Yesterday it seemed that Atlanta mayoral candidate Mary Norwood had far outpaced her opponent Kasim Reed in the polls. But this morning Atlantans awoke to the news that the two candidates were once again hitting the campaign trail just hours after vote tallies placed them in a runoff with each other.

According to the AJC: if elected mayor, Reed said he would first focus on "starting to put more police officers on the street to secure our city. We've got to turn the tide of violence in Atlanta. We've got to recognize that we have an organized gang problem in our city."

Asked about the prospect of being the first white mayor of Atlanta in a generation, Norwood said, "I have said all along that this is about uniting Atlanta." But voters I spoke with yesterday aren't too sure about Norwood or her plans for Atlanta.

Atlanta has always touted itself as the urban entertainment mecca of the South. But all of that is expected to change if Norwood takes office. Urbanites fear that Norwood, who is a Buckhead resident, will lower taxes in her posh Buckhead neighborhood while raising taxes outside of the perimeter where most urban blacks migrated after the Olympics.

According to the AJC, both candidates appeared before daybreak on WSB-TV, with Reed saying that he and Norwood "have run a high-road, high-minded campaign, and it's going to be left to us to make sure we do not divide this city during this very important election."

People, please get out and vote for Kasim Reed for Mayor. It is vitally important that we get out the vote! As the legendary Sam Cooke once said, a Change is gonna come. But it might not be the change we want or need after 36 years of black mayorship in Atlanta.

Speaking of promised Change that never quite materialized, we learned yesterday that Barack Obama decided not to bother watching the elections returns. Instead, he watched an NBA basketball game.

We're not surprised that he wouldn't be interested in watching the returns after a GOP sweep in NJ and Virginia that shined a harsh spotlight on Obama's political weakness.

  • RachelRachel

    ummmmm, and "that offer You can't refuse"; well, you'll need to lighten up on the Obamas' too. Stop Hatin on the Obamas. It's not politically correct. Smiling..

  • pointhimout

    voting for someone simply cuz they're black needs to go out of practice. im just saying.

  • RachelRachel

    I voted for President Obama for much bigger Reasons than his the colour of his skin. I support him because I know the real deal. Try sitting in his seat....

  • wiggy2272003

    how could she raise taxes outside the perimeter if she has no jursidiction there?

    Good point-point :)

    I am so corny sometimes

  • free

    @pointhimout, case in point: clayton county and the dumb*ss former riverdale mayor. i could go on and on.

    i'm surprised at sandra's verbiage on this one since she's so anti-Obama. sandra, i bet kasim wouldn't agree with your rants.

  • dblaq

    Hmm, 5 comments on this??? Maybe you should have put some more Necole Bitchie beef on here, maybe people would get engaged. Since they only like to comment on Drama

    Anyways. Yes it is not about color, HOWEVER this is America and racisim is very much alive and the problem is that it is undercover and we will face it by people of power who can alter things to make things go their way.

    Similar as Bank of America says that the way they process transactions are "due to customer demands" and because people need their bigger transactions paid, however it sounds good but in reality what it does it depletes people accounts quicker so the little transactions rack up more NSF fees and that is how they make money. How is that not right because usually people with money don't have to worry about this but people that live on stretched budget and wait on checks may have to get into the overdraft until they get paid again. So it NOT by customer demand and that is why they had to change the way they do this.

    I used this example as to what is going on with a lot of the republicans, they talk a good game but they have ulterior motives, which ONLY benefits them and they will use us to get it. White people will stick together just like any race would that will never change. Mary Norwood just scares me, John McCain, etc SCARE me, Bill Clinton or Hillary didn't!!!

  • MistaO

    I was looking at the Atlanta area returns and for a city with THAT many people, yall's voter turnout is nothing short of laughable!

    It's almost an embarrassment, well hell it is one.

  • luvly1957

    MistaO it was a small turnout but dat was due to a lot of counties or suburbs are in Atl and not everybody here can vote for the mayoral election that's why it seem so little. Also, while race shouldn't play into polictics why is it that it always seems to come up whether a black or white, latino or whatever is running. The reporters are always throwing it into the questions.

