Yes, you read that right: CBS -- not Fox News -- says the White House is fudging stimulus jobs numbers to bolster claims that Barack Obama's $787 billion created or saved thousands of jobs.

CBS News and Katie Couric have doubts about the Obama administration's jobs numbers. That doesn't bode well for Obama because Katie and CBS news are supposed to be in Obama's corner.

On Thursday's CBS Evening News, Couric reports on the Stimulus jobs creation numbers, "Earlier this year, the president claimed it would create or save three million jobs. There are some questions about how many it may have created so far."

CBS CORRESPONDENT REID: At a small college in Georgia, $100,000 in stimulus funds paid for trucks for students to practice for commercial driver`s licenses. Another $100,000 went for a modular classroom. The school reported to the government that 280 jobs were created.

In reality, not even close. That's the number of students who benefited. It has nothing to do with jobs.

In Cocoa, Florida, a childcare center reported 129 jobs created by a stimulus grant. In fact, no jobs were created. The money was really used to increase the compensation and benefits of 129 existing employees.

Overall, it turns out the administration's initial stimulus jobs report contained hundreds of errors as first reported by the Associated Press. Critics say if the kinds of errors found in that earlier report are repeated in Friday's much more extensive job creation survey, it won't be worth the paper it's printed on.

CRAIG JENNINGS: We have, I think, a rough estimate at best. And at worst, these numbers are next to useless.

  • pointhimout

    right. you'd have use common sense to ask did 129 more people get hired at the school? As related to the "280" people, my initial thought was 'are they still employed or was that just temporary?' After reading the entire post, my question was answered and then some; it's the number of STUDENTS who benefited only. There were no jobs created.

    I'm glad people are asking question and not completely sitting back as we've done in the past.

  • RahrahRiah

    Just like an administration to fudge the numbers to try to make people believe that “something” is working. Well not this time, I lost my job, 13 of my friends lost their jobs, 1600 of us were laid off from the same employer, and it goes on. Oh wait…I get an extra 25.00 a week in my unemployment check! Meanwhile, I get told on countless interviews that I am “overqualified”.
    I have not seen a benefit in this package and I was against it from the start, but out of respect kept my mouth closed. (Giving a chance I guess?) Bottom line is this whole thing was COMPLETELY out of touch and I am anxious to see how it is going to be “fixed”
    (Riah steps off her soapbox this fine Saturday morning :) )

  • KaraZ

    So is it the Obama administration fudging the numbers or the recipients of the funds? These two examples made clear that the fudging started with the recipients or were they coerced by the white house to lie?
    Anyways, the worst of the recession is just about over according to analysts, in another 3 to 5 years we'll be back on some sort of level of normalcy.

    We wouldn't need these stimulus packages if not for the mismanagement of the Bush administration.

  • Anna

    Sorry to hear about your job Riah. No matter who the President is we are not dumb enough to think that all these jobs have been created due to the "stumulus". I live in a city where factory work reigned supreme. Any Mayor we have ever had made sure that "Jeep" stayed operational at what ever cost to the tax payers. Many of the jobs in my city got outsourced long ago with no tax abatements or little if any incentive to my city. Many companies moved to the burbs and are clear and free to pay into the city tax that their company(s) started from. When comedians come to my neighborhood, they are not in my city but mention our city while on the local news to remind us they are here but we know they are in burbs.
    I am waiting for the Ghost and Goblins. it is still light outside and once again the kids can't see what house is lit up. I am going to be "Theo's teacher" with the glasses, and my hair is put in a quick bun with a red pen while grading papers sitting on the porch passing out candy, for the trick-or-treaters. My daugher is "Mel B. Quick weave, wife beaters and boots. Happy Halloween everyone.

  • attorneymom

    Lawd this (s)him tried to dis me on youtube for my Delta Sigma Theta dis video. He had the nerve to call me "ugly". LOL. Check out Character Corner for the video.

  • pointhimout

    Riah, ur not the only one who gets told they're over qualified. Please have different variations of your resume, somehow. I know it sounds crazy, but you can't have 1 resume only; you need, i think, a minimum of 3. The real one, another one to "dumb down ur experience," but hopefully to still get something in ur line of work, and then a resume just to get something--somewhere in the meantime.

  • RahrahRiah

    Pointhimout, that is excellent advice! Thank you. I have two but they are detailed and technical. I never thought to customize them (been working for 14 years straight) I love it when I get good advice, I will surely pay it forward :)
    And Anna, I remember that episode of the Cosby Show!!!

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