Music producer and clothing company owner Pharrell Williams is designing a new project for Prada that will be under $200. We wonder what it could be? A necktie? A t-shirt?

According to WWD, the fashion house has teamed up with Pharrell to "collaborate on a special project." Whatever it is will be affordable (under $200) and nerdy (right up Pharrell's alley). A company spokesperson had no comment.


  • iscream

    This dude is so yesterday and his style is of dressing is so gay. Who is he making clothes for Elf's?

    Why do these big name companies continue to act as if these saggy jean, tee shirt wearing rappers know about style? I tell you there are students in fashion school that would kill for these jobs. I'm tired of them giving jobs to people with money.

    The only one I will give a pass to is Sean John... his clothes are nice.

  • LovelyLady

    @ Ice

    Did you just say Sean John is like saying roca wear is nice *dead* who even wears that ish n e more

  • 2thick4u

    Well this will be interesting :) !!!

  • iscream

    Yes I think Sean John makes some nice clothes and unlike Rocawear it isn't urban nor does it have SEAN JOHN written all over like a billboard. He has some nice suits and some beatiful cotton tops for men... I personally like his clothing line.. And apparently so does yt america. At one point the was the main source of his income. I believe he even has a store on 5th ave in NYC.

  • mizzdallas

    Sean John has nice clothes that I would like to see my man wear if I had one! lol! But yes Sean John dress age appropriate, and that’s one reason why I like his style of dressing....


    >>>>>>>>>>we are here<<<<<<<<<<

    Yes he still has that store on 5th ave, and I don’t like rocawear because all of that writing on the clothes looks a hot azz mess...

    On topic:
    Ummmmmm I have no words...

    where is fly?

  • LovelyLady

    OK Ice i do agree with the suite parts they are nice the more mature clothes he has,,,i thought you were referring to them damn jeans and t shirts with sean john written on the pockets and plastered across the front of the shirts.

  • Doc Jam

    $200 bowtie..for all you squares.