Keri Hilson Doesn’t Care What You Think

R&B singer Keri Hilson wore head to toe GUESS to attend PAPER Magazine’s Beautiful People Party, held at the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles yesterday. Keri’s haters normally go in on her blonde weave, so she decided to switch it up a little and give them a head full of bouncing platinum curls. Keri’s style is growing on me!

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Premiere: Katy Perry ft. Kanye – E.T.

Katy Perry’s much-hyped music video for her #1 hit “E.T.” hit the blogs today at noon. While Katy is very talented I don’t get why this song is #1.

The video, which features stunning CGI graphics comingled with alien sex and numerous scenes of Katy and Kanye floating through space, is visually appealing. But I was sufficiently bored enough to fast forward to the last scene where Katy is revealed to be half alien/half animal.

Sorry, but extraterrestrial sex (and Kanye’s wack verses in this video) don’t excite me.


Ciara and Lala Anthony’s Lesbun Cousin Spotted Together At Knicks Game

Despite reports that singer Ciara, 25, is currently dating NY Knicks star Amar’e Stoudemire, 28, she was spotted arriving at the New Jersey Nets vs. Knicks game with Lala Anthony’s Stud cousin, Dice, at Madison Square Garden last night. This is not the first time we’ve seen CiCi and Dice together in public. While Ciara dating man whore, Amar’e, makes good gossip fodder, it’s more likely that Dice is the one stroking Ciara’s kitty at night. Rumors have swirled for years that Ciara is an undercover lesbun, but Ciara has always denied the pesky rumors.

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Did Yung Dro Really Speak On the Size of Waka Flocka’s Member?

Grand Hustle rapper Yung Dro released his first music video for “Polo Down” off his mixtape, “I Co-Sign Myself.” Click here to see the vid.

In the video, Dro waxes poetic about his love for the high priced Ralph Lauren Polo line. While he is known for his lucid raps about everything from Polo button downs to home grown kush, it is Dro’s sexual preferences that’s raising eyebrows this morning.

Yesterday, a random groupie tweeted a series of private messages that were allegedly sent from Yung Dro to her DM box. One message in particular caught everyone’s eye because it was in reference to fellow Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka.

In the message, Dro allegedly requested a 3-some between himself, the groupie and Waka. Particular attention was paid to the abnormal size of Waka’s peen. Dro goes by the username @dropolo on

Normally we wouldn’t entertain such filth on this blog, but Dro didn’t exactly deny the authenticity of the private tweets in his profanity-laced responses to the groupie on Twitter. But he did vigorously defend his heterosexuality.

Exposing online conversations that are meant to be private is par for the course on Twitter. Many a rapper’s come hither DMs (direct messages) have been exposed by aspiring jump offs. You would think that rappers would be a little more cautious about how much they reveal to total strangers in the DM (Direct Message) box?

While I don’t for one second believe that Dro is Down Low or Teh Ghey — this information does lead one to wonder if men are indeed as interested in the size of another man’s junk as the next woman.

What do you kids think?


Crippled nuclear plant to be encased in concrete as 2 U.S. states report radiation found in milk

Japanese power company officials have conceded defeat in their battle to contain the leak of dangerous levels of radiation from the Fukushima Nuclear plant.

Japan today announced plans to encase the leaking reactor in a tomb of concrete amid reports that the radiation fallout from Japan is affecting our food supply in the United States.

Additionally, radiation levels in seawater outside the nuclear plant is over 5,000 times the normal level. Fishermen have been warned to operate in waters at least 13 miles from the damaged nuclear plant. But that’s not nearly far enough for American consumers and seafood restaurants that rely on fish imported from Japan.

According to online reports, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced very low traces of radiation particles were found in milk in Washington state and California.

Results from screening samples of milk taken in the past week in Spokane, Washington, and in San Luis Obispo County, California, detected radioactive iodine at a level 5,000 times lower than the limit set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, officials said.

But traces of radiation can build up in the body over time. Click here to read the signs and symptoms of radiation poisoning.

Exact details haven’t been revealed, but Japanese officials, with the assistance of U.S. gov. agencies, plan to shut down all four crippled reactors and abandon attempts to cool down the exposed fuel rods. The final move involves pouring tons of concrete onto the reactors to entomb the reactor cores and stop the leak of radiation.

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What Shar Jackson Thinks of Kevin Federline’s Girlfriend’s Pregnancy

Former rapper and dancer, Kevin Federline, is about to be a father for the 5th time.

K-Fed, a former backup dancer for his ex-wife, Britney Spears, has two sons by Brit (Sean Preston, 5, and Jayden James, 4), and 2 other kids with sometime bit actress, Shar Jackson (daughter, Kori, 8, and 6-year-old son, Kaleb). Now his current girlfriend, ex-volleyball player Victoria Prince, is knocked up by the fertile 33-year-old reality TV star. reached out to Federline’s other baby mama, Shar, to ask her thoughts about the new addition to the family. “If it’s true, best wishes!,” Jackson responded.

Federline endured a lengthy court battle with Spears that ended when she was taken out of her home on a stretcher bound for the psych ward at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Their divorce was finalized on July 30, 2007.

“I have come a long way,” he told Access Hollywood last year. “All of us have…my whole family. It’s gotten so much better from where we were.”

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Dominique Wilkins Attacked By Former NBA Ref After Hawks Game *Updated*

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Atlanta police arrested a former NBA ref who assaulted former Atlanta Hawks star Dominique Wilkins following the Hawks game at Phipps Arena Wednesday night.

Rashan S. Michel, 36, told police Wilkins owed him money for 3 suits Wilkins purchased years ago.

Following the game, Michel exchanged words with Wilkins before punching him in the chest and also hitting a security guard. Michel was taken into custody by Atlanta police and charged with one count of simple battery following the incident, Officer K.Y. Jones with Atlanta police told the AJC.

Michel worked as a NBA referee from 1997 to 2001 before falling on hard times. Wilkins was not injured in the incident.

“The fan was promptly arrested and was taken into custody by the Atlanta Police Department,” Hawks spokesman Arthur Triche said in a statement to the AJC. “At this time the Hawks have no additional information or comment regarding this situation.”


It looks like Mr. Michel got the worst of the exchange. Loyal reader Brenda writes:

Hello, and hope all is well, just wanted to add a lil info to your post about the fight last night well, it was more like a BEAT down! It wasn’t a brief as most think, I was there and I also have the booking photo that shows Rashan got his ass whooped!

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