US...

  • flyqtnva

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  • attorneymom

    Do you all think that Derrion Albert's mother will be invited to the White House for beer??

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  • Kymystry

    kids were dying in the Chi long before Mr. Obama took office :coffee:

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    Long time no see

  • RachelRachel

    Oh, Someone mentioned 'manners'. Well, I just got too excited and jumped on in here running my opinion on everyone. Well, here goes: I'm RachelRachel, residing in New York City. I read everything on the planet because I study Everything, especially Human-Beings because they trip me out the most! I mean, humans are SUPPOSE to be 'intelliglent', but from the looks of how this planet is being runned, I DON'T THINK SO. Anyway, back to me: I consider myself to be an Ethiopian, because that is the First title that our people identified themselves with. Then came many many other names, which African-American and Black being the latest. Yet, again, because I study Hard, I know some Real Deep Stuff that would scare the bejesus out of you! I would like to Rule The World and would do a real good job of it too! (heeheeheehee). I LOVE this planet with all of my heart; it is so very beautiful, yet the humans don't take care of it very well at all. (sigh & shame). I LOVE my people and want them to succeed and take care of themselves and this planet. It's the only planet that we have and we didn't create it, so how dare us destroy it. I am against ignorance (which means to ignore the Facts). I am agaist 'whitey', because they are the leaders in destroying EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING. Everywhere they go, they supplant and begin destroying. No one is able to stop them.....Except "Nature" Itself. I am Glad to be among you all. Thanks Sandra and Thanks to you all for welcoming me. Peace!

  • katgirl33


    When did the water and lights stop working in Chicago??? My garbage got picked up on time, like it does every week...LOL

    I would like to see the games held here, but the city does have some things to work on.....

  • katgirl33

    Hey there newbies!

    Welcome to the family :)

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