  • free

    racism is alive, ESPECIALLY in GA but you have to also look at the ridiculousness of black leadership sometimes. after 30-something years of black leadership, blacks in the ATL are as bad off as ever. crime has always been a problem and many of the elderly were virtually run out of their homes and their crime-ridden communities taken over and turned into thriving little enclaves.

    what i have learned as a resident of clayco is that you have to choose the BEST man for the job not necessarily the BLACK man for the job. i purchased in clayco because it was quiet and on the upswing. as soon as i got there, there was a movement to elect politicians that "reflected" the new community of blacks under the pretense that blacks know better (and could better address) what blacks need. now we are in the most dismal shape of all of the metropolitan counties and, by the way, NO BLACK PERSON has prospered under black leadership in clayco.

    i have been to numerous community meetings, town halls, zoning meetings, etc. and very few people come out for the day to day activities that play a significant part in keeping a community up. however, come election time (one day) and everybody wants to say VOTE BLACK.

    it's bullsh*t.

    i'm not attesting to the qualities of norwood or reed but i'm just saying that color is a thing of the past. you need to keep your property values as stable as possible, taxes as low as possible, and have good schools for your kids.

  • dblaq

    ^^^ I agree with you on a lot of points however what a lot of people seem not to understand is that the Good Ole Boy network is very much alive. White folks founded this country and the system that we all operate under today. This system was created for them to prosper and minorities were NEVER included. No indians, no blacks, no chinese, etc. This is system is so deeply rooted and NO black man will ever penetrate it as long as the gate keepers which happen to be older white folks with money and power are in charge. Yes as black people we advanced, we make money now, but we have the system has been around for hundreds of years before.

    Government is about control, money and power. They will try and place key players in positions that will protect the interest of such. Minorities are only a part of the system like tools or resources, as long as we do what is wanted from us it's all good. The point that I am making is that politics is a two faced snake, they will paint a pretty picture to the public, just so we agree but in the background some dirty sh!t is being put together.

    Iraq was not about Freedom for the suppressed, it was about Big Business, War is Big Business for countries. All the top level executives under the Bush administration came up like a fat rat. That is the main premise of the government. They just have cover it to make it acceptable to the public. Sort of like the series "V" where the aliens pretend to be friends in order to win trust but in reality they plan to conquer and control the humans.

    This is not even about consiracy theories, it is merely what this whole sh!t is based on.

    I owned a 1/2 a million dollar house, in a neighborhood that was pre-dominantly rich old white folks, your typical republicans. After 3 years I sold because I couldn't take living amongst them because I was already blacklisted by them as soon as I moved in young black and doing well, they didn't want me in the neighborhood. They sent code enforcement, county, police to my house for the most ridiculous bullsh!t you can think of. I made sure that I crossed all of my t's and dotted all of my i's. They constantly had me under surveillance, they would come and speak with me, be nice, but then I get a code enforcement telling me that they had complaints that I am running a business out of my home, I asked them why, they stated that my neighbors said they see a lot of cars at my house. I told them that I didn't know that it is against the law to have more than 3 cars at your house at the time. They called the cops because my son was skateboarding in my driveway! They had my dog put to sleep, they put out notices through the homeownsers association, telling them that I have a vicious pitbull eventhough he was a german shepard/lab 11 month old healthy and friendly puppy. The dog pound couldn't understand what the complaint was about, however they slandered my name, my son and his friends would walk in the neighborhood, they called the cops for suspicious looking people, but yet these white folks walk up and down the sub divisions with their dogs let them take a crap and piss in other people yards. I had to go to court, and my verdict was that my dog had to be put down because the white people knew the judge that presided over my case, I had the cops, dog catchers plead for me to judge but it didn't matter. I had 7 witnesses, these white folks made statements without any evidence or proof of their accusation but they still won.

    The cops that came by house, told me that it was bogus but they had to respond because it was called in, they even pointed out WHO made those calls, it was the same neighbors that come and talk to you all nice, just to see what you have going on. I had one white neighbor that actually came to me and gave me the inside scoop and they confirm that race was a VERY big issue with me living there. I haven't done anything to anybody, I made sure all my sh!t was on point but guess what when these Good Ole Boys want you gone, they can make it happen, it may not be instant but they will get you to the point where you feel I pay too much money to be feeling like you want to burn down to entire neighborhood when I am in the comfort of my own home.

    So with that being said, I believe Norwood will execute just that, I live in Sandy Springs and they turned into a city just so they can form it to the likes of the old white republicans.